Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Speaking of tea

I was thinking about putting the tea infuser from this page on my Christmas list until I read the article and saw his designs start at $900! But that started me on a google and froogle search for tea infusers and I ended up ordering a duck shaped one and a teddy bear shaped one. And then later, I saw some more I wanted here and here. For the frog collector, there is even a frog-shaped infuser!

Frog 3

I wonder if there is a tatting shuttle shaped one?

Tonight I met with coworkers & their mates after work for drinks and dinner since one of them is going to TX in anticipation of a new grandbaby. She asked me last week if I would go with her to shop for a christening gown when she gets back. The one used for the last grandbaby is so old and fragile, it fairly disintegrated. She wanted my help with embellishing it - meaning tatting lace. LOL! Then this evening I saw in Sew Beautiful that there is a christening gown with a lace celtic cross on the gown part so I'm going to see if she would like a hand-stitched gown instead. I've wanted to make one for ages. Her son-in-law is of Irish descent and they named their first son an Irish name to continue the heritage so this gown is so appropriate for them. It's designed so that either boy or girl can wear it and in fact, the maker's grandchild that she designed it for was male. My friend's coming grandbaby is also a boy. I was not thinking of tatting an insertion for the celtic lace cross until this very minute. I was thinking of tatting an edging, but by golly - it's possible to tat an insertion too......big breath......that would be an awful lot of work though. Better just stick with the edging and use lace for the cross.

Remember my tatted bracelet, black with gold beads? Looked like honey bees? Well.....I have tons of those beads still, so I'm going to use those and black thread and gold blending filament to make some Fantasy Flowers that I will put in these gold glasses that I bought at Walmart. Perfect Purdue decor! And that's where it's going - in my office. I do believe I have some amber colored bugle beads too! This just keeps getting more and more funna.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

False Advertising

False advertising really pisses me off! At you are given the impression that all the patterns are free.
"1. Sign up and within a minute we'll e-mail you a membership confirmation with your activated password. It's totally FREE. Click here to sign up now!
2. Download the free Adobe® Reader® Software -- not only is it free, it's safe and universally accepted as the standard in web-based document viewing. You'll need this to view your free patterns. Skip this step if you already have the software on your computer.
3. Log in with your e-mail address and password.
It's that easy. View all the free patterns you want! Enjoy!"

Some of them are free. Others redirect you to a blitz that links you to where you can download the pattern for a fee. I did eventually buy some patterns months ago through this link when I had no other choice. I still haven't made them so it was a waste, but those particular patterns weren't too expensive. The point is - they are advertised as free. I've bought plenty of books and patterns - I'm overflowing with patterns - so it's not like I'm just being cheap.

I made up my mind then not to bother with them again, but I forgot that's where I got them so I was surfing and went there through a different source. Joined again. Recognized the oldies they had on there and then I saw a new one that looked interesting, though probably not something I'll make anyway. Clicking on it to open it up led me to the paying place. LOL! The thing is, the designer of that pattern has designed numerous patterns that you find in magazines all the time - why doesn't she just put them in a book? I would buy the book, but I'm not doing this piecemeal thing at $3 and $4 a pattern.

I didn't have a chance last night to work on my miser bag/finger purse. I stayed after work to catch up on some stuff and then walked the treadmill when I got home. Plus I was tuned into the online tatting class which I only stayed for part of....
I left the computer on but my connection got interrupted somewhere along the line. I hope the log is somewhere.

This weekend is Feast of the Hunter's Moon. I'm scheduled for a 3 hour slot to demo. I really don't like to demo in period clothing. You are so limited in what you can do - it's not fun for me to do that, but the people are fun. I used to like all the historical events, and I still do, but not as much as I used to.

I decided to just tat tonight and finished up the finger-purse. The chains are a bit sloppy since I didn't measure the lengths of them - just kinda eyeballed it with the previous one. And my ring was a golden plastic ring that had a split, so I had to tape the split because my thread kept working around and sliding off. That made it thicker in that area. But basically it worked out and I'm already starting a different one, using elements from various designs to create what I want.

