Thursday, December 20, 2007

I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It's not bad at all,really. Maybe it just needs a little love.


A friend who knew nothing about my tree sent me this as a holiday greeting! How appropriate!

Last night we had our lace guild holiday party and exchange that had been postponed from Sunday. We do the type of exchange where you choose a package from the booty and it can be taken away from you ....once, in this case. I took it back. In the past, I've just let the gift go or didn't have a choice. LOL! Anyway, it contained this tatted blue star by Amy Mora, who has come to some of my tatting lessons. It really is a treat to see someone end up doing something well on their own! She also included the tin which happened to have a gingerbread cookie, one of my favorites! Dagmar ( a member from Germany) got my gift. It contained the suncatcher wreath and the retractable fob in an earlier post.

One of my colleagues at work gave me these earrings (she put them together) and the beaded charms on the split ring. The charms are teapots and a bag of tea (which is face down in the scan). I got to thinking....I could turn them into strivers...but I think I will put them on knitting placeholders...maybe.....definitely on something I use for lace!

And lastly, I've been asked to teach a crochet project for the lace group next month. We had been talking about hussifs (housewifes) and I'd found a thimble holder in the distant past that I thought would work. All I had was the picture, but when I tracked down where I got it, she had also put up a tutorial on how to make it.

We had farm inspections in northern Indiana today which meant a lot of car riding so I took the pattern and supplies with me and worked on it coming home. Someone else was driving of course! The directions weren't very clear and I tore out what I'd done twice. I've crocheted for so long that I could figure out what it was probably supposed to say - or at least a variation of it. I added a few rows at the end because I like scallops rather than a straight edge. So this might be what I teach but I'll play with it some more. I was too tired to mess with the tassel tonight.

I was going to go into town this evening and finish my Christmas shopping but I decided I needed an early night for a change. I've been up late every single night and then up very early. My body is letting me know it's time to REST!


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