Monday, March 31, 2003

Four more blossoms to go!

I finished the update for our informational flyer for Lace Day & sent them to B. to put in the final format.

Still need to figure out exactly how many categories to be judged for the tat-off.

My DIL got through the back surgery this morning great! Saw her at noon. Hope it continues.

Stayed after work to finish up some injury statistics for a safety committee tomorrow. That really ate into my evening. I might only get 2 more blossoms done tonight. My grandson will be here at 5:30 a.m. the next 3 mornings, so I should try to get to bed earlier. HA!

I'm hoping to have enough time to tat a little something to put in one of those frames for a prize for the tat-off ....or to put in the raffle. A fan, ideally. to tat.........

Bummer...........turned out I left the shuttle, thread and beads at work! No matter, I simply started attaching the blossoms that were done to the rest of the fan. Got 3 attached.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

When I returned home from my grandson's birthday party at the skating rink, the mail had arrived and I had a flutter from Ginny in my roundrobin and a package from an ebay win. The flutter was lovely, as they all are, and I expect it will show up on the roundrobin page referred to in ealier posts. The ebay package consisted of an automatic needle threader, a thimble, a little pair of scissors, a screwdriver, and a part to a Singer sewing machine. None of which I'll use, except maybe the screwdriver. There was also shuttle in there - and that was what I wanted. It is flat on one side and curved on the other, which wasn't obvious in the online photo. A brass rivet in the center - and the two pieces turn. It's completely filled with thread, looks like a nice 6 cord around size 30 or smaller, but not as small as 70/80. It's a creamy mottled sort of color, different from any I have. Glad I bid on it. It didn't go for all that much, but coming from Australia, the postage was high.

I finished attaching the last 2 yellow blossoms to the fan last evening and made one lavendar one. The bead I want to use was too small for the crochet hook so I used a different one to test. Now I've got one of the bigger ones, prestrung, and will give it a go here shortly.

Friday, March 28, 2003

I have 2 blossoms left to attach. I've taken a break because my eyes kept slamming shut, even though it is early. Well, relatively speaking, for a Friday's early. I do want to finish the last two. Then tomorrow I can start on the last 12 blossoms with the bead. The viney part that attaches the blossoms to the handle is going quickly and the next row will go even faster, because it will be alllllll green. This part is ivory where it attaches to the handle and then has the green leaves that attach to the blossoms. chains = ivory; rings = green leaves.

I did make an error at the beginning......very difficult to read the diagram, and it's the opposite side of where I am really. It's a little different at the beginning and the end and I missed the correct join - in 2 places. One was a miscount on the handle chain.....the other was the join to the blossom, but it will be okay. I can't fix it without redoing the whole thing, which I'm not doing. I always think I am being so careful and then I see the mistake way down the road. Most of time, I redo it, but it won't make a significant difference in this. The pale green looks really pale now! Maybe I should have gone with the stronger one but there are only 2 choices in rayon and the other is bright compared to the other colors I'm using. I wanted the green softer.

I have 3 different skeins of multicolored cotton floss that I drug out of my room sometime this week during a search for something else. I'm dying to make something from at least one of them! I pick them up everytime I sit down in that chair - touching and stroking them as if they will tell me their secrets and whisper what they want to be. And I have ideas!

I got the booklet today about the county fair and categories to enter in. It is July 19-26, always over my birthday and hotter than hades. I can enter 2 items under each category. There is tatting, of course, and then I could enter 2 somethings tatted in home decor (freestanding and hanging), handmade jewelry techniques. I could also do something in sewing, trimmed in tatting and there are 6 categories in sewing.. There is also wearable art. I could use tatting in any of the drawing/painting sections; dolls & bears; christmas decorations (hanging and freestanding); or enter my shuttles in the collection division. Or......I could enter a collection of tatted butterflies, or tatted hearts.......anything with a minimum of 3 items. But frankly, getting 2 for the tatting alone might be all I can do.

Two more blossoms!
All 12 blossoms for the 1st row are done! Well, I have to hide that final end.......but now I can tat those on. My youngest grandson is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, tho it's not really until the 5th, but his mom's having back surgery on Monday so they wanted to go ahead and do it while she is mobile. I'll be taking some time off after she is home to help out.

I rather like this concept of feminism: "To me feminism connotes a respect and admiration for women. Not above men, not instead of men(although believe me sister, I went to Oberlin and I been all through that stuff) but as the simply wonderful unique creatures we are."
Came from this page.
Okay, I'm finding some strange things on the web. ((g)) Funny - strange things. But it's those amusing and entertaining sites that keep me from getting too bogged down in seriousness.