Opening Closing

While I was tatting, I fixed myself a cup of hot tea from gourmet tea I purchased in Missoula called "Evening in Missoula" by the Montana Tea & Spice Trading Co. Wow, it has 20 different herbs and spices! It was delicious! I drank it from this hand-potted cup I bought in another store there. I was looking for Tea-for-ones, which I bought in yet another store. LOL! This cup though was the potter's version of a tea-for-one. It has the little saucer that actually goes over the top while the tea is brewing. I also got that tea diffuser in Missoula, along with 2 others, plus another weird thing that I haven't figured out yet, but you put it in your brewing tea and blow in it or something. I bought several packages of tea there. If they're all that good, I'll have to find a way to order them! I really liked the wheat design on the side of the cup. Unfortunately, the whole mug gets hot in the microwave so I'll probably have to heat water first and then pour into the cup. I'll show my other tea-for-ones on another day but one is RED and one is PURPLE.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another Tatting Weekend

What a day!

I just got a fake ebay email. This one almost fooled me as it had the last 4 numbers of a credit card I used to have. Said I needed to update my record. But when I clicked on the link, it first went to yahoo home page,and then if I clicked again, it went to a supposed ebay site, but there was no little lock down in the corner. Furthermore, when reading ebay's security stuff, it said mail to me would be with my first and last name. This one had no name, AND, in the "to" field it said "none", so I forwarded it to - sure enough, it was a fake. You really gotta be careful.

This evening I've been working on the miser's bag which was my first project from Camp Wannatat. I don't believe the directions are wrong, but they are not clear in many places, which makes it easy to make a mistake. When I started joining my medallions, I knew I'd have to watch and make sure the chain picots were matched up. I started off right and I do have the same number of rings along the top on each side, but something was still off. The split rings across the top worked out right anyway, but I had left the opening bigger because someone in the class had pointed out that the samples showed a wider opening than the directions. I can see now that this is causing the upper part of the medallion to bunch a little . It also threw the count off for the flap but I think I was okay with that. The directions for moving on to the second and subsequent row are too vague though. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fasten the strings to the purse - first one - and I'm lost. I can't tell exactly where to bring the first ball thread through from front to back. On the front medallion or the back medallion?

I think I've figured out a way for it to work but it's not the way the directions say.

I had a fun day at Greenfield with all the other tatters for the 3rd (?) Annual Tatting Day. We had people from Detroit, MI; South Carolina; Ohio, IL, and IN. I think there were 23-24 of us. Not bad! Georgia Seitz led the class in learning some techniques that are a step beyond basic. Nothing was new to me but I enjoyed the show and tell and talking with everyone. Actually - we did start off with how tatting was done historically, with a sewing needle. Then we used a floss holder in the way a flat shuttle would be used. The idea was for us to appreciate how this lovely lace was made in its beginnings.

Ah, a very long search turned up this finger-purse on Tatman's page. It's not called a miser's purse at all. That's why I had so much trouble finding one. This is similar to the pattern I have. I only found it at all after looking for crocheted purse and stumbling on one in which was called a "finger-purse" so that gave me a different search term.

Aacckkk! It's after midnight already! Well, I'll add a few pics from today here and then I'm off to bed.

Georgia Tatters! and more tatters Visitors from SC and locals even me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Projects!

I'm back! And all in one piece.

I really had no idea there would be so many projects to tat! The first scan shows most of them but nothing is finished. The peach colored motif at the lower right is a the beginning of a miser's bag. I love that pattern and hope to finish it up soon. Gwen Coen designed it and taught the group. The next class, and my favorite, were Fantasy Flowers. They are in the upper right and not on a stem yet. Those are designed by Pat Stevens who also taught the class. She has written the book:

I'm not certain where you can get it but probably either from Pat herself or from Catchpin. It's a great way to empty shuttles! [looking now, I see Catchpin says it is closed, but I'm sure you can still email her]

That night I believe we put an edging around a poppy pod. Mine is still stashed away somewhere - I remember seeing it yesterday, but I'm not sure where I put it!

