Friday, July 30, 2004

I did manage to locate my thread for the monkey. Everything but the ears are done and I need to put it all together. Part way through, I figured out what I had to change in the past. I knew I had changed something but it wasn't written down. The whole thing is done in double crochet, which leaves some pretty big spots for the stuffing to show through. The body isn't too bad, but the arms were noticeable, so I did the legs in single crochet. The upper part anyway. I may make another one and do it in half double crochet (hdc).

At the moment, I'm squirreled up in the sewing/craft/computer room, but there's no room to move around and find stuff. He's pretty close, with the carpet, so I think I'll venture out to see what's up.


He's still here...............almost done. sigh..........................he remembered doing the bedrooms here last fall and it took him all day, until around 7:00 pm that time.

I put the monkey together but still need to attach the mouth and make the ears. I need a big needle for that and didn't have it handy. But I had thought to take Mary Maynard's book about flowers with me and my little basket of shuttles with I played with the flowers for awhile. My floss holders with thread are in here but the shuttles are no butterflies right now.

I spotted a shuttle with thread and an edging that I carried around for a few years, taking out only a few months ago when I changed purses. I decided today that I'm tired of the edging and I don't even remember what I planned to put it on now. I now have about 20" of variegated rose size 80, an edging named, appropriately, Rose's Edging. Says it is from Rose Hodgson, published in spring 1993. This is a photocopy, much folded and worn. I think I got it from one of Georgia's books. I have no idea how to use it now. LOL! I'll probably frame something with it. I have another edging going on that I carried with me all the time, but I do remember it's going on pillowcases that I'm embroidering. Aaaaccckkk!!!! Another UFO! I had the edging done for one case but the embroidery was not complete. The second edging is close to being done too. I started these in 2000. I remember because I took them with me when I went overseas. I think I tat much better now. I wonder if it will show?

The carpet guy has a bug phobia. The old carpet is out in the garage, which is open on one side and not attched to the house. Apparently the bottom is wet and has attracted bugs. He said he could handle daddy-long-legs. But then as he started naming the ones that gave him the willies, it was clear that he can barely deal with the daddy ones. LOL! I told him we would take care of it. I was going to have them dispose of the old carpet even though it seemed rather expensive. I guess we'll just do it ourselves.

I found a Sue Scheewe video series online for much less than the original price. I have the book it goes with and after reading some of the instructions today, I could see I really needed the video. I really think they could explains techniques clearly if they wanted to. This was in an Ebay store. I found out recently that there are lots of things in the market area that are not in auctions...........including tatting.

For instance, here are 44 shuttles for sale, separately:

Threads and beads:

Yep - 260 stores that matched up with tatting.

It's going to be too late to put any furniture back tonight. I hope I can make it to the bed.


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thoughts from Elsewhere

Notes From the Universe

Don't let those who aren't in tune with you, distract you from those who are.

It's your degree of faith, your belief in benevolent powers and events unseen, that summons the magic, either in huge gobs, or in drips and drops.
Go for gobs, it costs the same.
If they're in your life,
love them.
What good does it do
knowing approximately where the treasure lies,
yet never digging?  Having a bank account with
millions in it, but never writing a check.  Or
discovering the fountain of youth, but never
drinking a drop?
You must live the truths you discover, you must
break your old rules, defy logic, be the change.  Dig,
write the check, and drink eternally, one little step
after another.
I'm sorry, but there's no other way.
PS - Of course, you can ask for help.

Some favorite shuttles and a lizard from a dear friend in S. Africa. I'm appreciative of the craftsmanship on the shuttles and I'm appreciative of the friendship of my friend.

My house is literally a jumble. Carpet is to be installed tomorrow so my son came tonight and helped me move everything out of the living room and hallway. I'm not likely to be doing any tatting or crocheting for another day or two. Sock Monkey Simon is progressing nicely but I'm not sure where the thread is now. LOL! Maybe in my bedroom, maybe in the kitchen. I still need to crochet the arms and legs and TAIL! The instructions do not include a tail. Oh, and ears. There are directions for ears. This came from Annie's Pattern Club, Oct-Nov 1984. Designer is Celia Finch Young.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Monday I was browsing in a tatting cyberlist, looking for the email to send flutters to Palmettos, and catching up on patterns, news, etc. I suddenly remembered why I had unsubbed for a long time. It's next to impossible to find the source of a "thread". Subject lines are changed and references to prior posts that are relevant to the current post are removed..........I was really getting pissed trying to find out the background of the "cherub" doily. Never did find out. I almost always respond privately on that list. That way I know what I've written is received the way I intended. The only way you know what is going on there is if you read it religiously and have a very good memory. One of the better changes yahoo made was when they added "up thread" which permits you to go to the initial post of a thread. I love that feature. But if the subject line is changed, it won't work.