Not a lot of tatty stuff to talk about today, although in a minute, I'm going to turn my attention to last minute details of our tat-off for lace day. Thank goodness I'm not going to be one of the tatters! I decided last time that it wasn't for me. I tried to tat too fast and my arm ached for 2 weeks. Forget that stuff..............more fun to watch and be judgemental! :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Looking through some files on my computer........ here's my baby.........
playing with the videocam. It doesn't work right anymore and I forget what he was doing at the time....there was a specific reason he was hamming it up. 21 years old now, 3rd year college boy. His older brother's photo is home.........maybe I'll add it tomorrow. I don't have any really small ones of my oldest son and my daughter.......eventually, I'll have them.
Yesterday, I literally had my tatting in my pocket. For the connection to that sentence, see here to find the poem, Tatting in My Pocket. It's generally not convenient for me to carry tatting with me that isn't in a container. I need my crochet hook, even though my clover has a pick, I prefer the crochet hook for the smaller threads; I need my scissors; I need my reading glasses.............I just like to have it all with me and it isn't feasible to carry that around with me on campus. Yesterday, however, I had my little shuttle in my pocket and it was loaded with the yellow rayon floss I'm using on the blossoms. The blossoms are simply rings so I didn't need a ball thread or 2nd shuttle. There were 2 occasions yesterday when I found myself waiting on someone - in fact, neither person showed up...........and I tatted blissfully away. I made one more blossom last night at home, but I was so tired I went to bed early.

I just realized this morning that I'm covering for 2 other people this week...........I only thought it would be one..... and it's not that they left me much to do, but it's that being "on call" that wears me out. Remembering the pager (I don't even remember to carry my own) and answering questions I don't typically answer. Every day. I'll be glad when everyone is back.

I was looking at the info for the IOLI convention yesterday too. I think I'll plan my vacation around it as there are several people I want to see on the east coast and this would be a good opportunity. I'll probably only go on vendor day for the convention. The classes are far too expensive for me. If that was the cost for the whole week and you could go to break outs, I would consider it, but there is nothing being offered that I am overly interested in. Especially not to the tune of $220. But then, I'm a self-teacher from forever back - and while I do see the value in learning from someone else, I know I can do it myself. It's usually the finer points of a craft that I want to learn from another. I like bobbin lace, but I don't really have the time to devote to it. There isn't a whole lot more about tatting I could learn........what I do now is practice and refine techniques I already know..........experiment.............try something new once in awhile. I'm more interested in new patterns, threads and tools than technique.........and how to use all of them in new applications. So I like to go to see what is out there - for the entertainment of it. But as far as instruction.........not enough draw for me.

There are also other crafts I want to pick back up on. Painting is as much of a passion for me as tatting, but it takes up space and time so I've put it aside ................. and I really miss it. I can take the tatting anywhere. Painting must be done at home. I also have a quilt to finish and another to start and I want to get those done. I've decided to not hold any offices with my lace group next term. It's taking up time I'm less willing to give now.

Hmmmm, reading the material about the convention, it looks like I can hit the sales room anytime after Tuesday which would be wonderful in allowing me more flexibility in my visiting. I see Karey S. is an instructor and while I like the idea of the camisole top, it is still too expensive for what I feel I would take away from it. Lots of wire stuff going on. I like wire wrapped jewelry, but I've not been particularly attracted to tatted, knit, crochet or bobbin lace wire items. An interesting diversion, but not something I would stay with. I see it more as artistic expression than anything.

My daughter's elephant is on hold for the time being. Hopie said I had to name, planned elephant is now dubbed Penelope!

Wow, this month is nearly over! I need to get the April birthday RR underway too. This will be the last one........what shall I make?

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Don't know where I would wear it but it's gorgeous!

My hummingbird shuttle arrived yesterday already! Very pretty - don't know if I will actually try to use it or not. LOL!

I found my striped bag last night but no shuttle in it. It's from The Wooded Hamlet........I can never remember the name of the place but I found a website yesterday and recognized the name. I remember they had a striped shuttle I really wanted but there was a flaw in it and no others to pick from like it.

I got 2 more blossoms done last night. So little done! I brought it with me today though as I have a few hours to kill between 5 & 7 this evening. It probably wouldn't take so long but I finish the ends on each before I start another. I did learn a little trick from Kendra at our last lace meeting. When you start a ring, you can hide the end at that time.......she was demonstrated adding a new thread with the start of a ring without a knot, but I realized I could use the same technique for starting a ring based motif. I've always hidden the ends later. This is really nice for this motif, because it starts as a ring and then has the rings around it, so you end up with the one thread at the end to hide. The leafy vine atttaches to each blossom and to the fan handle so they are all joined at once, after the blossoms are done. I think. No directions to tell me otherwise and the letters A, B, C, etc. don't make logical sequence. They are not referred to in the directions either or I would make it a point to translate that part. If I want to use the bead in the blossoms, I'm going to have to change how it is made, but only slightly. Add an extra picot and add the bead as shown in Rosemarie Peel's book about adding beads. In that case the picot is pulled down but I think I can make a picot on the down side to begin with. We'll see.