Then the next day we tatted a pansy which was taught by Patti Duff. A great lesson in using a picot guage. In the afternoon, we got to make a different leaf - which I believe was taught by Sue Hanson at the June session. Later on, we used a different kind of hand loom and tatted cluny leaves. There were also some variations on that but I didn't get to that part either! LOL! Irene showed me how to start a bobble but I haven't had a chance to continue on that. Also learned how to hide ends when adding a ball thread on a chain stitch. You just knot it a bit away from the last stitch (yes - not where the 1st stitch will be) and then when you make the first stitch, you slip it over the knot and to the left, filling up the space and tatting over the ends. You can tat right over the knot and barely notice. Camelia showed us that one. I was also shown how to tape my tails to the shuttle while hiding ends. I haven't had a chance to try that one yet either.

The pic of the classroom is just to show how huge it is. There were 22-25 people there but I took the pic during a break so it only shows a few of the gang.


My entire trip was packed! I arrived in Missoula around 2:30 pm and picked up my rental car, a red Dodge Neon. I found a hotel room and called my friend's cousin, Teri (the other person up there in the photo with me) and she came over as soon as she got off work and drove me on a little tour of Missoula and we stopped and had tea. Then back at the hotel, I called my other friend, Erin, who was on her way to meet me - we were to have dinner together. Cell phones don't work well in the mountains, so I didn't hear from her until she was actually in the parking lot. We went out to eat and catch up since the last time we had met in March. Back to the hotel.

Thursday morning I went shopping in Missoula! Got a couple of tea-for-ones. A red one and a purple one! Also, a local potter made their version of a tea-for-one, which is actually a cup and top saucer. I got it since it was hand-made. Also got some loose tea and tea strainers and ..............some other odds and ends. I didn't have much room to bring stuff back so I didn't buy much but I checked a second hand store and found a package of the Red Heel Work Socks with 2 pairs in them in a size 6-7. You can never find them in a smaller size than 10-11 so that was a real find. At the same place, I found a vintage DMC embroidery thread organizer with approximately 90 skeins of embroidery floss. I might try to get a photo of it later.

At Bobbie's, I got 2 new books - the Fantasy Flowers and another Russian one. Also got a pen with a retractable crochet hook and 2 metal shuttles and a bobbin. Maybe something else - I don't remember now!

After the workshop, I traveled to Portland, OR and met a couple there, staying overnight and traveling back the next day to catch my flight.

Today, I attended a non-tatting workshop in Cincinnati - so.......since Sunday, I've been in all 4 time zones!

My shoulder hurts between the intense 2-day tatting spree and hefting my heavy luggage around.

Saturday, I'm attending Tatting Day at Zig-Zag Corner in Greenfield.

I'm pretty close to exhausted. Don't plan to do much else for several days now.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Off to Montana!

I printed out all my travel directions today and made a few phone calls. It was a busy day at work which made it slightly stressful but along about 3:00 pm, everything slowed down and I was caught up. Except I grabbed someone else's food from the fridge when I thought I got my own cheese cubes (cringe) but my son will return the bag tomorrow and I emailed the secretary to warn her that I stole someone's food!

I'm nearly all packed - just those last few things after you are dressed to leave are left. I wasn't sure what to bring for tatting. I decided to bring several different kinds of thread so others could try them out. Also packed lots of beads and other "different" things to play with. Taking some of my own tatting and some vintage stuff I have. I also brought along a few books that have projects I'm finding challenging or have in the past, so I dropped them instead of pursuing them further. One is a Japanese book which had a bag in it that I wanted to tat, but the pictures don't show a diagram for the bottom. I also brought a few old favorites plus the pattern I wrote out for the butterfly collar which I haven't tried to go any further on. I'm also going to pick their brains for ideas for Lace Days to help in planning our own, our last meeting, we ended up with so many ideas that we're going to have to weed them out.

I've either packed too much or not enough. I know there isn't room for much more so I won't be doing any souvenir shopping, unless it's very small stuff........oh, like beads and thread and shuttles. Dang....tatting is such an easy target for shopping!

