Saturday, December 16, 2006

This was an easy snowflake! It's from Tatting for Tomorrow by Vida Sunderman, on page 48, ornament #7. I didn't find a source online but the address inside is: Cro-Tat Publication, 501 S. 12th St, Norfolk, Nebraska 68701

It was published in 1992 and appears to be self-published. Anyway, Vida had a cut & tie between the 2 rounds and I climbed out with a split chain instead. She listed 2 yards on the shuttle for the center and then 7 1/2 yards for the remainder, CTM. I wound about 9-10 yards on each shuttle and was able to tat 2 snowflakes from size 30 thread.
Vida said to make 1/2" picots for the long picots but I just used my crochet hook handle as a picot gauge which makes them perfectly shaped. I'm dying to make one and cut the long picots and fray them but not tonight. This glittery one is the 2nd one I tatted - and it had a mistake so I didn't feel bad about covering it in glitter. LOL! Hides the flaws nicely - in fact, it hides the tatting almost completely. I was going to just tip the long picot ends but got carried away when I realized I had a big mistake in it.

This is my ornament from Cathy Kozlowski that I got from our lace group exchange. Hopefully I will have my tree up tomorrow night and can hang it then. The weather turned beautiful today and is expected to be every bit as warm on Sunday.

Oh, by the way, I got both mittens done.


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