Monday, March 24, 2003

bobbin lace creations I figure anything you can do with bobbin lace, you can probably do with tatting. I'm filing this idea away for a future project!

And here at Jewel Palace there are tatted motifs. Click on tatting at the top and then there is another link (the purple tatted thingie) to the says they are of wool. I'm not sure how these would be used.....coasters? Doesn't say how to order or the prices, but it does tell how each item is made - other things besides tatting.

And here are some fun limericks with illustrations! Oh, there is some tatting there too.......nice earrings.

Oh! And look at this Pretty!

Looks like another male tatter. Frank doesn't give much info about it though. I didn't even see a place to contact him at.

Here is the Rocking Horse from Kate's Kritters tatted in size 12 perle Valdani color Jewels. The thread tatted nicely. The colors didn't quite stand out the way I expected. I think the muted/bright variegated doesn't work so well on this motif. It's pretty easy........I had to keep referring to the drawing. I would love to see this book updated. It was created in the 80's with line drawn diagrams and not particularly easy to follow directions. No mistakes in the directions, but I do have trouble reading them. I got the rhythm of it after awhile. It takes a bit to get into a particular designer's way of expression.

I'm still working on the rayon floss fan. The handle is done, the floss separated for the blossoms and I got one blossom done last night. Actually, I got 2 done, but one is not quite right. Since the directions are in Spanish, and even from what I've translated, not too detailed, I've been relying on the diagram. I don't think this is the prettiest way to make a blossom, but I'll go ahead with it rather than try to redo it another way........since I'm getting into a time crunch now. It will still be pretty.

The tatted fan on this site is very much like the handle of the fan I am now tatting, except mine has 12 spokes and the ring at the bottom is a little different. Now imagine 2 rows of posies at the top of that with leaves interspersed.

Want to practice your split rings?? Just found this split ring dragonfly pattern! Cute! I now have THREE dragonfly patterns!

Yes! I just found another tatting blog! Keisha's!

Bummer! Just realized this is the week I told someone I'd fill in for them at an evening I'm carrying the boss's pager. County schools have spring break this week and just as many people gone as last week when the university had spring break.

Time has been at a premium lately and every time I sit at my chair to tat, I realize I've got my tatting stuff strung all over the house and I don't even know exactly where. It's beginning to bother me, especially when I'm trying to track down this bead, that thread, and whatever happened to the shuttle I bought at the Feast? I don't know where it's at. It should be in a striped bag, but I thought I emptied that out.

I'm getting a hummingbird shuttle.......on it's way today! Plus one I won in an auction and a set I ordered from The Shuttleshop . And I have a commemorative shuttle coming from our Lace Day.

I won a shuttle a while back that says "lydia pinkham" on it. This one has the pick so maybe it is the real mccoy. It also had a little metal tube with sewing thread in it.........also stamped in the metal "Lydia Pinkham Vegetable Compound." What is on the shuttle is not easy to see - quite worn. I've suddenly acquired several shuttles in a very short time. I really don't want any more unless they are exceptional in some way to me. I have 5 blanks to paint myself.........if I ever get to paint again. I don't even need any more of my clover colored utility shuttles.............just need to empty what I have!

Spring Cleaning is hanging over my head, big time! Well, work is calling me too.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Thumb Pianos - Lucinda Ellison Musical Instruments
I followed this from a gourd link - wow.............and I was just gonna paint them.
LOL! My boss just planted this song in my head by bringing it up. To the tune of chopsticks:
Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
I'll go eat some worms!
Big ones, fat ones
Little tiny scrawny ones
Oh how they do squirm!

My aunt sang it to me in my childhood whenever I was's hard to be in a grouchy mood and sing this at the same time!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Here's that bookmark I made for my sister.

Nell has a new item on her webpage. Pretty snowflake sachet!

Here is where this shuttle is made - and I want a hummingbird when it is available!
Tatting and chocolate go hand in hand. For me, it's also tatting and licorice. I love black licorice. I don't permit myself to buy it very often because I will eat the whole bag. Easily done too, since no one else likes it!

I ran/drove to Walmart during my lunch hour to buy a box of Puffs Plus to comfort my often running nose. My smelling sense is still lame but I'm getting it back. Also bought some Werther's Originals and Riesens for the candy jar sitting by my computer which is right next to my office door, within reach of passersby. :-) When I sat out front, candy didn't last a day.......but now that I'm inside somewhere, they have to stop and talk to me. Not really, but I think they think so. I also bought a bag of black licorice sticks. Already had two and tucked them away in a drawer. Not because I don't want to share - I know no one here likes it - but if I don't hide it, I'll be eating it alllllllll day!

