Sunday, August 31, 2003

Somehow, Witt's webpage disappeared, but no matter, she made a new one. I'll bet that book of poetry about the chickens is good too!

I started this yesterday and got sidetracked with other things. I'm still sorting and cleaning. It's really hard not to stop and try some of the things I've found and forgotten I had! LOL! I found a cross-stitch card kit that I bought on clearance cheeeeeeep with the intention of putting tatting into it. I found books I sorta forgot I had. I have sooooo much thread - time to get to tatting and using some up. But first, I have to make some clothes for the Feast of the Hunter's Moon. "The Feast of the Hunters' Moon is a re-creation of the annual fall gathering of the French and Native Americans which took place Fort Ouiatenon, a fur-trading outpost in the mid - 1700s. It is held annually in early autumn on the banks of the Wabash River, four miles southwest of West Lafayette, Indiana. More than 8,000 participants re-enact this event creating a feast for your senses. Smell the wood smoke, hear the report of the rifles, savor authentic food and more"

It's usually held the early part of October but the date was changed this year for some reason. I think it will work out better. October either rains or is sooo cold. Last year was just perfect though. I even got a little warm, sitting out there on my bale of straw, demonstrating tatting. A tad bit uncomfortable too. I really wish they had Renaissance Fairs locally. No tatting then, but I love the atmosphere of that time period.

Well, more busy stuff to attend to today.

Friday, August 29, 2003

I just found a new source for tatting instructions. Not only tatting, but just about any needleart you can think of, including how to make your own whip and hammock, and including Japanese links. All these things too! Didn't you always want to know how to make and wear a sarong??

Instructions for Sewing Yukata (Unlined Kimono)
Making the Rubakha Pattern (Russian garment)
Simplistic Instructions on How to Make a Kilt
Making a Mongol Coat
Making Turko-Mongol Trousers or Turko-Persian Pants
How to Tie Headtie and Wrapper
How to Tie and Wear a Sarong
Sarong Ties, Uses, etc....
Ways to Wear Sarongs or Pareos
How To Make A Skyrong (sarong wrap skirt)

I was looking at the Free Pattern site today since I haven't been there in ages. There are a few new tatting patterns, mostly cro-tatting, if anyone is interested.

While I was there, and since I do multiple crafts and needlearts, I checked out the others too and found a 3D crocheted apple. It looks like a lot of chain stitches ........ so I'm thinking I can convert this to tatting, I'll betcha! The stem and leaf looked fairly solid - meaning it's a good excuse to practice cluny leaves. So I'll put this project in line with all the others. LOL!

I'm sooooo thinking of Christmas. Ideas bippedy-bopping galore!

It looks like I have the twin towers in my living room. Both 5 drawer storage bins are there while I sort tatting stuff into them. One is for threads, the other for everything else you use in tatting, except for the books. I'm wondering if I can really fit everything in them. They are also on wheels, which is very convenient. I could conceivably roll them to wherever I'm tatting and not be jumping up and down looking for this and that.

One drawer is absolutely stuffed with size 20 thread. I don't think I can get any more into it and I found 4 more balls last night. And I still haven't sorted the stuff in my bedroom. Most of that is supplies, but I know there is thread in there too.

I'm putting all the beads in one drawer. I'm not sure my compartmentalized container will fit. I think it is too long.

I'm putting frames and other ways to display tatting in another drawer.

Which reminds me, I bought a clear glass lidded vase at Walmart yesterday. They also have a shorter version, more like an apothecary jar with a flat lid. I think I can put a small tatted motif in the lid and then potpourri in the jar!!! Or maybe decorative soaps - I got all that soap making stuff for Xmas and have only made soap once. Time to get busy again. I used the blue motif I posted earlier to test my theory last night. I need to make some kind of cardboard base circle underneath to hold it in place and just have a receipt wadded up in there right now, but the colored cardboard/tagboard will work nicely.

Tatting Day with The Heirloom Corner on the 6th. I need to send my registration fee in and get busy decorating a shuttle. Ooooh, oooh - ideas are jumping into my head!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I've been meaning to mention that the August issue of Anna has needle tatting in it. There are a couple of doilies, a couple of doily edgings and a couple of decorative bands. I'm intrigued with what they did with the bands. One is a tie on a candle and the other is threaded through one of those decorative bowls/plates that have the holes around the outer edge. It's really a very nice touch. You could use any insertion pattern.

I'm trying to finish up another sample motif. I was testing a new thread and a new pattern. I don't think I put enough on the shuttles though. I also got my crinoline girl pattern out. Soon!

Monday, August 25, 2003

Hot Damn! I can't believe I forgot! I was sitting here on the computer thinking about posting and remembered I had a package in the mail from Georgia!!!! It's the chess set pattern!!!! Whoo-Hoo! Now, who wants to take bets on whether I can get it done for Christmas???? My son-in-law collects chess sets, so this is perfect. I also know he wants one of my tatted rosaries too.

I got busy when I got home and forgot all about opening the package. LOL! I've been in town already and bought a 2nd five drawer bin for my tatting stuff and while I was there, I saw these pearly muliticolored plastic bracelets for kids - well, I just had to buy some to do the tatting in a circle thing. Also picked up some paint cards because I want to paint a room.