I had the hearts finished and blocked so I got them in the frame last night for my co-worker. I took it to work today for another person to take to the wedding which is Saturday.

It was too large to scan with both mats and the frame and I was lazy so I just scanned it with the smaller mat. The second one is a similar color but with just enough contrast to make it noticable. I wanted to use a soft green mat for the larger one and even bought one, but the frame is a bit odd-sized and it wouldn't fit so I used the mat that came with it. I tacked the hearts down with the same thread they were tatted with. I was glad there was enough space between them and the glass that they didn't touch, but it didn't hold them in place either so I had to find another way to position them. I hope they like them. I may have to make some for myself. I think I said that before, several posts back. I think it's time to get to bed!


Saturday, September 11, 2004

My Lace group met today. I got up early to make it on time and I was still 15 minutes late. For those who think I'm like the Energizer Bunny - I'm not.

Bunny Suit

I ended up taking a nap when I came home and I'm still not too perky. It's been a grueling week in many ways and I'm getting ready to travel so I feel pressured to get a lot of things done.

After the meeting and lunch, I went to Ding-A-Ling to use the gift certificate I won with my fair entry. There's a nice little sale going on there and I'm going to send the notice by email to my fellow guild members. I bought some shuttle shaped wood pieces. I'm not at all sure what I'm going to do with them but I might even go back and get more - at $.20 each! I'm thinking there has to be a way to use them for Lace Day. Lace Day will be May 7, 2005. For some reason, it seems really really close.

I bought some paintng books there too. There's really not a lot of thread there. Not for someone who likes color and variety as much as I do. Not that I need any. I was cleaning out a wicker basket that I tend to throw a lot of my tatting and other craft things into when I'm "cleaning" the living room, and I found lots of thread and beads..........from way long ago. The threads I was using in the fans I made for our last Lace Day...almost 2 years ago now. Patterns. The I.O.L.I. Membership book from 2002-2003. The Fire Mountain Gem catalog from 2003. My Dorset Bag from Palmettos was in there too, including the shuttles I was wondering about just last week.

I love a bargain!

I was in a few different Dollar Stores last night looking for a specific photo frame, which I didn't find, but I did find this pair of kissing dolls for $10! They are so precious. They even had their own doll stands. You usually have to pay at least $10 for just one doll this size and typically, it's more like $20. They are not heirloom quality, but they are nice and I like the way they look.

I was also in Hobby Lobby last night and they had all their beads 1/2 off. I know I said I didn't need any more but I did get some that are usually more expensive than what I'm willing to pay for. I really need to stop collecting and start "doing".

I have lots of rayon floss that I bought in anticipation of the fan I tatted and also the elephant. ......ummm....I do mean lots. Lots I did not even take out of the package. I didn't know how far a skein of embroidery floss would go in the tatting and I didn't want to get part way through and have to buy a skein that didn't match. Besides, I bought them at Hobby Lobby during a great sale, so it wasn't very expensive. But now, I have all this floss and it's unlikely I will tat or embroider THAT much!

Wouldn't you know it? I'm in the mood to organize my craft room but I need to get organized for my trip. I'm really looking forward to Camp Wannatat. This may be my only opportunity to go. I have no idea who else will be there but all tatters are wonderful so it doesn't really matter. I don't know what to take. I always take too too much and since I'm flying and then driving, I really don't want to haul around too much. I'm going to Portland for a day or so afterwards. Then - when I get back, the following weekend is Tatting Day with Heirloom Corner's Kaye Judt and Jennifer Titus at Zig-Zag Quilt Shop. I hear Georgia will be there, so that will be fun. The first online tatting class is tomorrow night too. I tested the link today - now, if I can just remember to tune in at the right time!

Well, back to trip organizing.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wow! It's unbelievable that I've barely tatted, let alone written here.

Here's one thing that took up a good part of my weekend. You can't really see the paint all that well, but it's fantastic. Everyone comes in to admire it. My sister used this technique in her bathroom and gave me the leftover paint and loaned me the roller. She has a gorgeous border that really sets it off but a border wasn't feasible in this area.

