Thursday, July 31, 2003

I leave Saturday for a vacation on the East Coast so I won't be posting during that time. I might get to a computer now and then, but I'll probably spend the time reading email.

This morning I found a patchwork leather bag I bought at a garage sale early in the spring. I had already put a shuttle in there with some hen & chicks edging I started at a demonstration. I thought it would be a good one for demonstrating at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon this fall. The leather strap is long enough I can wear the bag around my neck. I'll have to remember when I come back that I need to make myself some Feast clothes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Thanks to Dorelle from Australia who gave me a heads up about the Lady Hoare type shuttle I found today! She mentioned a book, Tatting by Lael Morgan, that connected the word "Lael" and that type of shuttle. As it turns out, I have the book. Not one of my favorites and I hardly ever look at it, so I'd forgotten, but right there on the book cover is the shuttle!

I'd love to know the story behind this shuttle, as far as the owner. The fellow at the store mentioned someone had cleaned out their collection............but there were no other shuttles around, only the hair barrettes.

Oh, oh, OH, oh, oooh! Look here:
From Lacis!

I just stumbled on these while looking for a graphic of a Lady Hoare shuttle. I got something from St. Vincent's today..........sure looks like a Lady Hoare shuttle, but it has 2 holes in it and was in a display box of jewelry and hair items. So maybe it is one of those hair things with the stick missing. It's slightly over 5" long, has the 2 holes, and has "Lael" carved in it in Cursive, as if it is someone's name. It was $7.50 which I think is darn pricey for a hair barrette. I'll scan it tonight & add.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Look at these cool birthday gifts from my sister! She got me a glass head to display my tatting on, but I didn't check the bag for anything else. Just found them tonight!

Is there a tatter who doesn't collect shuttles? LOL! One of these is horn (thank goodness I can go back and edit) and the other is called Dymondwood, by Lacis. I also collect tea strainers. And I showed an example of the tea-for-one pots I collect in a much earlier post.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

I'll admit I didn't expect to place this well. There were no comments on the tag and I wasn't there for the judging. Everything else I entered had comments on the back of the tag. All were good except the flowers - a suggestion to fasten them to the stem better. What they really needed was stiffening, but I like them anyway. Next year I want to do a matching jewelry set for the handmade jewelry category. Not sure about the tatting yet. Maybe finish that table topper I meant to enter last year? LOL! Maybe a doily, though I never make doileys. A collar would be nice. I should have my daughter's elephant done for that one too.


Friday, July 25, 2003

I finished another moosehead the other night but that's it. Not much time for tatting lately. I'm really wanting to do a crinoline girl.

Here is an online pattern for Angelique.

And here is one for Miss Caroline, the Crinoline Belle.

Plus I have 2 workbasket patterns and another by Pam Palmer, I believe.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

These are the crocheted pineapple designs I found yesterday. The border is damaged in places, but I found it interesting. The thread might be a size 70 or 80 tatting thread, but I noticed it felt synthetic, which made me wonder if it was a polyester blend sewing thread. They both look better after washing but may need another soak as I can see the stains in the scans. I've seen the pineapple border or edging, but not the mesh fill-in.

Notice the overlap on the doily - I don't know why it's done like that. The maker crocheted another complete motif and stitched it down on top of the other one. The border also has a line where the thread or stitches are doubled up. Maybe they really are vintage as we have cleaner ways of finishing today.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Whoo Hoo! I popped into the Fair tonight to check out how my stuff did. I got a Purple ribbon for the baby bonnet! 3 firsts, and 1 second. The crocuses took a second. There was another tatter entered this time! Very cool. She got a reserve (lavendar) ribbon on one item and a first on the other. In the jewelry - I forgot all about my amulet bags - I meant to borrow one back and enter it! Next year!

