Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comfort Tatting

I haven't been able to get my pics side by side, even though there is enough room and it shows them side by side in the preview. grrrr......

Everybody knows how it feels to eat a favorite comfort food, or read a comfort book, wear your special comfort jammies.....all those comforting things when we're blue or stressed or tired.

So what do you do for comfort tatting?

The daisy heart I did the other day was a comfort tat. Something familiar and appealing, not too long of a project or too complicated but not too easy either. It made me feel good to tat it. I knew it would turn out, even when I had to pick stitches out or resize a picot.

I've been exceptionally busy lately and find I don't want any tatting challenges right now. Well....maybe just a tiny challenge, something to keep my brain on the edge a bit. I've been working on the tatted bridal bag in The Classic Collection of Tatting Patterns, from the staff of Workbasket magazine. I've wanted to do it for a long time and it looks pretty easy.

Really....it is....and it is full of cut and ties! I managed to climb out of each round with a split chain or a split ring until round 6. Clovereafs there to attach to a ring from the previous round. At the time, I couldn't see how to do it, but now I think I could. But I already cut & tied and started a new round. The next round is medallions but I don't think they will be a problem. I might even be able to climb out if I don't have to rewind my shuttle. So far, it looks wider than the one in the book. hmmmm....my daughter-in-law's sister is getting married in a few weeks...maybe I should make her one.
The second row threw me at first. It said to make a ring and then another opposite that one and join to the 1st round. Then cut and tie and make a second pair of rings and join to the 1st round. Twelve pairs of rings in all. NO WAY was I going to hide 12 sets of threads! Instead, I did one row of split rings and climbed out with a split ring and made the second row same as the first. I have a feeling I'm giong to use up this ball of size 12 perle cotton with this project.

Well, time for an early night.

Good Night All!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another Tat Day Come & Gone!

Zig-Zag Corner, 7872 N. Troy Rd, Greenfield, Indiana

And yes, we were right next to a cornfield, but it was lovely outside. When I arrived, it was overcast and threatening to rain at some point. Instead it cleared and brightened and with the help of some fans, we were quite comfortable. Normally we meet inside, but I heard something about air conditioning problems...I think there were probably too many of us for inside anyway. This was great! There were 2 lengths of tables. This row was at the south end. Mark is socializing as well as helping with the day's project. Kim, his wife and sometimes interpreter (smile) was also present.

There was dinner and a lesson the night before too but I didn't go to that. We had a show & tell table and Mark & Kim had their own table (Mary commented they looked like the bride & groom at a reception) and then there was a food table and the goodie bag table and the thread exchange table. Shopping was inside.

The lessons:

The insertion, a zig-zag chain, and a picot variation were done the night before. Our project for the day was the motif on the right side of the jeans bag. I didn't get a picture of the tatting on the other side of the bag. I also got to see the most gorgeous maple leaf that Mark has designed - which will eventually be in his next book. The man is enormously creative - we just gotta get it from his head to paper!

Some Show & Tell:

The Christmas tree Fair winner was done by our youngest tatter present, Nicole. My stuff is at the left side of the table which has been shown here before so I didn't photograph it.

The Goodies!

Mine (I used some of the stuff already!) and the leftovers. These were made by our member MARIE. Fantastic job! I think there were more than the 3 shown leftover if you'd like to purchase one from Kaye, you can email her at heirloomcorner#hotmail.com - replace the # with @.

The Sixth Annual Tatday for ZigZag Corner is already schduled for the 4th Saturday in September in 2006, so mark it on your calendar.

There will also be a joint workshop on October 8th with Kaye Judt and Georgia Seitz combining Tatting and Crazy Quilting. The Zig-Zag Corner is primarily a quilt shop. Cost is $40 and includes lunch (Whatta deal!!!) and is 8:00 a.m to 3:30 p.m. For more information, go to Zig-Zag Corner. I didn't see it in the online newsletter or calendar yet, but I'm sure you can email or call and find out details.