Okay, venting mode off.

Jane Eborall did it again! This time she has designs for a flamingo and a stork carrying a baby.

Sock Monkey Butt

It's been so many years since I crocheted one of these monkeys, but I remember there wasn't that much to it. It's takes more time to stuff it and put it together, add the features and details, than the actual crocheting.

Yup, last coat of trim went on! This is the NE corner, showing one of the new closets by the fireplace. There is another closet on the other side. Here is part of the front window, there are 3 sections like this one. I just wanted to show off the paint color. I still need to touch up the ceiling where I ....ooopsied....and scrub the fireplace front and inside. Doug is coming Wednesday to do the floor repairs. I'm trying to decide what kind of drapes/curtains to make. I got some fabric swatches that I love. Not sure where I got them from but there were only 2 places so it won't be hard to find.

Surfing, I found this
travel box pillow for bobbinlacers.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Butterfly Bookvine

I was drawn to this bookmark the first time I laid eyes on it. It's from #16, KNOTS tatting newsletter, March 1997. The designer is Kimberly Donohue and it's called Butterfly Bookvine.

I used a new thread I bought from Palmettos, Olympus #40. It's very difficult to read the label - looks like several different languages are on there. It's a variegated thread and tatted up very nicely. I only bought one ball of this brand. The butterflies were from a collection of various sizes, tatted from shuttle endings. I have them laid out to send to Palmettos but have to find the address again. Anyway, I really like the way the bookmark turned out. Directions say to run a ribbon through it, but I'll probably do a tassle instead. I considered doing a green vine and a color for the rings the butterflies are joined to, but decided to make it simple and try out the Olympus thread too.

I did find the thread for the sock monkey and my crochet hooks. Had to dig a bit. Ended up tatting the book mark instead of crocheting the monkey, but maybe tonight after I get done painting.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Wimples & Such

Someone asked me what a wimple was. This is it. They are usually lacy. Maybe we should make a tatted one? It might be nice for summer....more pretty than functional.

During Tatting Guild, we usually have a little show and tell. Maria brought her tatted ornament covers along with the PURPLE ribbon she won for them!  They are just gorgeous!


I don't remember the person on the left or the child's name, but the person on the right is Kaye Judt, helping her learn to tat. What I do remember is that she is 9 years old and has the most beautiful red hair. And she is learning to tat!

Sue Hansen and Jane Eborall reinforced the reinforced the challenge Palmettos gave to everyone - teach at least one child to tat in the coming year. They are the future.

I have some UFO's in tatting but I think I'm going to crochet my sock monkey. In one of the knitting magazines I got yesterday, they have mittons, scarf, and a few other things knitted in combo threads to look like the red sock monkey yarn.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Busy Day!

I was up early this morning since I had to pick up my fair entries before I went to Greenfield. Then at Tatting Guild, there were 11 of us counting Kaye, the instructor. We tatted a star using purl tatting and a SCMR. I finished my star this evening. Just realized that I gave it 6 points and Kaye only had 5 points on her instructions. You can see I did one half at the meeting and one half at home - the tension is different.

I also got a cool pic of Maria's ribbon winner - tatted ornament covers. Will show as soon as I find out if I can include her pic.

Afterwards, I met a friend from Greenfield for lunch and then we went to an antique store where I found some Stitch and Sew and Popular Needlework magazines. Myrtle Hamilton's work is in Stitch 'n Sew - several doilies, a collar, an insertion, bridal veil headset, a wall pincushion, tatting bag, and tatting implement case. In Popular Needlework, Ila L. Frost had several edgings, featuring block tatting or onion rings in the design. I also picked up some magazines about knitting, more recent, and found some lovely patterns in those. One has 3 wimples; something I've wanted to knit for a long, long time.

