Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh wow! Look at these Crazy Quilt Blocks! From the blog In A Minute Ago, which also features some references to tatting. Go look at her I Dropped the Button Box crazy quilt! I noticed on the previously mentioned blocks that she had a winning way with buttons. Now I know what to do with that 3 gallon container of buttons and all my tatting bits. And beads. LOL! Those blocks are absolutely stunning! You can waste a whole lotta time drooling over them.

OH...here is Clyde's Blog and I can't read a word of it but Clyde is doing celtic tatting!

I can't stay....much Feast tatting to do. And here's a teaser for you. When I was cleaning and sorting, I was inspired to create something. This is only one itty bitty part and it's actually just a prototype, a test. teeheeheehehehehehe


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