Saturday, March 06, 2010

Only for a Minute!

Yes,....just for a MINUTE! LOL! I got a Lantana sample from Tatskool when I ordered some other thread and I think it's misnamed.

I think it looks like a tequila sunrise! careful when you tat with this thread.

(probably not for children!)

Back to my regularly scheduled sabbatical......


  1. That explains everything! I wondered why my clothes kept falling off as I tatted the Flame Lantana samples...LOL!

    Thanks for this upbeat post!

  2. Well, that was worth a little visit! LOL!

    The earrings are beautiful!!Just wonderful!
    Fox : )

  3. Holey Moley!! Gosh oh Golly!!they are just gorgeous and another potential name, whoopee! Love it!and the video clips.

  4. What else can I do to drag you back from your sabbatical again??? maybe if we all get together we can keep you at it....can you really stop!!
    no go on enjoy it.

  5. I love, love, love those earrings. Thant thread is awesome! I also love, love, love Joe Nichols. Please don't tell me husband =)

  6. great earrings Gina, I must tat these earrings up. I keep saying that but I never do. This is a great pattern for varigated thread.

  7. Oh thank god I'm getting by tatting goddess fix! This will hold me for another week. I love the color of that thread. Thank-you for posting. Its hard to go cold turkey after so many years.

  8. I just checked in here for the heck of it. You can't leave just when I got used to reading your adventures. I'm glad to see you sneaking back to post something!
    Love the earrings and the thread.


  9. beautiful earrings! stunning tatting : )

  10. I saw this blog post a long time ago and I thought it was so humorous! Sadly, I had such little energy to post that I thought it was so funny!

    Anyway, thank you so much for coming over to celebrate in my blogoversary with me! If your blog comment number is picked I will go on to someone else as you have requested! :) I am sure that whoever else is picked will appreciate that! Each time I purchase a new "Learn to Tat" book I promise myself that "This one is for ME" and then I end up giving it away! LOL! I'm so silly
    ~TattingChic ♥

  11. Hi Gina!
    Thanks for the blog comment! Didn't know I'd be laughing so hard when I made a return visit!
    Love the earrings, and the song's a kak. =)
    These will forever be "Tequila Sunrise" earrings for me now!
    Happy tatting!
    Cas. =)

  12. I obviously should ask Gina next time I want to name a thread!!!


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