Last night, I had a surprise in the mail. Gail sent me a needlebook for tatting decorated with her inspired frog closure. I love this!

I was going to finish the painting tonight, but it's so late now, I think I'll tat. Again. More.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Christmas in July

Here's an idea for a Christmas gift. My First Tatting Kit. I have some grandkids who have expressed an interest in tatting. I know, I know, I could make up my own without buying this one, but I'm curious!

And if you want to work waaaaaay ahead (really, it's not too soon) then you might be interested in these Tatted Snowmen listed at Tattered , a website full of links and patterns.

Then, if you scroll way down here in the gallery from Rissa's Pieces, you'll see some lovely ornament covers. She also has a nice link to tatting resources.

Here is a historical ladies cap from the 1800's called a Benoiton Cap. "This pretty cap consists of an oval crown in tatting, edged all round with a tatted lace; the lappets, forming a benoiton in front, are made in tatting also." The illustration looks kind of weird to me, but I may try the tatting some time just to see how it works up.

Looking here in the gallery at the Tatting Exchange Site, I was especially intrigued by the doorknob hangers. I love seeing how people use tatting in new ways and also how different threads work up.

I forgot to put my tatting back in my bag this morning so I didn't get a tatting fix at lunch today.   That would be ok except I have to finish painting tonight.   I just want it done!

The participants in the tatted bag exchange on my list are having a lot of fun throwing out hints and teasing.  I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Just found this "... beads. Artistic Wire is available in a variety of colors and gauges for everything from delicate shuttle tatting to basket weaving. ... " I still have no inclination to tat with wire.  I'm sure it's lovely but then, I think anything done with wire is lovely.  I have quite a bit in a stash to make jewelry with...........someday.

And here "This diminutive table was finely crafted, originally as a tatting table. Having lost its frame, it now makes a charming occasional piece. ... " I didn't know there was any such thing as a tatting table. $1900.00

Something in the Water
$15.95 - Down East Books - Fiction & Literature
... Tonight she sat still, looking out at him over the rims of her spectacles as she had in life whenever he disturbed her at her tatting. ...
which can be found here.

I'm finding these through Google, which has a category Froogle, where you do online shopping. I put "tatting" in the search field.

As usual, crochet is confused with tatting. I'm pretty sure there is NO tatting in this collar though I had to look close.

And here is hairpin lace being sold as tatting at the tune of $120. I get a little angry when people don't know what they are talking about. It may be worth every bit of $120 but for the person who buys it thinking they are getting tatting, it could be a bitter disappointment. Then again, perhaps the buyer should spend some time educating self before spending that much money.

Well, there was supposed to be a tatted beaded flower here at Beadgarden but I never found it. Lots of free patterns for beaded flowers though.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

wrong thread!

What was I thinking?  The red bracelet was tatted with red buttonhole/upholstery thread!  I purposely did that so it would hold up well.

  The Dream 

Cabone Snowflakes

I've been busy working on my tatted bag exchange so I haven't done any more of these snowflakes, but here are three. The silver beads are more sparkly in real life.

I got my back issues of KNOTS a few days ago. I haven't had time to do more than quickly skim through them. Right now I'm looking at a couple of Patti Duffs mini-tats, an angel and a stocking, each about 1 1/4" which will work for our Lace Guild fundraiser tree. And that's a size 20 thread!

Oh, just reading a review of Picot Lace by Sandy Forrington. I saw this book on ebay recently and considered getting it. I'm glad I didn't. It's not tatting at all. Oh, and here are some tips on tatting with metallic threads. I've used them before and just recently tatted a bracelet for my niece which I'll load here shortly. It looks like there were some very talented sisters who contributed to the newsletter on a regular basis - Kristi and Kimberly Donohue. Oh.....LOL! I just keep saying OH! Now I'm seeing Angeline Crichlow's directions on how to make a tatting shuttle out of a plastic barrette. Yes, it's copyrighted so don't ask me to pass it on. I'll have to contact Angeline first. And there's an interesting square pineapple doily by Colleen Crapo. This would look good framed on my living room wall.

The blue bracelet and earrings were for my niece's birthday (angel baby's mom). I basically used Kaye's split ring bracelet pattern and used square metallic beads, as well as bright blue metallic DMC floss, 2 strands. It broke on me 2 times, giving my tongue a workout with words that won't be repeated here.