I worked a little on the fan last night. I don't know why it's so late when I finally get to tatting. I hope to get the handle done by the weekend and then do the florets at the weekend. Then I might still have time to do some more miniature fans before Lace Day. None are on fansticks though. :-( I have one tiny fanstick somewhere - that I bought in Ireland from Ann Keller. I believe I have a pattern for that size too. I may have to go check her - AAACCCCKKKKK - it's not showing up! I even tried a search. The last time I visited, it had changed somewhat but was still at the same url. booooo...

This licorice is soooo fresh! Soft & supple and easy to chew. I still can't taste real well though.

Tatting..........where was I? Oh, fansticks. I've been buying fans as I see them that are cheeeeeep with the idea of experimenting. I bought some at The Feast of the Hunter's Moon last October. LOL! I found this one site that looked to have good photos and little movies - but it won't work on my computer. Shucks, I wanted to see the naked man. One of the braves last autumn was damn close to naked. I wondered if it was the same fellow. I'm not in any of these photos, btw. I borrowed clothes from another lacer to appear in period costume. Guess I better get busy making my own. I bought a lovely shuttle while there and I can't remember where it is now.

back to the Feast, I also bought a couple of fans for the fansticks - laser cut wood. My intentions are bigger than my time pool.

I now have 5 spokes done and I can see in this light where the floss color is slightly different when it is on white. It's very antiquey looking, so maybe that will save me? Plus I will have it on a background that is not white. They looked the same at home and when I have it laying on a manilla folder, they all look the same. Just have to stay away from that stark white background.

sigh.............believe it or not, I do have interests other than tatting. I've been wanting to paint for ages and ages now. I have wire to play with and stones. I sew now and then. And Spring makes me anxious to plant garden.

There are so many pretty flutters coming to the Butterfly 4 roundrobin. Several of my RR partners are including scans of what they are sending out. Talent, inspiration, and generosity abound!

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Penguin buddies! I just love this!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Finally! Here we are - the RED butterfly.

Looking at it here, it looks like those are chains around the initial ring in the upper wing, but it isn't. It's another ring. They aren't meant to be close enough in size to be like onion rings like this one in Hope's site. But I didn't like the way they flopped as I was tatting, so I joined them the same way you do onion rings. Almost like a giant dimpled ring (((smile))).

Didn't get to work on the fan last night. After raking leaves and walking the treadmill, I dashed back and forth from kitchen to computer as I followed the online tatting class. It was late anyway. Then, the first skein of floss didn't go too far on that fan handle, so I had to buy more and I separated that last night. Floss takes so long. :-( And I'm sure I'll have to separate another one before I'm done. I've got 3 out of 12 spokes done so far. I did have more floss from that skein, but because I tangled it and got frustrated, I cut it....and I'd like to avoid hiding any ends as much as possible.

When I got the extra floss, I also found some lavender crystal beads that I'm strongly considering for the flowers - as a center - if I can figure out how because they are daisy florals if I remember right. Not with me at the moment.

I received my flutter from Martha last night and I've dubbed it the Million Picot Butterfly! It should be here eventually. She adapted a motif from a camisole for it. I just love seeing everyone else's way of doing things.

I'll be glad when Lace Day is done so I can get back to tatting regular stuff, although I've been wanting to do these fans and never had a reason before. I still have those "thank you" bookmarks to do and my daughter's elephant. I haven't told her about it of course, I haven't given her this link. My daughter-in-law is having back surgery next week so I'll be taking some time off when she returns home to help out there. They only live about 10 minutes away. Maybe I'll put a spare tatting bag in the car so I don't have to try to remember to pick something up before I leave the house. I do have one edging in my purse I would like to finish. It's a little forget-me-not edging and it will go on a pillowslip. I already have one done - the edging - not the embroidery on the pillowslip. Another UFO! I also HAVE to get to work on J's quilt!

It's lovely out again. I may try to dispose of more leaves tonight, depending on how windy it is. I have so much to do this weekend! Figure out my state tax form, my daughter is frosting my hair, visiting my grandson, organizing the tat-off and the LL flyer for Lace day, ....................why am I suddenly pooped? Oh yeah, I wanted to change the display window at work and that will involve some sewing, among other things.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Lace - the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen -Vinciolo

Well, that says it all, huh? I grabbed that little quote from the Lacefairy site I mentioned yesterday. It just fit so perfectly - I am a goddess and my name means queen!