I was in a few antique stores earlier today - had some time to kill before an appointment. I was pleased to see tatting in one. Not only that, there were a pair of small antimasscars in one window display for $52 for the pair. Vintage. You don't see tatting priced for what it's worth very often. I also saw a towel or runner with a tatted edging - said vintage - but it was maybe 1 to 1 1/2 inches - so not a simple ring and chain edging. Didn't see any shuttles though. I've found them in this town before, but the ends never met so I didn't get them. I did buy a crocheted edging that looked like it had been the border on a fabric center and another doily - both of the same pineapple design. There were several feet of edgeing of that design too, but I didn't get it. I just wanted these for samples. The thread is tiny. I have them soaking in Oxi Clean right now - and just checked - they look good. They had several brown places and looked dingy. The border has some broken places in it. I'll scan them when they're all cleaned and blocked.

I found another tatting blog! Here is the latest version of Tat Ergo Sum.
And here is the earlier version. Not only does she tat, but she had a photo on site that was taken in Ireland of Johnny Fox's Pub, where I took my boys last year when we visited. We loved that place! She also has some excerpts of The Prophet, by Kahil Gibran, one of my favorites!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Here's the reindeer I started last fall. I'll get back to work on it when I return from vacation - it'll be done in time to do for Christmas!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Yeppers! Got the crocuses wrapped! I have a small clear glass vase to put them in. Since I can't find my book with the categories, I'll have to wait until I get there to decide if I have to leave anything out. Got the ribbon on the bonnet, altho the rosette didn't work out so instead of stressing myself, I put a simple cut into the ribbon and added some beads where it attaches on the bonnet. I mounted the fans on that plastic foam felt? whatever it is called. Funky Foam Sheet. The earrings have been done and in a baggie for ages. I AM READY!!!

Of course, this is the 6th night in a row that I missed I have to get at it tomorrow!

Tonight I had Hamburger Helper Oven Lasagna . It's a box I picked up at Big Lots, so evidently it didn't sell too well. I added onions, peppers and mozarella cheese to make it better and it was pretty darn tasty, if I do say so. And not too huge a dish which is great since it's only Jesse and me.

I didn't get a hand-spanked burger today like 2 others did. I ordered a quesidilla - HA! It was frozen taquitos they deep fried. Very disappointing. This place used to be called The Squirrel Cage - a very rough bar back in "the old days". Now it's just a cheesy little dive. But that's what this group does on Tuesdays. They call it the lunch dive day. Saw another guy I used to work with at the Heating and Air place years ago. We saw one last Friday when we went to Tom's Parkside Deli - another little place that is old and dark and dingy, but the food there is excellent. I want to go again some Thursday night and have smelt. I love smelt, but never get it.

Well, now I can get back to the other stuff I'm way behind on. Maybe this time next week, I'll be showing some pretty show ribbons on here!!!

I bought some funky feeling black foam/felt and some styrofoam to mount my fan on last night. Also bought a knitted amulet bag kit on clearance for something like $2.95, originally $11 something. It includes some 0000 knitting needles! I also found some variegated metallic thread in the bead section for $.99 that I thought I'd try - good for earrings, I'll bet. I was at Hobby Lobby and they had a bunch of home decor stuff on clearance. I didn't have time to go through much of it though. I saw their Victorian type metal shuttles were on clearance for half-price too - I've already got some and don't want any more.

I also bought some white ribbon to make rosettes and ties for the baby bonnet. Then I seemed to spend a lot of time last night looking for the book that told me how to make the rosette. I never did find it, but I think I remember. It's a running stitch that goes in repeated arches, but the distance between each segment gets smaller or bigger, depending on how you start out, then you pull the thread and it draws the ribbon into a puffy little flower. I've got a sheer ribbon with slender bands on each side. I also bought some plain sheer ribbon, in case I mess it up or don't like it. So I brought it with me today thinking I might do the rosette on my lunch hour.

Except I'm supposed to go to lunch with some coworkers - going to the place that advertises hand-spanked burgers! LOL!

I also got some leaves last night and happened to come across my floral tape, so I might finish up those crocuses and put them in a tiny vase and enter them in home decor. I'm gonna put that tatting everywhere I can just to get people to remember there is such a thing.