The red one is size 20 thread and some lovely red beads I found somewhere - it's for my other niece, whose birthday was only a week later than her sister's. She has a little girl, 2 years old, but I don't have any recent pics of her.

And then.............I got my own bracelet and earrings from my friend Nell - an early birthday present! She also sent me a card she made - such tiny thread and beautifully tatted! Thank you Nell! It's always more meaningful to get it from someone else. I wore them Tuesday with my red dress with white polka dots!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Tattings and Biscuits

I've been tatting and this is just a small part of what I've done. The celtic love knot is a free pattern from Ruth Perry's website.   The heart is "Puppy Love" from Susan Fuller's A Potpourri of Tatted Patterns.    She has "Heart's Desire" on the next page and it's a little bigger.  I've decided to tat that one, 2 of them actually, in 2 shades of blue for my newly remarried coworker.  I can't seem to get back to the Dusenbury heart, but I'll finish it when I get a few other things out of the way.   I've tried this Puppy heart before with the beads as instructed in the directions but I kept making mistakes.    This time I skipped the beads and it worked out fine.
It's been a strange sort of day.  Very chilly for  mid July.  Then I decided to come home for the afternoon but made a quick stop at Walmart to pick something up and ran into a cousin I haven't seen in a very long time.  Came home and had a lovely surprise in the mail from a friend!  I took a nap then and woke up to hear the phone ringing, only to find no one there.  The second time that's happened today.  Once at work and once at home.    Then the evening seemed full of phone calls.  A student group asking for donations for the Purdue building fund from Purdue parents.  I laughed out loud at that one.  Poor kid.  Then my daughter in law called to tell me my youngest grandson broke his arm while jumping on a trampoline.  Then she called again to tell me they needed to do surgery on the arm.  Then my son called because he didn't realize his wife had already called.   Bummer.......if you happened to tune in around Christmas and saw a little boy hugging Santa up above.....that's the fella.   I spent a little time sending him love and healing energy and prayers.  
It seems like I'm forgetting a call.  Maybe not - I also had someone stop by to look at some repairs I need done in the flooring before the carpet is installed.
I tried to walk up at the middle school but the mosquitos chased me out after 2 rounds.   I cleaned off my table which is the landing pad for anything I walk in the door with.  Did you know they have these wonderful scent packets you can put in your paint and it perfumes your home for up to a year?  I was putting the second coat of paint on the trim yesterday and used it - much better than paint smell!  I only got about halfway done.    I hope I didn't say that already.  I don't want to go back and check.   I picked a lavendar scent, but I remember seeing Ocean something and Citrus something and a few others.
Anyway, what I was leading up to........when I was in Menard's yesterday getting a sanding block to sand some of the trim before I painted, I found these little beauties.

They're called Biscuits!  LOL!  They are made of compressed beech wood for wood joining and expand when used with water based glue.  Well, you know why I bought them?  They look like tatting shuttles!  I'm wondering what will happen if I paint them?  Will they pouf out?  Another tatting toy!
Well, it's late and I need some sleep.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I just love having all these new options to blog with! Madeline got reserve sweepstakes.  Sweepstakes went to my fellow lacer, Bette!  You can see her bobbinlace star there. That's from a class she took about a month ago with Holly VanSciver.  Very delicate and beautiful. 
My doily and filet snowman got seconds.  The little bag with the frog closure got a first.  My bracelet got a first and my necklace got a second. 
As we walked around the exhibits, we found all kinds of categories to enter into next year.  It's hard for me to remember though. 

Here's me and Bette standing in front of the display and the other pic is Rosemary who entered some knitting.....and some pencil artwork and........some photography.  Bette is our lace guild's president and Rosemary takes care of the newsletter.  Rosemary is showing off the can into which people deposit their vote for the People's Choice award, which is $20 given by the guild. I can settle back and start on Christmas gifts and finish up my living room. Carpet goes in on the 29th so I can get everything back in place then.   My son may be moving back mid-August.    So much for empty nests.  LOL!  It's only temporary. He graduates in August and his lease is up in August too - so until he knows where he'll be working, he doesn't want to sign a new lease.   Could be a month, could be a year..................his field isn't exactly hopping right now.  He works part time in a restaurant since he takes  classes during the day but he'll be done August 6.
I hope to narrow down my choices for a tatted bag this weekend. That's the hard part - deciding exactly what I want to make, the thread, embellishments, color.  And I have a tendency to start something only to decide I don't like it and then try something else.  Oh well.  Challenge is fun!
  Hula Hoop 

Friday, July 16, 2004

Projects Projects Everywhere!