Friday, August 26, 2005

My sunglasses are decorated. My thread samples are wound. My shuttle case & shuttles are in the car. But I don't have my tatting stuff sorted and packed for Tat Day tomorrow. Not sure what I'm supposed to bring. Oops - just realized I didn't put enough thread on the sample cards. I thought it said 3 yards which seemed like too little, so I did make it closer to 4 yards....only to read now that it takes 5 yards. THREE samples. I got the 3 samples - don't know why I thought 3 yards.

I found this thread in a container I got at Palmettos - I had strung some beads and started winding a shuttle - but I have no idea why now! I wanted to tat something this evening though. My test diamond from the vintage pattern is done and drying on the blocking board. I'm done painting shuttles and thread winders. I wanted to tat! But I didn't want to get back to the hatband because I won't want to quit. I'll start it again tomorrow night or Sunday. I did a sort of pick and flip....picked a tatting book off the shelf and flipped through it....about 5 times before I found something I wanted to do. LOL! The Workbasket Daisy Heart is one of my favorites. I used the beads already strung on the thread and I added more picots on the edging. It turned out so pretty! It is now in a frame to put ....somewhere. Yeah.....this one's for ME.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I got word from Brigitte Henneberger that she enjoyed hearing about the hatband I was making and it inspired her to make her own. She's way ahead of me...mine is still in progress. LOL! She used the "Garden Path" design. Looks like this pattern came from Tatting Treats Three by Pam Palmer but it's one book I don't have, believe it or not. I've used the pattern in the T.A.T. proficiency program but I didn't know the source.

I've been painting a shuttle and a thread winder for the Jane-a-thon winners, but I'm not happy with the shuttle. It looked great before the clear coat, which brought out white spots that I didn't know were there and blended the grassy background so much that it just looks not so good. So I'm going to try something else.

I'm meeting with lace friends today, one for lunch and one for dinner. I want to get the next year organized so I won't be doing the frantic headless duck routine every month.

More and more people are working to preserve the old pattens. The latest is from Rainbow Valley, which is mostly crochet (which I also do) but there are some public domain tatting books too. I wish there was an easy way to copy the Needlecraft magazines. They are so large, however, that they don't fit on the typical scanner.

My lunch with a fellow lacer was productive. We have some fun projects in mind for the next year. I can't wait to see them transpire. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, this is the best part of the group activities. To me, the whole point of getting together with like-minded people is to share ideas and be inspired to further creativity. I'm not that keen on demonstrating, though I understand that's how you do outreach and encourage others to try out the same thing. I just don't like being "on display".

Our Celtic Dream Weaver has some hand painted shuttles on ebay. A lovely pink one can be seen here, #8214557755. She has a few more on there - check them out!

I see ebay sellers still want to call tatting the dying art. I'd like to slap them. LOL! But then, back in the 60's, all needlearts were considering dying arts. sigh.....I don't think I'll go there in this discussion.

Gotta go.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Welp, the bug challenge is over. Gail and Abby tied with 12 critters each! Abby's are needle-tatted so I offered her a painted thread winder/holder instead of a shuttle. Kinda hard to paint on a tatting needle! Painted shuttle and thread holder will be posted later.

Gail's above and Abby's here.

And these are mine....I fizzled out on #10.

I walked up to Von's on my lunch hour today...bought beads. (silly grin) Then this evening, I stopped at Hobby Lobby for one thing and ended up buying lots of "Dress it Ups" buttons which were on sale for $.99 each package. Lots of tatting toys...

Just remembered...I haven't decorated sunglasses yet. I had an idea on my way to work this morning. Wish I hadn't sold those hot pink sunglasses in the garage sale.

I'm still working on that diamond motif too. Here's the latest version before joining them:

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Travel ahead!

I booked my flight to Australia this morning. October 14 - November 2.

Now to line everything else up. I won't get there until the 16th, even though I'll be traveling less than 24 hours. LOL! I can't wait!

In the meantime, lots of fantastic stuff going on in the tatting world. I got a link from Georgia's online class about Be-Stitched.com, a website that offers information and patterns about several needlecrafts, including tatting. There are some new tatting patterns as well as vintage ones.

