Saturday, May 31, 2003

Checking out the new scanner! Here are the crocuses I've done so far. No stamen, stem or leaves yet.

Friday, May 30, 2003

Well, I can't make the graphic from yesterday bigger. I didn't save the original and when I try to enlarge this one, it loses resolution. And I didn't bookmark this particular one and the bidding ended yesterday so it's no longer listed. But go see the others they have. I may have to bid on one or two of them myself!

I worked a little more on the crocus last night - very slow going these days. I'm making it a point to walk the treadmill each night and by the time I get home and do that and shower, eat, and catch up on email, my evening is gone. I swear the hours are getting shorter. 60 minutes is more like 20 minutes these days.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

No tatting again! Maybe tonight. I uninstalled the scanner because it continued not to recognize it. Not sure what to do now. The computer told me my digital camera was not compatible. LOL! It is pretty old. What an excuse to get a NEW one! I can use the one at work in the meantime. I wanted a new scanner anyway, so I will probably get that before I get a camera.

One of the people who works in my department is a woodworker on the side. He made me some boxes once for a friend - meant to hold floppy disks but they were just a tad too small so he sold me two for the price of one. But he has made some fabulous other pieces, miniature treasure chests and small trunks. Even a little inlaid stuff. Anyway, he sometimes stops by and asks me about crafty stuff. He had some bobbins once that he wasn't sure what they were. They were the kind used for weaving, before any of you bobbin lacers get all excited. Nothing special about them. The other day he stopped buy and whipped out some keys on a braided leather strap and asked me if I knew how to do that. Welp, nupe, I didn't. Seems he was the one who did it to begin with, but forgot how. LOL!

So I did a search last night on the web and found some interesting braiding but nothing quite like what he had. It was 3D and created a cord rather than a flat braid.

So browsing ebay and looking thru some of my favorite sellers .....I see this GORGEOUS crochet hook by Graydog Woodenware . The current bid is $75.00. Hey folks, they have size 14 hooks available! The nice thing is they will put in the size hook you want and sizes range from 00 to 14. I may have resized this too small - will make it bigger tomorrow. This one is Mother of Pearl.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Last night I downloaded the printer and the scanner, but the scanner still isn't showing up, so I'll have to check all the connections there. Still have to load the digital camera and a few other programs. Got word finally in.

Tatting .............. nothing. I have a crocus in process and I found the moose pattern. I might try the moose in size 80 thread and see if it's small enough for earrings. Not that I really want a moose hanging from my ears, but it might be appropriate for a certain event. And hey, I am a Moose Lodge member of the Women's group. Not that I've been there in years, but that might be a market if I want to unload what I've made, once I make it.

Gillian Buchanan is the host at BellaOnline. There are tons of tatting instructions and links to free patterns for anyone wanting to learn to tat or improve their skills. I recommend a visit there! Cluny appears to be featured right now. I've made some cluny leaves but haven't been able to be consistent with them. Practice might remedy that, but other than an occasional textural change, I wouldn't use them that much. I do like Mimi's coaster.

Monday, May 26, 2003

I just found a link on Threads home page for some instructional videos online using Real Player or another media player. Feature Page I looked at the one for sewing a turtleneck on the body of the top. Also learned I can make adjustments on real player - change the size of the box and adjust the color and sound..........other than sound, I never knew you could do all those things! Oh! If you look on the left hand side of that page and click on one of those subjects, there are little videos available in those areas too! Whoo Hoo! Embellishments, cool! I recently came across a book I purchased at Half-Price Book Store in Indianapolis last year about beading on the sewing machine. I get these fabulous books and then just set them aside. I think that's where the computer has become detrimental.

I'm slowly adding links to my favorites on the new computer. I imported the old favorites but they are still in a separate file. So many links don't work and this file is huge, so I'm just going through them as I have time. Now I'm drooling over all the things I want to do. Just got through the jewelry making file. So what am I doing here???? LOL! Well, first I better do dishes ......and then get a little tatting in. I started a lavendar crocus last night. I'll have to dig around to find where I hid my stamens back when I was cleaning out other craft boxes. My labeling on the storage totes didn't stick so it's a little confusing. Fortunately, I can see through most of them and have a general idea of what they hold.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Oh wow! I was just reading Not Martha and her bit about finding a quilt at the Salvation Army and remembered my shopping trip on Thursday afternoon! I love 2nd hand stores and garage sales, tho I don't indulge near as often as I used. Not a garage sale yet and this is a great weekend for it!

Anyway, on Thursday, I found this great shaded blue chenille bedspread at Trinity Mission. It has rows of squiggly chenille that look like waves of water. I may put it on a bed after Jesse moves out or I may use it on the sofa for the time being, until I get a new sofa. I also picked up a little pillow that turns out to have magnetic circles in it - says not to attempt washing and drying because of the magnetic pieces. Now what does that mean? Will it mess up the magnetism or the dryer? I didn't buy it for the magnetic properties, but that might be interesting, if you like little hard circles pressing into your head.