I changed my mind about the fan I'm making. Decided to do one out of Realce #426 which I bought through Georgia. I am so excited that she is moving so close! Teri's fan has too many daisies. I'll be sick of daisy doos long before I am done with it. Plus, looking through the pages of instructions and diagrams, I felt it was confusing. I can figure it out, but it shouldn't be that hard. So I opted for one with half as many daisies and instructions in another language.................but I can follow the diagram nicely, thank you. I've already started the handle part. Bummer, just remembered I wanted to use the Michael's 40% off coupon for a fold-up display board to use for these fans at lace day. It expires today and I don't have a paper for next week's and the Exponent won't be printed during Spring Break so it will be another week before I get it.

Back to the fan. I'm using the rayon floss because it was so much prettier than the silk floss I had. Skipped the beads for now, but I might put them on the blossoms. The handle part is off white and the blossoms willl be lavender and yellow, in keeping with the color scheme of the others.

At the moment, I reek of wintergreen scented liniment, which I applied liberally after my shower to soothe muscles after 2 days of leaf raking. Did you know that when you apply liniment to wide open pores, that you feel on FIRE? Well, now you do. I drank a beer to put the fire out. Not just any beer - Tequiza! - with blue agave nectar and the natural flavor of lime. Not bad. One was enough though.

So now I'm in for an evening of quiet and tatting. Oops, one more little tidbit! How to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads! No kidding! Includes a link to a photo! ROTFL!

Saturday, March 15, 2003

I finished the butterfly between loads of laundry and listened to an abe tape at the same time! I kept thinking something looked awfully familiar about this pattern and finally, I recalled the Handy Hands butterfly stamp I have...........GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! Yep, from the same original pattern. They revised it for the stamp........I revised it differently.

For some reason, uploading images from my home pc doesn't work. It'll be Monday before you can see. :-(
But here is the one Beverlee made for Amy in the same Butterfly robin: It's from the same pattern, but a little different from mine.
Beautiful day out so I'm going to be cleaning inside and out both!

I thought I'd have the RED butterfly done, but it was so late when I got to it last night that I only got the one side finished. Ready to do the other side. It's just the chain edging though. sigh........then I will start on a fan pattern by Teri Dusenbury......which I won't post here.

Bina is guest teacher at the Online Tatting class. I keep forgetting to go there. The lesson is using an angel motif. Have to admit I'm a little tired of angels. I do like winged creatures for tatting because you can tat the loveliest wings, but I think I was bombarded with too many angel images too long. I have those gorgeous ceremic child angels on my Christmas tree every year - so many that I can't put anything else on there! I had Bessie Pease Gutmann's sleeping angel on my checks for 3 years til the bank changed it's coding and I changed banks. And there are some paintings I absolutely adore, but I'm tired of tatting angels. I was wondering this morning if fairies could be tatted with enough flair? Their little bodies are so slender and delicate's hard to convey, but I may give it a go sometime. Anyone else interested in tatted fairies???? Now, if you are interested in lace fairies, go here to the Lacefairy. Click on "lacemaking" on the left and it will take you to a needlelace fairy. And then on that page, you can enlarge the one shown or you can scroll down to the gallery and click on lace fairies which will take you to that one and a bobbin lace fairy.

If anyone has made a tatted fairy, I would love to see it! Email me or post a comment telling me where I can see it and everyone else can see it too! Hey, we might just come up with a new pattern book! LOL!

Well, I'm off to spit and polish!........errrr.....or at least straighten the clutter.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

I got the photo on today! Now, the next step is to figure out how to do thumbnails that you can click on to see more detail. I try to keep the pictures fairly small on here but you can't see the detail very well that way.

I started a red (RED!) butterfly last night from an old old pattern. Good thing I took Kendra's advice and traced it through beforehand. The directions completely forgot a ring. I ended up improvising and changing it a bit for ease in tatting and stability. There were 2 concentric (?) or nested rings, but the 2nd was considerably larger than the first and the directions did not attach them to each other. I didn't like the way they flopped when I did it that way so I ...........did it over! I'm also using a blending thread - a Sulky, sliver (not silver) metallic 145-8020....which is multicolored and tinsely looking, with numerous colors. I was afraid it would stretch, but that hasn't been an issue yet. I try to remember to tat a bit looser so that I won't be pulling so tightly, but the ring is so large, that I ended up tugging on it more than usual anyway. LOL! One side and bottom done and will do the other tonight and the outer chainwork. It's looking pretty ..............and different from the one in the picture which was originally part of a handkerchief corner and in size 70. This is in size 20 Aida. I love the rich red of this ball. The pattern is from House of White Birches Tatting #6 - Forty Original Designs, very last page. The #17 edging would look nice on the hairpin lace fan too. Maybe later....I have other fans I want to do in the meantime.