I was tatting on my cabone ring snowflake during lunch and realized I have several projects going at once!  This is the 2nd tree ornament.  I'll wait until I have about 6 or so to post a pic.  With tiny silver beads. 
I'm still working on the Dusenbury heart - or rather, waiting to work on it.  It needs that 3rd shuttle and I haven't sat down to do that yet.
I'm working on another bracelet - this one in red - and then I will do another - both are gifts so I'll wait to post pics of those too. 
And the tatted soon as I decide what I want to make.  Another one that won't be on here until the recipient gets it.
I'm also emptying my shuttles at home while sitting in front of the computer.  Butterflies (to send to the Palmetto group) and flowers when the thread is too little for a butterfly.  It's not just shuttles I'm emptying.  I'm emptying my floss holders too.  When I need a shuttle and don't want to take the time to tat the thread off, I wind it on a floss holder and they are now filling up containers and bags so it's time to do something with them. 
Now, I'm wondering.............if I tat the teensy cabone rings........and then connect the rings together......what kind of pretty will that make? 
I started going through a stack of Anna magazines the other night (procrastinating working on the floor)  and remembered other projects I want to do...........sometime.  There are several filet crochet mats in the Christmas theme that I want to do.  The next one says "Cookies for Santa".  I think there is one with Santa in a sleigh.  Another with poinsettias.  Another with an angel.  Another with snowflakes.
Random thought..............I don't remember seeing a category in embroidery for the fair.  There are so many different forms of embroidery - hardanger, cutwork, shadow, brazilian, silk ribbon......  I'll have to check. 
Speaking of projects.............I haven't gone any further with the butterfly and fernleaf collar.  In fact, I cut the ball thread loose to use for something else. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Frankfort's Clinton County Fair

I stayed after hours last night and finished up a report for a meeting today, went home and changed to cooler clothes, and headed to Frankfort. I've never been to the fairgrounds there but Carol's directions were easy to follow. Once I got in the gate, it seemed like I walked two blocks before I got to the exhibit building. They have a LOT of rides at their fair! Their exhibit hall is a little smaller than Tippecanoe's but that made it easier to find what I was looking for. Carol had emailed late Sunday night, full of excitement over her many ribbons! LOL! Here they are:

The angel is exquisite, even though it didn't win big. I think if she enters it into other competitions specifically for tatting that it will do much much better. What I did like about it not winning big was that it was out on a table and I got a real close look at it. LOL! Carol really did some beautiful tatting there. There are pearlescent white beads in the halo and wings too that you can't see in the picture.

Congratulations to Carol Amich for a winning production!!!!

I'll be dropping my entries off tomorrow night. Not nearly as many as Carol though.

I've been working on a Dusenbury heart. I used a size 40 Venus thread for part of it and size 50 Altin Basak for the daisies. Not done yet, but there is a noticeable difference in the threads. I'm going to go ahead and finish it, block it, and see how it looks. It was meant to be a wedding gift for a co-worker who remarried her ex-spouse unexpectedly. I might have to make a different one. Didn't realize this would take so long!

I was just working on the heart during lunch and while 3 shuttles were listed in the beginning, I didn't see where a 3rd shuttle came in........till now. LOL! I have another shuttle with me, but not the thread. So it will wait until I get home eventually. My middle son's birthday is today, aged 24 years now, so I'm taking him to dinner. He's vegetarian and Cajun Connection verified they have a vegetarian jambalaya with okra and other veggies. It's kind of hard to find vegetarian dishes in restaurants that aren't just a veggie burger or salad.

Well, I'm off to a meeting in a few minutes and I doubt I'll do much more in the way of tatting today.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Working on Madeline again!

I took the elephant off the taupe background and started sewing her down on the white. I like it much better! Good thing I started now. I remember how appalled I was to find out I wasn't going to get it stitched down in one night for my daughter's birthday - it was more like 3-4 days. LOL! I'm considering it a practice run. This time I'm getting the beaded picots down and shaping at the same time. I think it will be better overall.