I started moving stuff out on Saturday but I didn't have much time before I went over to Global Fest to demonstrate tatting there. I was only there for 2 hours, but when I left, I had to go straight home for my daughter to pick me up and from there, we went on to Chuckee Cheese in Indianapolis to celebrate my great-neice's birthday. It was a little after 9:00 p.m. when I got home.

I got to the office around noon on Sunday, after a stop at the paint store and return trip to home to pick up the ladder I forgot. My son came by and helped me move more stuff around and out and also took all the shelving down and the bulletin board and a few other hanging things. I finally got started on the painting around 2:00 p.m. and was finished by 5:00 but then I had to clean up my mess so I was there another 1 1/2 hours.

Boy was I tuckered when I got home. My shoulder still hurts from using the roller and my legs still feel like they're going up and down the ladder when I climb stairs. Sunday, I was there from 1:30 til 6:00 p.m. Again, my son came and put up everything he took down. I still haven't put my teapots back on the shelf or hung my pictures. I still have an in-basket to sort and a box. I guess they will wait. I've been very busy at work the last few weeks.

Sunday was also my youngest son's 23rd birthday. We went out to eat last night. I'm still trying to rearrange my flights so that I can go to Portland after Camp Wannatat. Got an oil change scheduled for Monday. Need to finish up the hearts for my co-worker's wedding before I leave too. Just need a few more little ones and to find a frame and mat. The days are waaaaaaaay too short!

Arial has revamped her website. Lots of nice tatting there!

The Tattinggoddess group has nearly completed a tatted bag exchange and we already have a few more in the works.

I might have seen these before, but I don't remember it if I did. It is the Lady Hoare shuttle done in the Dymondwood style. Personally, I don't care for the flat shuttles, but I have a few in my collection.

Oh yes.....we have a leaf challenge going on. Looking for new leaf designs. I have one in mind and Gail mentioned she is working on an oak leaf. I'd love to see a holly leaf that is filled in - not just the outline.

I'm off to tat my little hearts and finish up some laundry.

Friday, September 03, 2004

It's been a busy week. I got another heart tatted to go with the other one and I intend to make some of the smaller ones to go with them. My inlaid clay shuttle arrived today along with the brooch fitting.

I put several of my shuttles in the on-wall case which has been up for months with only 1 shuttle. My plan is to put a glass front on it but I haven't yet so I decided to go ahead and put some shuttles in just to see how it looks. This is probably about half of my non-clover shuttles. I was just wondering, too, where my Palmetto shuttles are? I hate not knowing where everything is!

Tomorrow I'm demonstrating for a few hours at a local event, Global Fest. I'll enjoy it because I don't have to wear period clothing. Sometimes I like to do that but most of the time it is a bother. I also like this because I can show fun things and not just plain old rings and chains. I'm not as well prepared as I would like. Too many other things are planned for this weekend too.

Oh my ...... just gathered up some stuff to take for display. When you aren't limited to white and ecru and 18th or 19th century.....there's just oodles and oodles of stuff to show. And I have lots tucked away in other places!

I looked online for flights from Portland today but the airline I'm using to Missoula apparently doesn't fly from Portland to Indianapolis so I may need to check another airline. Car rental is expensive too.

My great-niece is celebrating her 3rd birthday tomorrow and my youngest son will be 23 on Monday. Somewhere between birthdays and demonstrations, I hope to paint my office. I'm going to try to go in town early tomorrow and start taking things off the walls and desktops. I hoped to do some today but by the time I had some free time, I was too pooped.

For my tatting friends in Florida who have been watching and preparing for Hurricane Francis - I'm hoping your weekend passes uneventfully and that you quickly resume life as normal.

For those in my list group - I wish Ginny a speedy and uncomplicated recovery after surgery next week and for Joy who has to wait yet another month for her surgery, I hope the time speeds by and that her recovery is also short and easy.

For anyone else who has struggled through this week, and I know you're out there, I hope your tatting provides comfort and peace.

I'm soon off to bed. Plan to sleep in a little tomorrow.