Omigosh! I just figured out who that guy was in the DVD I watched last night - Men with Brooms..........Paul Gross - oh, what was that show - a transplanted Canadian mountie in NYC? LOVE HIM!! LOL! I kept looking at him last night and wondering where I had seen him before - kept thinking of some super hero of some kind. Well, he was super..........his dead father would appear to him and tell him how to solve a case, and he had that pet wolf...............hooowwwllllll!

ahem...........back to tatting.........

okay.......I had to look it up.........Due South was the series. He's Canadian. His humor came across much better in Due South, but Men in Brooms is funny overall. My favorite re-runs, that aren't showing now are Due South and .......sheesh........blank mind........Northern Exposure....The Alaska show. I swear it was based on Tom Bodett's writing about Alaska.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Once again, I'm having trouble getting the scan to show up. I'll try again tomorrow. :-)

(GGG) Okay, when they are here...... The yellow one was the 1st and same as the one in Georgia's online class - forget now who did it. ahhhh.....Eliz' ??? For some reason, hers looked bigger - maybe cause it has a very short tassel. You can see it here.

2nd one is the purple and yellow - used clovers to attach to the loops.
3rd is all purple (really lavender) and I reversed the clovers and chains and used beads, So far, everything is in size 30 cebelia.

4th one - size 20 here......used a single ring for attaching and the single row of chains looked kinda plain after the clovers on the others, so I added a second row of chains - also have yellow blending filament, which is so sparkly - really doesn't show that much on the scan.

These are the quickie directions -

Make a length of hairpin lace with the specified number of loops on each side. If you need help learning hairpin lace...go here.
Before I took the loops off the loom, I encased each side in a large safety pin - helps keep them from getting tangled and lost in each other. I also hid my ends so I wouldn't have to do that later.

21 is a good number of loops. I used 25 on the ones with clovers, experimenting - just attached 2 loops on each outside edge - think 3 looks better - so the number of loops does need to be in multiples - keeping in mind the more there are, the wider the spread. Both fans with clovers ended up with 9 places to attach and I don't think you would want it any wider than that - almost a complete semi-circle. So for 9 attachments in multiples of 3, you would need 27 loops. If you wanted to use 4 loops with each attachment, it would be 36 loops - it's your call - whatever you want to try.

clovers were:
R 3 p sep by 3 ds, 3ds;
R 3ds, j to prev r, 5 ds, j to 3 loops, 5 ds, p, 3 ds;
R 3 ds, j to prev r, 3 ds, 2 p sep by 3 ds
chains with the clovers were 2 ds, 5 p sep by 2 ds, 2 ds

When chains were attaching to the loops, I used ch 3, p, ch 5, attach to 3 loops, ch 5, p, ch 3
Clovers were same as before except you aren't joining to the loops with the big ring

The ring and double chain: Rings were 2 ds, p, 2ds, p, 2 ds, j to loops, 2 ds, p, 2 ds, p, 2 ds
1st row of chains were 5 p sep by 2 ds
2nd row was 9 p sep by 2 ds, j at base of ring below

This is fun playing! Once the blank is made - the toppings are endless and not very time consuming. Clovers and chains were done in one pass and there are numerous variations on that. You could add several rows if you want to get more complex. Use your favorite edging. Add beads, blending filament, charms..........the time invested is small compared to most tatting projects, so go for it! There was one I started and didn't like the way it was going.....snip, came the offending rings and I still had the blank for another go at it. Play with color combinations. Use up small bits of thread - too much for butterflys but too little for a bookmark. Make up your blanks ahead and then add toppings when you're bored with a big project - save them for card stuffers, little gifts, momentos.......

I put a tassel on all of mine. Most I slipped through the loops. On the all-lavender one, I made a short chain in set stitch (3 of the first half of ds, 3 of 2nd half of ds, repeat for length) and threaded it through the loops, joining and then leaving the ends long enough to match the other threads I looped through that for the tassel. A ribbon would work just as well.

I got my new threads today. Gorgeous colors but it isn't the size 12 perle I'm used to seeing. Looks more like size 20 and coarser than I expected. But I got a complimentary ball with my order! :-) Very fast. Hmmmm, holding it against the size 20 and the size 30 I just tatted with, it's in between. Larger than 30 but smaller than 20. This could be interesting. I'm thinking I might just try this on a rocking horse pattern from Kate's Kritters that I'm reviewing. It's an older publication, but our group doesn't have a review on it yet. This color Jewels will look nice in that. I'll show ya later. :-)

Pretty shuttles! LOL! I don't even pay this much on ebay........I'd like to see it close up before I bought it, but I can drool in the meantime.

I was still struggling with images til this nifty fella from blogger fixed it! Here's the Paisley Heart I mentioned in an earlier post.

And the alligator!