Just got this pic of my great-nephew from my sister. A laughing angel! It's so precious.

I'm missing my tatting! I was busy from the moment I got home. I'm still cleaning up from the carpet removal. My son is coming over tomorrow night and I said I would feed I don't think I'll get any painting done, but I'll probably finish removing the tacking strips and staples. The more I do, the more I see to do.

I changed the link at the side, the one for Tea's Tatting Memo. I found the more current page and linked to that. While looking at her tatting, I noticed much of it was from The Tatter's Treasure Chest, a book so many of us have. I especially liked the way she executed the Starlight doily on the very first page. I never paid any attention to it before She used some kind of variegated thread in a soft color for the outer tips. It gave it a completely different focus.

Last night I made a quick sample of one of the motif patterns I printed out yesterday - mostly to see if I could follow the pattern. It's in English and Japanese both, but the English short notation isn't too clear. It just said 10 p 10 cl, 6 (jn10) 4..............By looking at the motif, I was able to see that it meant R 10-p-10, clr, Ch 6, r 10 (from ball thread), ch 4 and so on. I have no idea what "jn" means - there are no ring joins at those spots. LOL!

I think I'm going to make some of those "snow crystals" at the back of Tatter's Treasure Chest - in some of my new Venus and Majestic threads that I've not had time to play with. I've decided my new walls need some framed tatting!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fair Tatting!

Carol Amich from nearby Frankfort has been sharing with me the tatting she is entering into their county fair this week. All of Carol's tatting is impressive (also the painting) but I was especially taken with this angel and asked if I could share it here. In the close up, you can see the cluny holly leaves in the bouquet of flowers! Carol has already filled up the tatting categories so will enter this in the Christmas decorations.........hope it does well. I know it would in tatting, but they don't judge Christmas decorations by the same criteria. Of course, there is always Palmettos!

I plan to go to the fair so I can see them closer up! The halo is exceptionally creative too, did you notice?

The bag from Japanese Tatter's Webring, Beaded Beads is lovely and colorful. It's hard for me to tell if these are tatted or beaded without tatting, but it certainly is unique.

Here are numerous pics, and patterns, also from that webring.

And this one features
several patterns in Bead Tatting and Beadwork by Atelier yuuko. In Japanese, but also diagrammed. I especially like necklaces #1 and #3 and brooch #1.

Monday, July 05, 2004

This little beauty is an 11:30 pm last-minute-before-I-go-to-bed experiment! I copied an open knot diagram out of a book I'd gotten at the library having to do with making pillows and curtains....I think it was for a tie-back of some kind. I just chained until I ran out of thread, maybe 5" or so, and then followed the diagram. It easily pulls out of shape though, so I'm not sure how I can use it yet.

All my fair entries are ready to go except the elephant. I'm going to move Madeline to a white background this week and then get her in the frame. I added my little bag with the frog closure as another entry. The sewing job isn't that great, but it still shows off the tatting and that's my aim.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. Will dearly miss my sleep-in mornings!

Froggie Went a Courtin'

Yay! First tatting I've done since the beginning of last week!

My tatting group associated with this blog is getting all keyed up about a tatting bag exchange I'm hosting, as well as a tatted frog contest! The frog isn't the croaking kind, but the kind you use as a fastener on clothing or other objects. I've posted one of the patterns here before, the blue flowery looking ones. There are 2 more from the February 1920 issue of Needlecraft and I decided to tat up #2 today. Since I'm offering the prize, I can't least not to win, but I just added a bag with a tatted frog closure to the prize, which was originally a 10 yard sample of my hand-dyed vintage thread and a plastic fish shuttle! This is fun!

The frog was so easy once I made it. I left the ends long enough to sew it down with. There is an error still in the directions. At the very end, there needs to be ch 4 before fastening to the base of the first ring. Otherwise it will be lopsided. Before making the loop for either the button or the loop that goes over the button, it says ch 4, p, ch2, p, ....then the loop. I found that using a paperclip on the ring shuttle thread made the p for joining on the way back a bit easier to handle. It only took about a yard of this thread, which is probably around size 12 in perle cotton, wound on the shuttle to make one frog. I didn't measure, leaving the thread in the skein, but I think the chaining part used about a yard too, so this is a good way to use small amounts of thread. Size 20 would probably need closer to 1 1/2 yards on the ring shuttle. that was my tatting fix for the weekend. Still have painting to do and on for a week or so................