Let's see, what else did I get? Oh, some silverware to take to work. I took some a few years ago and it disappeared. This is a mismatched set - 6 forks, 6 knives, 3 regular spoons, 2 soup spoons. For one buck!

I also bought 2 male dolls, GI Joe type - one has jointed knees - which is exactly what I was looking for when I looked for props for the display window at work. I often dress the dolls as characters for the situation. I had a Barbie doll with jointed knees but not a male doll. The dolls were $.50 each. And in perfect shape!

This store used to be a good source for hard to find craft stuff, but there doesn't seem to be much now - wait til garage sales are in full season - then people take their leftovers to the thrift stores. This is how I got such a bunch of wood items to paint on...............which are calling my name, asking if I've forgotten them.

I'm trying to remember if I got anything else. I need to get outta here and plant my garden so I can play!
Catching up on mail today and cyberlists. I no longer get mail from any of the lists - listed as no mail and unsubbed from many. I looked in on one today that I haven't read for quite awhile and saw there was an exchange for the Colonial Lady - deadline...................yesterday.

Oh well. I might bait a few friends to do this with me later. I'm avoiding any more committments for the time being.

I was looking for my printout of the moose pattern on Friday and couldn't find it. It may be in a storage tub of single sheet patterns. I could just go to the website, but I still don't have my printer downloaded on the new computer. Maybe later today.

I'm still tired from my drive.

Oh yeah, wanted to mention that I still had extra thread on the shuttles from the crocus. I had about a yard left over on each shuttle. I'd put 7 1/2 + yards on the ring shuttle - probably closer to 8 yards, and 3 yards on the chain shuttle.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

I finished a yellow crocus while at a workshop today. I suppose I ought to add the stamens and stems and make a few leafs pretty soon. I want to make a few more and have 6 to begin with.

If it still hasn't rained tomorrow, I'll plant my garden finally! Bought the tomato plants yesterday and a few pepper plants. I'm just planting salad stuff and green beans and flowers this year. I need to work in the herb garden too. I have such big ideas and not enough time to do anything with them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Gotta test this smilie out! Got 2 petals on the crocus done tonight!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I found the wild yellow and there is also a bright marigold color and a few other possibilities. Unfortunately, not a stitch of tatting the last few nights! I measured the thread the last time I made the crocus and put approximately 9 yards on each shuttle- size 50 oren bayan which tats like size 20. The ring shuttle had slightly more than 2 yards left on it. I haven't measured the chain shuttle yet but I didn't use much at all, probably not much more than 2 yards. So for this next crocus, I'll put 7 1/2 yards on the ring shuttle and maybe 3 yards on the chain shuttle - I'll probably measure what is left on the last one to get a better idea. I got one of those handy dandy shuttle winders from Tatting & Design through Lily Morales and those babies are superb for unwinding as well as winding.

I was sorting and cleaning in the sewing room tonight and then walked the treadmill, showered, and here I am - past my bedtime again. sigh.................
But a long weekend coming up so I'll have plenty of tatting time in there somewhere!

I forgot to mention that I finished a second crocus. Hot pink and electric neon blue now........I believe I have a wild yellow to make another one with. Then maybe a white many for a bouquet? I better get the daggone scanner hooked up so I can see if it even works! I think I will actually use the camera at work to photograph it though when I am done - detail will be much better!

Monday, May 19, 2003

-- getcrafty - making art out of everyday life --

Ever the recyler! Turn those old tshirts into underwear!!! I haven't figured out how to enlarge the pattern though. Me thinkin' it's too much for the copier to get on one sheet! LOL!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

It looked like rain and, in fact, it was sprinkling while I was en route to the Fort. But it ended as I got there and Maureen was sitting at a picnic table, waiting. So we told the director what we thought was the Lacer's Tree (it wasn't) and she brought us some chairs and we sat with our wares at hand. Demonstrating at the Fort requires you to dress in period clothing and I had borrowed Cathy's. Chemise, 2 skirts, vest and cap. Cumbersome, but I was glad for the layers since the wind was chilly. About 10 minutes later, Chris showed up, so we sat there chatting, Chris doing her bobbin lace, me shuttle tatting, and Maureen needle tatting. Once I get my self started in knitted lace, I might take that - depending on whether it is in line with the time period. I doubt they knitted much lace, but maybe. It's still hazy and chilled and overcast. The sun came out for a bit, though not too brightly.

Three hours of tatting and I had about 12" of a single ring edging and about 4" of hen & chicks edging.