This is one of the diamond motifs from the vintage section. I need to tweak the oval rings somewhat but I like the overall design quite well. Nancy offers directions for an ice cream cone and some luscious berries in her free pattern section.

Gillian Buchanan has been focusing on needle tatting lately in the BellaOnline Tatting Section. She's also got a Picot Techniques Game going on. Follow the links to find gorgeous patterns for double, triple and quadruple picot projects. I also followed a link to the Needle Tatting Group at MSN and found a lovely pineapple doily by Roger Freedman.

If you live close enough to Greenfield, Indiana to come to the Annual Tat-Day at Zig-Zag Corner, it will be well worth your time. Tatman is teaching a class and there are lots of other activities going on. I just realized yesterday that I haven't started decorating any suglasses for the contest!

We're having a Jane-A-Thon this weekend on the listgroup. We're tatting Jane's bugs from her website. There are 12 in all. Whoever tats the most gets a prize!!!! I'm tatting them too, even though I disqualify myself for the prize. Hope to post BUGS on Monday!

My lace group is demonstrating at Global Fest on September 3. I'll use the bugs as give-aways there. It's a great way to empty shuttles and use up irregular beads.

Word just in that Sue Hanson will be participating in " ITV they are running a craft competition on Good Morning TV with Fern Britain etc.." in the tatting segment. Good luck to Sue!

And I'm back to tatting bugs and figuring out how I'm going to decorate those sunglasses!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Comments Disabled

I've disabled the comments feature as spammers have suddenly discovered it. LOL! I had 2 ads in the short time I was sitting here....so nipped that little bugger in the bud.


I was looking for a give-away for kids, something that would appeal to boys, especially older boys, like 9 and 10 years old, when we demonstrate lace-making at the Feast. It has to be something that could be done in the 1700's so we're talking very early tatting...and white or ecru thread. Jane Eborall's Itsy Bitsy Spider Pattern is perfect! I think I made 8 of these in 20 minutes. Jane ties knots in her spider legs but I somehow missed that part and blocked them with bent legs instead but you can't get simpler than this....well...maybe throw a josephine knot off for the eyes, instead of beads, but I like those beady eyes.

Sinister Spider Spider

I blocked them as I went, for the most part, leaving all of them on the blocking board and then I sprayed them with spray-starch to help keep the bent-legs.

Actually, our next demo is Global Fest and I can use contemporary tatting in that one. FUN!!!!

Welp, off to the dentist. Just a check up.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

I made some minor changes in the appearance. I also know what it is that I really want to do when I have more time to play around. I want that stuff in the "sidebar" to be in the "wrapper" which is what I see as the real sidebar. It just seems a tad bit fussy here, but I'll get there eventually.

Wow....there are MORE tatting blogs! When I saw Celtic Tatter had some links that I didn't, I went searching....so make sure you check them out. I also added The Toymaker's website and blog - she is so creative. She's written The Return of Doctor DragonWagon, a delightful children's story which you can read online.

Heidi Nakayama has created this site in tribute to and aboutDora Young,who developed knotless tatting. I was priveleged to view much of Dora's collection of tatting when I attended a workshop in Thompson Falls, MT.

Bina Madden recently sent me a website featuring some paperfolding and card instructions. The Iris Folding project looks just like the twisted log cabin quilt I'm making for my middle son.

I skipped a coworker's wienie roast this evening. I really wanted to go but after my lace group this morning I came home, fully intending to get ready to go there....but after I caught up on a few other things, I knew I really was too tired so I took a nap - and in the end decided to stay home and take care of more pressing needs......like this. LOL! Really - I'm off to to find the surface of my kitchen table shortly. I've been cleaning out my email - hence the abundance of links.

Four of my lace group members attended the I.O.L.I. convention and 2 were present to let us know how it went. They said it was superb. Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring my camera but Chris had her bobbinlace project complete, though still on the pillow, for us to see. She also had books and pictures and brochures and some lovely Chantilly lace she brought back from her travels to England and France this summer. We had 2 new members...and I'm hoping to add even more as the year progresses.