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Garage sale finds!

I still have some trim work to paint but I'm waiting for help to get the carpeting out. In the meantime, I went to garage sales this morning. I usually allow myself $20 and I didn't quite have that much in bills, but I probably did if you count the change. Came back with almost $5.

One of the first things I got was this doily. It was on a mason jar with potpourri and miniature lights, which I didn't really care about, but I wanted the doily! It's tatted but includes crochet. The crochet is part of the center motif as it bridges out, and then the outer motifs have a crocheted center. I asked who tatted when I paid as there were 3 ladies there and I had seen other crafty stuff so I figured it was one of them. Actually it was a friend of one of the ladies, and she told me her name was Charlotte - but I didn't quite get the last name - only enough to know it wasn't the Charlotte I knew - who doesn't tat that much. So I left my "tatting" card with her and asked her to pass it on to her friend. The ends appear to be knotted and cut close instead of hidden, but the work is very good and it's a shame it sold as part of a home decor item for $1.50.

I also got this little grouping all in one place along with a frame. The little red bags, which are each full of beaded ornament hooks, were $.50 each and the gold bags, with incense, were $.10 each. The monkey hook thingie, which I find adorable, was also $.50. I love organdy bags! Might have to trim these with tatting and beads and put sachets or something in them. I just noticed one of the incense bags also has an incense burner in it.

I bought this glass....vase? another sale. The lady was going through a divorce it seems and I got to hear the juicy details.

Really, I didn't need to know that (not repeating) but I understand how it feels to be in pain and trying to sort it out and telling everyone you see in hopes somehow that in the telling it will become clear to you. Anyway, she had written "antique" on this. I'm not exactly sure how it's used - possibly with a candle as you can see it is in 2 parts. She had an artificial rose in it. But the color goes perfectly with my color scheme.

After that, I went clear to the other side of town as there didn't seem to be all that many garage sales going on for some reason. I found only a few more and at the last one, the gentleman immediately offered me 2 rocking chairs at $5 each. Well one of them was one I'd eyed at Walmart one year during Christmas, but too late for my kids to get it for me and more than I wanted to spend for me at the time. It's an odd sort of rocker - more of a glider. It didn't have the cushion with it, but he threw in the pillow he had put there to sit on. So now I have my chair and can make any ol' cushion I want to coordinate with the decor! one sale, I also got yards of gold organdy fabric for $1.50 - which I will make gift bags from, most likely.

Then....when I got home and checked my mailbox, there was the summer Bulletin from I.O.L.I. and on the front cover is a tatted background and the feature item is Sherry Townsend's tatted celtic dragon! That's 2 of my friends who have been published in the Bulletin in recent issues! I have such talented friends! Congrats to Sherry!

Wishing all a great firecrackin' weekend!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Do-Nothing Day

Today was a do-nothing day. I ached so much and was so tired last night when I went to bed, I was out like a light.....only to wake at 4:00 a.m. WIDE AWAKE!

Finally got back to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00 and slept til 10:30. I had a friend coming at noon so got up and put a few things in order - what little I could. I thought I would finish painting later in the day, but as the day wore on, I got more and more tired so I put it off to a fresh start in the morning. Instead, I made out my bills and went into town and got groceries. I've spent a good little bit of time this evening looking for my fair booklet that tells me when to register my entries and such. Entries are made July 14 & 15 but I can pre-register, which I think I'll do.

While I was grocery shopping at Walmart this evening, I picked up a bead magazine with a beaded belt buckle braid that gave me an idea for a tatted necklace/bracelet/hatband.......something along that line.

I returned some library books this evening too, and dropped off some old magazines there. Some I've barely flipped through, but after nearly a year, I figure if I haven't read it, I'm not going to. I used to read every magazine from cover to cover....there is not enough time in the day for that now. Hmmm, sent in my I.O.L.I. membership renewal today too.

I have done some sorting and cleaning in addition to painting so more is being accomplished than I feel like at the moment. Tomorrow I should finish the walls and most of the trim. I'll do the baseboard after we take up the carpet. Then there's that business of putting everything back. I'm only putting the bare minimum back since carpeting won't arrive for 2-3 weeks. They are backed up since the floods have initiated a lot of replacement carpeting.