Monday, July 14, 2003

I tatted a couple more moose heads over the weekend. Today I looked up entry times for county fair stuff. I ended up having to call an extension office, not even sure it was the right one - but it was. Wednesday between 6 - 8 pm and Thursday morning 8 - 10 am. I really should mount my fans on something. Already have 3 other errands tonight so I'm not sure I can pick something up - and I hate waiting till the last minute.

I don't think anything I'm entering is super special in terms of skill/execution of stitchs. I know there are mistakes, but they still look good and I want tatting to be part of the fair. I wish I could find my booklet so I can know for sure which categories to enter. I'm entering a pair of earrings in the hand-made jewelry category. I think the baby bonnet will go in children's wear instead of tatting. I can only enter 2 items in tatting. Maybe I'll do one fan and the bonnet.

My co worker is going on vacation again next week. I really hate it because I have to do her work too, plus it's my week to carry the pager, which means I won't get diddly done and I'm just catching up from the last time. No matter, I'll be gone 2 weeks straight when I go - but she only has to cover 2 meetings for me. I have everything else done.

It's getting hot and muggy again.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I changed the container graphic. It didn't look that dark when I loaded it the last time.

In the I.O.L.I. bulletin, there are several tatting articles, but at the end is a flower tatted in wire by Sherry Townsend. I love the flower but I have no desire to tat with wire. I do want to make wire-wrapped jewelry, but that is something else entirely. I might give it a try in thread some day. Right now, I still need to finish those crocuses I started.

Jane Eberoll's request for ideas to design new Christmas ornaments reminded me that I have a reindeer in the works, complete with little jingle bells. I hope I haven't forgotten how I got them on there! I need to finish the legs and the antlers. Or redo them - I think I had it done except for the antlers, but I wanted to change the legs a bit.

Someone is enjoying the break in the rainy weather by mowing!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I went shopping on the spur of the moment after work at Big Lots - one of those clearance places. They have totally revamped the store and it is so much nicer. I found a room divider that I love, but didn't get - I'll put it on my birthday wish list for my family. But I did get a bunch of other stuff. 15 packages of gravy mix - brown, turkey, and country - I use these over cutlets. Easy elegant looking meal. Tastes good too. Also some fancy chocolate dipped cookies. A salt grinder. A dish strainer to fit in the sink. A lap tray on legs that fits in a chair with me and it's white so it's great for tatting projects in black or dark thread - you know, the kind you nearly go blind with because you can't see the stitches? hmmmm .....also got 4 little cans of corned beef hash, something I enjoy for lunch now and then, some lasagna hamburger helper, 12 bars of Safeguard soap. Some plug in room deodorizers. A big bottle and pump bottle of soap. A package of 4 square colored plastic containers, a package of 4 round colored plastic containers, a jar of peach preserves, and................this nifty see through plastic container that has a little round container on top that is perfect for beads and the bottom can hold tatting supplies for a specific project. Tatters are always on the lookout for nifty containers! Grand total: $36.00 I probably forgot something too. Here's the container. $1.29

I also received my I.O.L.I. Bulletin today. There are 3 tatting book reviews in there by me this time. It seems there were several books already in the library that had never been reviewed, so I think they are all taken care of now.

Well, son needs the computer for some homework.
I moved the comments box back to the daily entries. I didn't realize it wasn't working where it was at! I think I know what I need to do for the links too, but not enough free time yet to work on that.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Great surprise tonight! My books from Georgia came. Tatted Artistry by Teiko Fujito. Copies of the Bath Tatting Book and Mlle. Riego De La Branchardieere. I'd borrowed both of those from I.O.L.I. and there is so much in there, so I ordered them.

I recommend joining I.O.L.I. to anyone interested in lace. I love using their lending library - I get to look at something and then decide if I want to buy it. Since I have to order almost everything I buy related to tatting, it's a great help. I used to go to Heirloom Corner, but someone else has it now and I'm not exactly sure where it is, and it's even more out of my way now than before. I'm reluctant to buy much thread by ordering too. Gale Marshall has a whole new line that looks nice, and I'll probably order a ball or two, just to try it. But I can tell my monitor isn't showing the colors true.