Monday, March 10, 2003

LOLOLOL! I have a few other blogs that have nothing to do with tatting - and one I just finally got around to writing in. I picked a new template.........and it changes colors while you are reading it!!! KEWWWLLLLL! I'd do it here, but then I would lose all the added stuff it took me forever to figure out. Maybe I'll eventually link it from here, but don't hold your breath. I don't think it's typical tatter material.

Ziiiinnnnggg! That was my perk for this nasty subzero day that started out at 9º this morning. I don't even know what it is now - but it's still frigid. I'm gonna go treadmilling now and shower thoughts of love, peace and joy on the world. We're all in this together, you know.
Last night I finished hairpin lace fan 3 and started on number 4. This one has blending filament in it and yellow beads. But I'm going to cut off the tatting part and start over. I decided to try nested rings or onion rings, as they are sometimes called, and I didn't get the outer ring quite big enough. I also don't like those beads with that thread, so I may skip those and just have pretty picots instead. The thread is size 20 and seems big compared to the 30 I've been working with. Those nested rings look rather large and clunky too..........might just do something else.

I ordered some new thread over the weekend too from Sew Thankful. First time I've ordered from there. I may try some of the Valdani quilting thread later.

I've just made my life less hectic so maybe there will be more time for tatting, amongst other things. Now if I could just get over this cold.........drink water, drink water, drink water.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Ahhh, now that should be easier on the eyes!

Took my granddaughter to the mall today to shop for some clothes for her birthday. I hate clothes shopping. Absolutely hate it. 2 hours later and 2 pairs of jeans and one purse.....we sat and had some ice cream from the Dairy Queen inside the mall. Oh, she bounced on the bouncing thing too - whatever you call it.

I've not been very nostalgic the last few years, but sitting in the mall brought back a LOT of memories. I worked there off and on in 2nd jobs to have enough income. Ever since I got a good enough job to not need the 2nd income, I've avoided the mall if I could. Much has changed. Much is the same. I couldn't believe all the 70's style of clothes. I didn't like them back then and I sure don't like them any better now. Mostly because my body doesn't accommodate the style very well. You know, most of it wasn't very flattering. Granny dresses weren't too bad, but I didn't like to wear dresses that much. Katie's other gift was a see-through ruler with tatted flowers, butterflies and doves.

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. No elephant. :-( In fact, I have nothing for her at the moment.

In a moment I am going to:
1) Wash the dishes and put some clothes away.
2) take a nap.

Kinda sluggish still from this cold. At my daughter's last night, Andy also had a cold and Jesse was at home with a cold (sons). None of us could taste anything. I think we are about at day 10 on this - time for it to end!

Friday, March 07, 2003

(((((SMILE))))))) I was experimenting with a hairpin lace fan that I had printed a picture of a long time ago from Georgia's online class about hairpin lace. Since Hope got me inspired to try it, it was a cinch to make the piece. There were no instructions, but I could guess from the photo. Very very simple - just a row of chains with picots along one side of the strip and a tassel through the loops on the other side. I'm working on a version now with clovers and chains for the fan top. Then I'll add beads, maybe a more intricate design, and a different handle/tail/tassle. This will fit right in with our theme of fans for my lace group's Lace Day in April.

hmmmm.......blending filaments too.......

later.........finding numerous fan patterns if I could just find more time to tat them!
Fixed! Lost some comments along the way and found one I missed before.

Been surfing for free lace graphics. What I want is sadly lacking. Working on revamping the Lace Group's brochure and just wanted to see what was available. Even Mark's free graphics weren't where they used to be. He gave me permission to use one on some Xmas tags once, and he had them on etatters for anyone to use, but since I'm not there anymore, can't really check. Want more than just tatting though and since he also does bobbin lace, I thought he might have a few. Maybe we'll continue to use Carolyn's. I just wanted to inject some variety into it. His might be too cutesy for this group's tastes though.

Other than changing my text color and finding out how to add pictures, I think I'll quit messing with this for awhile. I'm not getting an inch of tatting done hardly! I don't like the bright pink motifs on the elephant blanket...........very strongly considering doing them again in a different color. They are pretty by themselves but I just don't like them next to the turquoise, especially after using the goldy yellow for the round before. Guess I could make a couple of different samples before I work the elephant around it - since I'm obviously not going to get it done in time.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well........I tried to move the comment box - again....and screwed something up. At this point, I have all the code in and updated and published and it's not showing. So I don't think it is me - will have to wait and see what happens!

I've gotten some info back that says blogger is having a problem. Guess I'll wait til tomorrow for fixes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Please, please, please do me a favor and leave a comment so I can see if the comment box works. It comes up differently for me since I put it there and I can't really test it properly. Thanks!
I noticed there are some new Butterfly patterns resulting from the Roundrobins! It's a pleasure to know so many talented and generous people. I only have 3 more flutters to make for my last roundrobin....and so many choices! And one more for the birthday roundrobin. I haven't signed up for any more. I'm a little discouraged by those who have been unable to continue. I'm also a little tired of the motifs I've been doing. I want to do a crinoline/sunbonnet girl exchange. Once I finish these roundrobins and a few other obligations, maybe I'll arrange an exchange.

