Saturday, November 27, 2010

I mentioned in the last post that I started tatting the Angels in the Snow motif with size 20 thread and it seemed way too big. So what was I to do with all that thread?

I also had Rosemarie Peel's book out, Tatting for Pleasure, after seeing Umintsuru's version of the Applique Flower. I'm in love with woven picots though I seldom take the time to play with them. This was my first or second book by Rosemarie and I was still new to tatting. I only remember seeing the "celtic" style of the motif, not the interwoven picots. So many thanks to Wendy for bringing that up front!

I knew it was too late for me to tackle that motif last night and I really didn't want it in that thread anyway so I chose the heart motif in the very front of the book. It's big enough for a frame - maybe a 5 x 7 inch frame. The heart is 4" long and about 3" wide. The thread was some size 20 Manuela that I've had for ages. It was a favorite in its time. I kept pairing the finished heart with this fabric, laying it on different color stripes, using them vertically and horizontally both, finally deciding on this one. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. It's big, it's pastel, and not very Christmasy so I'll just put it in my box of hearts until I'm inspired further.

As I was catching up on blogs today, I noticed one that I've apparently accidently deleted on my bloglist because I know I had it at one time. So I added it back...and realized there were several blogs that have not posted in a year. I deleted about a dozen of them and also moved some that don't update to the "Resources" list. I really hate to delete blogs from the list, wondering what has happened to the owners, are they still tatting, are they well? I kept a few as it's the only contact info I have for those people. It brought up some fond memories of past tatting and tatters. I hope they reappear some day.

I've chosen the task of emptying the spare room today so I can rearrange it more efficiently and thought I'd clean the carpet while everything is out. So far....I've just thought about it. I think I better get started soon though, since it is past noon now.

Friday, November 26, 2010

More Gifting Opportunities

This link is from tatting friend Chris from "over the pond" who doesn't have a blog but I've kept in touch with her for years now. She knits and has contributed patterns to this site as well as the actual knitting. It's Ray of Hope. I asked her for the link since I know the patterns there can be used anywhere and for those already in the UK, it's place to offer your work.

If you're a blog-addict like me, you've probably already seen Miranda's snowflake pattern titled "Angels in the Snow". Proceeds from sale of the pattern go to the Brain Injury Association of New Mexico. My first husband died young from a brain aneurysm caused by a genetic defect. Today, he would probably be alive and normal with all the advances that have been made since 1975 so I like to do what I can to advance research in this area. Her link is in the upper left hand column of her blog to tell you how to purchase this pattern.
Here's my tat of it. The thread is size 30 and will go in the dye pot eventually. I started to tat another one in some size 20 thread but it looked so huge I didn't go past the first few rings. It turned out larger than I expected, right at 3 inches diameter in the size 30. So if you tat this, fill your shuttles FULL. I only wound 5 yards on each and had to rewind more on one shuttle and do the shoelace trick a few times to use the fuller shuttle.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. I think it's the first time my family has had Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day in awhile. I forgot my camera but my daughter got some good shots of the baby, I think.

I have lots I'm going to try to accomplish at home over the weekend and next week so I'm not sure how much tatting I'll get done. I worked on one of the RPL bells a few days ago but I'm not happy with the way it's looking so need to cut the stitching out and start over.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 22, 2010

With Ruth Ann's help, I got more precise stitch counts and tatted the horse. There are a lot of variables. I used size 20; she used size 10. I shuttle tatted; she needle tatted. There are a couple of places I'm still not real clear on. Her horse looks better proportioned than mine. Is it the thread? Tension? Blocking? Method of tatting? Basically, the rings and chains are correct. I did do a split chain at the stirrup to keep from adding a third line of tatting and extra ends to hide. I think the height in mine between belly and back is too much. The little fella looks pretty stocky, not streamlined.

I want to do the cowboy again with the new numbers and see how it looks before I make any stitch adjustments. Needle tatting tends to produce slightly larger rings compared to the same ring shuttle tatted. Maybe I'll increase the stitch count slightly.

Yesterday I finished couching down the remainder of the Romanian Point Lace bells. I'll have fun coming up with new filling stitches for each bell. I intend to stay with the white.

I have the pillowslip completed and bagged. I was going to knit a cap for my great grandson and his half sister but I can't find my shorter circular needles. I tried the longer ones and it's never ever going to work so I gave up. I guess I could go to double pointed needles but most of those are stashed whereever the shorter circular needles are. I have moved way too many boxes around in the past year!

I'm off the week after Thanksgiving and fully intend to find where everything is and find a new home for some other stuff. The last time I took some vacation, a tree fell on my house. We think all the potential falls now are not a danger but we've had a bunch of wind and rain this evening and that's prime blow-over weather. LOL! I'm going to trust that all is well.