Some days just can't get any better.

Oh yeah, here's the motif I was working on - nearly forgot that too!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Now that school is starting again, the stores are full of back-to-school stuff, including storage bins. I was in Walmart tonight and gave in and bought a 5 drawer see through thing. Perfect for storing my tatting supplies in because I can see what is where. I think I need another one though. This one will probably only hold my thread, now that I've started filling it up. I need a second one for the "embellishments", as I like to call them.
Yahoo! I'm easing back into tatting again. I finished a motif out of one of the books I bought at I.O.L.I., Tatting for the Beginner - Snowflakes, Crosses, and Edgings. Already, I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner. The 1st one I made has an error in the pattern, showing 4 repeats of 2 ds and most have a p between, but one didn't say p, so I put it in there or it would have been 4 ds between. So I ended up with 4 p that I had to continue throughout. No problem, but I can see now that the 2 ds was a repeat in error. Now I'm working on a 2nd motif and it calls for a "tie, clip" which I assume means cut and tie - but I changed it to make a mock p, since the next round starts at the p. The chain stitches are designated as "ball 4 ds". LOL! I wondered if it was from another country and then I read the very front and see these were by a woman now deceased, so I think it may be a mixture of old and new techniques melded into one woman's way of expression. The patterns are nice, but I think it would be difficult for a beginner to work out. So here is the 1st motif and I wondered what I could do with it? Ta-Da! I stuck a ribbon through it for an instant bookmark, but what I would really do is make a series of these motifs, attaching them at the appropriated picots, and then thread the ribbon through. Or use a wider ribbon. This one slips through too easily.

The one I am working on now is red and size 50 Flora so it should be smaller. It's a sort of flower shape. I'm looking for something suitable to put in a small frame. That reminds me, I bought some 5 x 7 frames in Cape Cod with a shell motif on the frame, so I'm looking for a suitable motif for that and just thought of one! Jane's seahorse! And there are several fish motifs. Now what about color? The frames are a sand color. I don't know where I want to put them yet either.

My youngest son just moved out so my entire house is going to be slowly revamped. Who knows where my craft room will end up? Might as well be the living room! LOL!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Look at this tatting by Minako - very fine thread - you can see the comparison with the coins!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

I've been reading this little book about tatting - about one woman's journey of self-discovery in the process of learning to tat. My oh my! I do identify with her! It took me literally weeks also to self-teach myself this craft. I also describe it as my passion - this teasing of thread and air into something delicate and wispy, yet amazingly strong. The search for patterns, the intricacies of dozens of threads. Soother of discomfort.

It's a nice little read. Perfect for the tatter who is temporarily out of commission yet yearns for the world/word of tatting. A nice collection of the myriad of thoughts we all have at one time or another as our shuttle or needle plys the thread.

You can order it from Witt herself by emailing:
The cost is $10.00 plus shipping US$.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The days have just been packed! I'm reading a book about tatting that I'll tell you about later, maybe tomorrow. I forgot and left it at work tonight.

This evening I put away a lot of the shopping I did on vacation. Rediscovered treasures! I got a little teapot chimes in Cape Cod. A teapot cookie cutter plus spices for tea cookies in Vermont. A book about herbs. Maple syrup. Two necklaces and a pair of earrings made from coal. One of the necklaces is a cameo made from coal. Two hanging candle holders that are completely different in Cape Cod. I have about 3 in my bedroom as it is. I got these to put in the living room though. I like hanging candles.

And here are the tea-for-ones I found on my trip. The yellow one is from Vermont. The one on the far right is one I found in an antique store in Montreal, hand painted even! The other 3 are from Cape Cod.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Here are the 2 samples from the book Snowflake Roses by Denise Munoz. The pastel variegated is some Altin Basak I had and the turquoise variegated is the Oliver Twist thread I bought at I.O.L.I.

And here are my new shuttles, also purchased at the I.O.L.I.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Not a bit of tatting lately, but I'll be home soon and will catch up. Might do a bit shortly as it is a quiet moment during my visit. In Montreal right now. I found a tea-for-one earlier in an antique shop that I will go back and get later. I'm having a wonderful time!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I'm resting up today for the next week's travel. Last 2 days were in NY - didn't buy much but spent it with friends - much better time doing that anyway

Off and on today, I've been working on a 2nd rose snowflake from that same book. This one is tatted from the Oliver Twist - a royal blue variegated in size 70 or 80, don't remember for sure which. It's almost done. It's quite a fine thread, smooth, and working up nicely. Would like to have it just a smidgeon bigger though. I drove around a bit and found a 7-11 and got some chips and diet pepsi twist.

Friday, August 08, 2003

One of the books I bought at the I.O.L.I. convention is "Snowflake Roses" by Denise Munoz. I really like the motifs. I started one today while I was doing my single load of laundry at the hotel facilities, and tried to work it a bit on the bus ride to NY, but gave up after an exceptionally long tunnel. But I'm sure I'll have it done by the time I get home and I can scan it for show & tell.