I'm currently crocheting the 2nd square of the sachet pillow from the last entry. I haven't had any time at all this past week. I was looking longingly at my hatband in progress this morning. It's been so long, I've forgotten the pattern and will have to look it up. I was to the point where I knew it by heart before I got so damned busy.

My yard needs mowing too....tomorrow.

I need furniture. I have one chair in my living room. I have 6 chairs in my garage waiting to be refinished.

I'm still looking for airfare to Australia and considering the price of fuel these days, I better do it instead of waiting for the good price. Doesn't look like it's going to get better.

I have the paint for my bathroom but no time to do it. LOL!

Okay...away from here!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I started this crochet motif early in the week. In the course of my cleaning, I found a booklet for some crocheted sachet pillows, which I've made before, but I gave those away. These will be for me. Until I decide to give them away.

I received this book today from a recent ebay bid. I can't remember where I saw it recommended now. The seller said it was "rare" but it's not. It's just expensive. LOL! So I got it cheaper on ebay than anyplace else I saw.

It's about pulled thread embroidery. It looks quite good.

Started this yesterday and didn't have time to finish it. I've got a birthday thing after work tomorrow and Saturday is PACKED so I guess that's it for now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I got the bag done on Sunday, I think, but I didn't have a ribbon handy for it.

And I didn't want to tat it. I'm still not crazy about the way the thread worked up colorwise. I made a mistake on the final round but didn't know it until I was done. I'd like to make one without beads now and one with beads put on differently. I closed the ring and let the bead settle at the base of it - but the ring seemed only half closed because the bead took up so much room.

I'll finish my hatband first.

A very busy week - almost as bad as last week. I feel like I want to run away.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Yes! I finally heard from Blogger! Too late for my template problems, but I did learn I still have the old upload button.

sigh.....now I gotta go back and reload the last photo entries. I coulda sworn I requested "small" but those are mediums.

These pearly discs came with the latest issue of Tatting Times, available from Karey Solomon. There are some patterns that include them, of course!

It's been such a busy week.....I've barely had time to think. I've been trying to get things sorted out for a garage sale at my daughter's house tomorrow. Last night I put a load of things to sell in the dishwasher and it was late. As I sat at the other end of the house sorting through some tatting printouts, I kept thinking I was smelling something like hot plastic. You know? That horrid chemical-like smell because when plastic melts or burns, you get some pretty toxic fumes sometimes. I looked all over the house and couldn't find the source - but it seemed to come from the dishwasher. about the 5th time I looked in there, I found the lid from a tupperware pitcher had slid down and landed on the heating element and melted all the way through!

Another Anna magazine arrived this week. Some nice crochet projects in there but no tatting.

Well...after tomorrow I should be able to catch up...and TAT!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Well....I'm a little miffed! The post I completed this morning fell into some deep dark cyberhole when I tried to save it to drafts....but the photos remained. I really hate blogger's new image upload. I shouldn't complain, I suppose, because now images are free on all blogs, not just the paid ones, like this one was and they made it easy to do. BUT...I like my thumbnails to be thumbnails because it's easier loading for slow computers. And I just have a lot of trouble with placement of these. They were all supposed to be "left" which leaves room for writing on the right - that IS something I wasn't able to achieve on my own, but they didn't all line up the way I expected.....grumble.....grumble....

Anyway...I don't have time now to go into all the detail that I did before but I got a wonderful package from Chile yesterday, from Estefania Zuliman, one of my list group members. It's been a challenge to communicate since she writes in Spanish and my 2 years of high school Spanish has to be painstakingly augmented by a dictionary and online translator. LOL!

Estefania made the batik piece herself as well as all the tatting and the crocheted rose! She's on the yahoo group listed for this blog - if you want email updates and to belong to a great tatting list, click on the link over at the right that asks if you want to get updates by email.

And Estefania, thank you - muchas gracias! I'll treasure all of this! and btw, I somehow neglected to see the little blue stones in the package the first time I ripped through it. I love them!

Mark aka Tatman has moved his blog - the link is updated over at the right also. It's now named Tatman's Chats. I'll be seeing Mark at the end of this month when he teaches at our Tatting Guild in Greenfield. I can't wait to see what our project will be!