I've been online since I got home, reloading some things that were on the old computer. So much yet to do. I'll do a bit at a time. Hopefully the printer and scanner tomorrow. I think I'm going to get off here soon so I can get some other stuff done. The day is pretty much gone, but I really would like to have more free time tomorrow, so the more I do today, the more time tomorrow.

Friday, May 16, 2003

I finished a crocus - the flower part anyway. Still need to do leaves, but I think I will make several of the flower parts and then do the leaves - I may decide to go with artificial leaves instead of tatted ones. This is the one from Sharon Briggs' newsletter. I want to make a little bouquet and I also want to make the heart motif she has in the same newsletter.

3D doesn't scan well on my scanner. Ah, just remembered - I'll have to download the digital camera too! the webcam done tonight. I can do video emails again!

I am so ungodly tired tonight. I think there is a hormonal surge going on. Almost forgot what those are like. Earlier this evening, J. was going at it on his drums, which I usually really enjoy, but this time I was ready to crawl up the walls. Teeth on edge sort of thing. I also need to download weather bug so I can tell what the temperature is and the forecast. It seems to be more reliable than the weather channel on satellite. The other J. is doing well with his tonsillectomy. Their dad doesn't sound too good. His hand went numb and he called J to come and get him but refused to go to the hospital. He did go to the dr. today.....diagnosis was anxiety attack. He also has emphysema and a liver condition of some kind.

Maybe I'll get a new scanner next month. But I need a computer desk too. Decisions.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

I finished the bag last night. I got a new computer this week and my son set it up last night but the scanner isn't hooked up yet - in fact, I don't even know if it's compatible yet. I need a new scanner, but it's gonna be awhile before I can get it. Besides, how many amulet bags do you want to see???

Well, if it were me, I'd want to see them ALL because they are different!

My next goal here is to set up links. Haven't figured that part out - I thought it was an automatic feature, but it seems not.

I'll be leaving here in about a half hour to go out of town for the afternoon. Didn't bring any tatting with me - well, I always have an edging with me if I get really desparate, but I don't expect to have time to tat. My middle son had a tonsillectomy this morning. I just called to see how it was going and he just went to his room and all looks ok so far. I'm finding this upsetting, trying to be there for 2 kids at once. I thought I was done with that when they were little!

I'm really on a roll with these little tatting bags. I'm wanting to make some more as gifts, and I also have some bookmarks to make. My tatting time has been drastically reduced and I'm not even sure why.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I'm almost done with another amulet bag. About 6 inches left on the handle/necklace part. I used a blending filament with a gutterman top stitch thread. In the early days of my tatting, I bought quite a bit of the top-stitch gutterman thread since I could only find white, black, and ecru in the size 12 tatting thread. There wasn't much around here specificaly for tatting. I ordered a few colors of cebelia, then Hobby Lobby started carrying it and I stocked up there. Then I found more sources and got better threads here and there and everywhere. The gutterman doesn't slide as nicely as the other threads so I don't use it as much. Certainly don't buy any more.

I'll be demonstrating at Fort Ouiatenon on Saturday, 1 - 4:00 p.m. Wearing Cathy's Feast clothes - I gotta make my own soon. The chemise will be easy. Skirt is too - just a drawstring waist. It's the fabric that is a challenge. Gotta be 17th century - like they had much in the way of prints!

It's late - took a nap, so I'm not sleepy, but I'll regret it if I don't at least try to sleep.

Monday, May 12, 2003

I tatted a tiny angel like this for my aunt last summer when we learned of her illness. It's one of my favorites - from Mark Myers "A Gathering of Angels". Mark is such a talented tatter, lacer, designer, graphic artist........who knows what else? See his wife's work on the site too. They work together beautifully!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

In Memory of My Favorite Aunt Joyce who passed away this morning. Her spirit sings out in this photo taken last fall and her smile warms my heart always. I love you Joyce!

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Finished up the 2nd amulet bag during the lace meeting. Once I hide the ends, I'll scan it. I'm thinking now about giving them to my daughter and my daughter-in-law for Mother's Day. Now that it's done, the rayon thread didn't turn out shiny and smooth like I thought. Might as well have used a plain black. Would not have had the snags, for sure.

I was in Hobby Lobby and Michael's both today. Couldn't make up my mind what to use my coupon on at Michael's so I ended up getting 2 more Clover shuttles. I was looking at some card stock to do watercolor cards on and I kept thinking I bet I have some. Better to get back to practicing and using what I have than to get more.

Well, I have things to do..........

Friday, May 09, 2003

Last night I got back to the amulet bag. I was hoping to bring them in today but when I realized I still had to string the beads for the 2nd half, I knew that was a no-go. So I'm tatting along, by this time I've got the rhythm of it all and getting consistent tension on my stitches and just the right length on my beaded picots..............down to the last few split rings before I start attaching it to the 1st half.............and I realize I've got too many beads on a picot, 2 rings back. Not just 2 rings, 2 SPLIT rings. Sigh...........nice thing about rayon thread is that the stitches loosen up easily. I got one undone and stopped before doing the 2nd one. It's opened up, just not un-tatted. Got online to check mail and that's all she worte. (((GRIN))) I was very tired and didn't last long. Tonight I'll finish up.

