Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last night I tatted. I finally finished the hooded cowl in the late afternoon so the evening was mine for tatting. I found a pattern designed by JoAnn Stearnes for the Heartland Lace Guild. I can't pass on the pattern but you can always join the Heartland Lace Guild yourself and find it along with lots of other patterns, in tatting and bobbinlace and other laces. Membership is only $12/year so it's very affordable to support them.

Now I haven't tatted in a few days but it's not like you forget how after 12 or 13 years. For some reason, my tatting went hyperbolic on me. I was using Tatskool's Rainbow Bright HDT. Hmmmmmm....I haven't paid much attention to Cormac lately. Do you suppose.....?

Looks really sad, doesn't it, when you know it's supposed to lay down flat!

Water and lots of pins were in order.

There's Mr. Mischievous watching me and smirking.

Yes, you are smirking! I know a magic spell when I see one. No way could I have tatted that curlicue on my own!

Ah, but all's well that ends well, right? Sweet-Talk by Jo Ann Stearnes. I like the Rainbow Bright best on a black background. Those colors pop anyway but it really lives up to its name on black. I'll probably need to go around and even out those picots. Next time I'll use my crochet hook shaft to keep them even.

Well...another busy day ahead!


  1. His spell was to surprise you. Your heart looks wonderful! Love the colors too.

  2. oh this is so pretty, it does jump off the black background....such beautiful handiwork.

  3. Great the heart and the thread of color is beautiful gina

  4. Gorgeous heart! I have been admiring that thread for awhile, so I think I am going to have to actually purchase some and make something! :)

  5. Love that thread! Terrific tatting - this is the perfect pattern for all those colours. Guarantees a smile!
    Fox : )

  6. Anonymous10:12 PM

    oh gee, that would make a nice birthday gift for someone to frame or something...

  7. I know what you mean Gina. I have yet to start tatting. The rainbow bright heart turned out lovely. All it needed was blocking.

  8. I should have recognized that beautiful thread by Tatskool! I saw the photo before I read the post and said "Wow - what thread is that?!!" It sure jumps off the page! And what a beautiful heart - and a LOT of picots!!!! I think it looks just fine!

    Happy New Year! (I'm huffing and puffng, trying to keep up with all your posts - and activities!)


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