Aaacckkk! I just remembered my newest Anna came today too! I'm getting 6 month subscriptions at a time, much easier on the purse. I really only want the May issue for the tatting, but since I do all that other stuff, or used to before I was bitten by the tatting bug, I thought I'd sub for awhile.

For now though, I better go wash dishes.

sigh............forgot to pick up my prescription refills tonight.
Oh my, I just realized how poorly I blocked that bookmark. Those inner chains are meant to be a nice curve and I just left them all wobberjocky! That's what happens late at night sometimes.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Ta-Da! The SCMR bookmark, pattern by Melinda Deasey .

Thread is Altin Basak size 50 color #3005. I got caught a few times when I wasn't paying attention and attached the SCMR to the wrong 7 picot ring. There is one on each side and if you get the work flipped around accidently, you can easily attach in the wrong spot and that means the dreaded back-tatting!

This week I'm getting stuff ready for the county fair. Then it's playtime again. Georgia featured this crinoline girl pattern by Martha Ess on her site. I want to make one of every crinoline girl pattern I have. Soon.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
Enjoy the fireworks!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Here is step 1 of the self closing mock ring (SCMR). The ds for the chain are done and you're getting ready to make the SCMR. You hold the chain thread as usual. Create a loop from the ring shuttle thread by looping it over a finger - I used my ring finger here - and then make the initial ds for the SCMR. In this case it starts with 3 ds. For step 2, drop the ring shuttle and start a ring with the ball shuttle.

This SCMR is made up with 3 ds chain between the 3 ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds rings and there are 7 rings in this particular pattern. You just continue to alternate, using the ball shuttle for the rings and then dropping it and picking up the ring shuttle when doing the chain stitches.

Once the sequence of rings and chains are done, you take the ring shuttle and insert it through that first loop that was made. You need to make sure your chain stitches are tucked in nice and close before you do each ring so there aren't any gaps. Be careful too, when you do that because it is easy to pull that core thread and decrease the size of your loop inadvertently. Of course, you can always pull it bigger, but you don't want to accidently close it and lose your work!

Then pull on the ring shuttle thread and close just like you do a normal ring. You might need to go a little slower since there are considerably more stitches and it has a tendency to get stuck. When you are done, it looks like this.

You can get those directions from here.
Egad! I'm leaving for vacation on August 2nd. Barely a month from now. I'll be visiting the east coast, from VA up to VT and maybe even Montreal. I haven't even posted in any of my tatting lists to see if I could meet up with anyone. I'm already meeting 10 people from some other lists I'm on and don't think I can squeeze in any more, but maybe I should ask where the good tatting shops are. I have to bring back a shuttle!

If anyone reading this is from VA, NJ, NY, MA, CT, VT or Montreal..........and you know a good tatting source, pop in over there on the right and email me or leave a comment.

Yikes, I'm going through OH, maybe I could stop for a second and see Gail? I will be stopping in at the Lace convention in NJ - the sales room, probably on the 6th. I can't afford the convention and classes themselves, but I'm sure I'll buy something there to support the whole shebang!

I'll be in NJ for several days, but part of that time I will be in NY, commuting from NJ. I'm thinking I better get back into the tatting mode this weekend. I was planning on taking several bookmarks with me as momentos.

For some reason I didn't tat at all last night - I was on the computer, but I'm not sure I really accomplished anything. LOL!

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Butterflies Are Free

This white picot gauge was actually in the quilting part of Walmart originally - then moved to clearance, so I got it for $1.75 a few days ago. It picks up where the smaller wooden one leaves off. The wooden one was $40 + in April. But it's soooooo pretty!

I was tatting along, finished with 2 SCMR's and realized I only had 6 small rings on each big one and it should be 7. So I went ahead and finished another one. I'm going to have to start over. No way around it. Getting lots of practice with self closing mock rings this way.

It's so very hot today. It'll be late before I tat, if I tat at all. Got bills to make out. But with the holiday weekend, I'll probably have some extra time.