I brought my elephant tatting with me today. I only got 1 ring and 1 chain done last night. Too busy trying to decipher a math lesson. I brought the math with me today too...........I'D RATHER TAT!!!! Unfortunately, I only have 2 arms and my eyes insist on both going in the same direction..........or I could do both at the same time. Sometimes I think there was a little flaw in the way we were made. Wouldn't it be nice to sprout extra arms and legs and eyes or other body parts as we needed them.......and then pack them away when we didn't? I'm getting visions of huge boulders of people who wouldn't know when to stop sprouting. Okay, the original plan was a good one.

mmmm......I'm really liking the idea of a pinafore/crinoline/sunbonnet girl exchange. And they are always potential angels.....I gotta figure out smilie graphics for here. :-)

Oh my shuttle from the Shuttlemaker last night. A bright blue leaning towards turquoise - wood. Very big! Not like a Tatsy though, not that long, but it will hold a ton of thread.........which might be good for that table topper I need to get back to. I need to see if I can do the tatting on that continuously by bridging from one motif to another or if it will still require a cut & tie when I complete a motif. It's that lovely rose doily in The Big Book of Tatting. Too big for a doily, IMO, and I'm not a doily person anyway, but I thought it would make a nice table topper for a small round table - or a pedestle thingie I'm considering for my office. Except the colors are wrong for my office. I think I originally intended that it would be a gift. I have the blossoms done, just doing the connecting tatting - a sort of filigree look to it. But back to the shuttle...........this one is wide where most aren't. I don't like to put so much thread on that it hangs out the sides. I think it's hard on the shuttle itself, causing the cheaper plastic ones to become sprung - and probably the other kinds too. I've never put that much thread on. I also think having it hanging out like that means you touch it more, rubbing body oil and grime into it even more than with regular handling. The palms of my hands sweat more than the fingers and that's what the thread would be constantly touching - my palms - as I manipulated the shuttle around.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Cool! Looking through this site that I linked to from Not Martha I found tulip socks I wasn't planning on knitting any socks.........but whoo - whee - make a nice gift for my granddaughter for next Christmas. And that's about how long it will take me!

Lots of new flutters in these roundrobins!
Butterfly 4
Butterfly 3
I see there are a few new patterns and more to come!

That reminds me - I won a shuttle on ebay - sent the payment out today. Lost 2 other bids although they were not shuttles. Sometimes that stuff goes for way more than what it's worth - at least to me. Frankly, I'm happy with what I have and only look at something really unusual. Rosita has those -but for way too much. I've decided I will go to the Isle of Barbados and find one on my own - have lotsa fun in the sun too, drink some Jamaican Rum.......make it worth my time!

Elephant tatting is going very very slowly, just like an elephant plodding through the jungle. Now I understand why Hopie howls with laughter when I say I will have it done on the 10th. I will probably still be working on it when I finally get around to visiting her. Maybe a new goal should be to have it done by county fair time????? I was going to borrow it back from my daughter to enter anyway. And that table topper I started last May....LAST enter in last year's fair. .........sigh.........

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Oh wow! I love this butterfly mandala! Makin' it up as I go | Powered by I'm wondering how I can use this as a background for all the tatted butterflys from my roundrobins and exchanges. I could ask her if she could make a print without the other background stuff. Or.....I could just have the mandala framed as a companion to the one with with all the tatted butterflys. I think I have too many tattings to fit on the outside of this mandala anyway - but they might look good as 2 separate pieces. Maybe I'll just get the canvas bag to put my tatting in.

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Got this bitchin' cold and I'm really tired right now. Oh, I already talked about that somewhere else.

I'm still working on the 3rd round of the blanket for the elephant. The turquoise thread fades onto my fingers where I hold the chain thread. I wasn't real crazy about the color combo at this point, but maybe it will be what I expected when I get more done. It's not bad, just maybe not in the best order - but I already changed my mind once! This thread is so shiny and with the beads, it is quite elegant looking so I haven't even considered adding a gold or silver blending thread so far. I did initially, but I'm not sure it will fit in now. I have some nice silver beads for the head dress of the elephant too - but they are so fat it will be a problem if I frame it under glass. Maybe if I tat one every year for my daughter's birthday, I will finally get one I really like - plus she will have a whole collection. LOL! How many framed elephants are tooooo many?

Sent off the heart to my Birthday RR partner for the month today. I really do like those little frames!

Well, head hurts and stomach a little queasy so I'm outa here.