I'm anxious to get more organized. I had a friend out the other nite to work up some estimates for work I need done. So now I'm getting enthused about the changes I'm making. Which means I probably won't have a lot of time for this for awhile. I think I might paint my sewing/craft room too - even though we just painted it a year or so ago.........nah, I'll just get around to putting neat stuff up on the walls instead!

Thursday, May 08, 2003

I finished the first half of the bag and haven't gotten any further. Too many other things to distract at the moment. Maybe tonight as I want to give them to the girls.
I love this site for recycling everything! Right now there is a challenge to create a use for those recordable CD cylinders - once you've used the CD's what do you do with them? Of course tatters look at everything as a potential carrier of tatting supplies!

Monday, May 05, 2003

I've started a 2nd bag. I didn't have enough gold beads so I used some dark multicolored ones. This rayon floss is some I bought at a garage sale one year. They had gold and black and I'm using the black. It's much different from the new floss I've bought. It's slicker than snot and I have to watch or the knots come out. They don't do that on the new floss. It's also a different brand - C. U. Springer Marlitt , from Germany. There are 10 m on a skein instead of the 8 of DMC and 4 strands instead of 6. It will have a nice feel to it when done, I'm sure. I'm not leaving as much play in the picots this time so there won't be as much slackness. I'm also doing the 2nd half of the split ring by starting with the 2nd ds like you're supposed to. I couldn't tell that it made any difference in the past but thought I'd still go with it. After I do these, I may make one for the county fair.

Guess I'll miss the online class again. I really have so much to try to do tonight. I want to get things boxed up from one corner and moved to the basement. I should be getting my summer clothes out and I still want to walk the treadmill. If I do all that, I won't get to tat, so I'll probably cut corners somewhere. Aaaaccck! I just remembered something else I wanted to do before coming home today - guess it will wait until tomorrow.

I also got 2 more books from I.O.L.I. library. The Bath Tatting Book and Mlle.Riego De La Branchardiere. oooohhh, quick glance and pretty stuff!

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Here is the amulet bag. It turned out okay to good. I see a few things I'll change next time. This time I only did a single set stitch handle which is fine for what I want. I'm debating on whether to make a little fabric bag for the inside. You can't really put anything in there otherwise. The next one will be from black rayon floss to make it slick and shiny. Hoping to use gold beads, if I have enough. That one will go to Kim, the new secretary. The purple one goes to Wilma, the Safety Section secretary.

Here's a tip if you've never done a split ring with beads in the picots. I automatically assumed all the beads went on the shuttle core thread as usual. WRONG! The beads that are on the 2nd half of the split ring picots need to be on that thread - which is called the ball thread or shuttle 2. On this particular project, there are 20 beads on the picot. So for the 2nd half, you slide the 20 beads from shuttle 2 up to your fingers and loop it, pinch it there while you make the wrapped ds. It will slide like a charm then. But if you had the beads on the core thread and slide them around to that side - it won't work! I had to do some retro-tatting and it wasn't pretty being around me at the time.

This is another weekend good for outdoors work, but I'm not going to get much done. I went back to bed this morning after being up early and slept til nearly noon. This week just kinda took the beans right outta me. Laundry is done, dishes, and I finished the amulet bag. Picked some wildflowers from down over the hill. I was going to hunt mushrooms but Andy was down there with a friend hunting and I didn't see til I was already there. I did find 2 but gave them to Andy since he really didn't have all that many. My DIL had told me earlier how badly she wanted some. I walked the treadmill this evening and showered and here I am.

Tomorrow will be busy since I'm going to see my grandson. I kinda thought about getting up early so I could run some errands in town before I go instead of doing it when I get back - since I'll be tired from the drive. We'll see if I can get up in time.

Oh, made out all the bills this evening too - and that's one time consuming chore I'm glad to have done. I need to find the paperwork for my car lease too. I don't remember the miles I'm allowed and I'm concerned that I'm getting close.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Last night I got one side of the amulet bag done - I think! It's a continuous tat........aaaccckkk no! I just realized I will have to string another 320 beads to do the other side! It really is quick once the beads are strung however. Some split rings and huge beaded picots! Will be gone all day today...........depends on the weather tonight if I will be in or out. And some other experiments that I'm joining in on - sure eats the time up, if not the energy. Maybe I'll have the tatted bag by the weekend. Now I'm wishing I'd used a cobalt blue thread with these beads since the beads are more striking than the thread. Sigh.................that's what playing is for.