Monday, September 19, 2005

I've been busy! The Feast of the Hunter's Moon is this coming weekend. I've been tatting give-aways inbetween cleaning house and going to a wedding and catching up with other stuff.

I've also tatted these hearts. The single one will be joined with another one just as soon as I can get to it!

Today I practically ran a student down. I was several feet behind her and her hair ornament looked suspiciously like I put on the speed and caught up with her. It was brown -kinda hard to see because she was taller than I am, so I asked if it was tatted. Yes! Did she tat it? Or someone tat it for her? A barrette? Questions questions! No, she didn't tat it - I don't think she ever said who did, but it is a hair covering worn for her faith. It just looked like a large rectangular motif and her hair was caught up on her head, with this motif fastened over it. We had a nice short conversation over the next 50 yards or so when we parted ways.

Well, I've been interrupted several times and sidetracked and also did quite a bit of real I'm giving it up for now.


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