I also plan to do some serious Christmas stitching the week I'm off. I've been going through my books, magazines and printouts the past few weeks, pulling out projects I've been meaning to do. I know I will only get a few done but it's a few more I can cross off my wanna-do list.

I haven't forgotten the giveaway I promised. I just haven't carved out a block of time to do it properly. I've still been sorting out what I'm going to do with the garage repairs from the last tree. I'm making progress but chances are that nothing will get started before mid-December. Gotta say I'm really looking forward to 2011!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I got a lot done today and made progress on other things. I've been basing these shuttles for several days now and they are almost ready to paint on or decoupage on. I haven't decided which. So many choices!

I finished the embroidery on the fairy and it's ready to sew into a pillowcase. All I have to do is put white thread in the sewing machine!

I prepared this pattern today and then later couched down the cord and stitched the filling stitches and here it is ready to take off the pattern! I can't wait to get the whole set done. I put 5 patterns of the bell on one strip. I guess I was thinking of an assembly line.

I happened to spy this fat quarter in the closet and then laid the hand-dyed lace on it. I think I'm going to have to make something out of it.

I can hardly keep my eyes open so that must be my clue to hit the sack!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gifting Opportunities:

The Pink Slipper Project. "Inspired by Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers, and hand-in-hand with the the members of Make Mine Pink, the Pink Slipper Project is an endeavor to warm the hearts and the toes of women and children living in shelters. Our goal is to provide hand-made slippers to as many women and children that we possibly can."

Enchanted Makeovers. "Enchanted Makeovers is an internationally recognized non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that transforms shelters for women and children into places of peace and possibilities—not just where basic needs are met, but also spiritual needs for hope and beauty."

Speaking of gifting opportunities!

My very own tatting press!

I was flabbergasted when Ann from Nifty Needles emailed for my mailing address. I had been admiring all the ones she made and was patiently waiting for the pattern to be available. Her stitching is impeccable! I didn't want to untie the bow but you have to in order to open the press. I have a secret.....I have been collecting bag patterns for ages, wanting to make them but seldom making the time to do it. I just absolutely have to now, to carry my press in!

Thank you Ann for such a generous and clever gift!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I almost missed it but Spulni is hosting a giveaway for a tailored pattern which includes a bit of tatting. You pick one of three designs and leave a comment naming your choice. If you sew, wouldn't that be a wonderful prize? She will pick a winner on November 30.

The new photo in my header was taken at work. I have 3 shelves in front of and above my computer and a bookshelf to my left. Both have several of my teapots on the top shelf. I've actually moved these around and packed a few to take home since the photo was taken. I collect tea-for-ones but I have a few regular teapots too. Actually, I've had to stop collecting them since I have nowhere to put them! I still buy one or two a year but only if they are very different from what I have. I have several with a holiday/winter/Christmas theme that I will bring out for now. I suppose this should be a Tatting-Tea-Tuesday post!

Early in September, Ruth Ann Adams from Texas sent me a scan of what she was tatting. I was so impressed to see this kneeling cowboy and his horse. Ruth was inspired by the story of the Church Cowboy and decided to tat this scene for the friend who told her about it. She doesn't write out her patterns, diagram them, or have a blog. I think it's worth showing off and offered to write out the pattern and try to diagram it.

It's taken me awhile to get started and this is only my first draft. Lots of adjustments to make. I'm trying to tat it in mostly one pass too instead of several parts so that's stretching my brain considerably.

I wanted you to see it before I get sidetracked or even worse, before I'm done. That could take a LONG time at the rate I'm going and I think Ruth Ann has done a beautiful job with this and deserves some recognition!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I wonder - has anyone noticed the measurement converter I added in the sidebar? I know we measure differently - centimenters and inches so it just seemed to be a handy tool for here.

I have always loved these gif's of Calvin and Hobbes. I haven't been able to get Hobbes to move for a long time. I finally tried copying the html from a very early entry and it worked! I was surprised because it was from a ftp transfer that blogger hosted way back in the early days and I figured it didn't exist any more. It just makes me happy to watch them dance for the sheer joy of it.

No tatting this post. I have lots of other eyecandy though. Karen on Contemporary Embroidery was a little discouraged and decided to close her Etsy Shop. Well, there was a little embroidered book in there that I was hoping to get some day and I mentioned it. She offered to hold it for me and then took off on a trip! I really wasn't planning on getting it for a few months but when she came back, she had second thoughts and opened her shop again. I figured I better get it before someone else did! It's expensive but unique and we all know beautiful handwork does not come cheap.

She is adamant that they are to be used, not simply admired. The idea is to promote inspiration and playfulness. It's going to be hard to make my mark in this pristine book but I will. When the time is right. I've got a few ideas floating around.

The next bit of eyecandy is a prize I won in Kathy's giveaway on Shawkl, which involves jewelry, crazy quilting and embroidery. She was celebrating her sweet "Punkin's" 7th birthday with 7 giveaways. I was actually drawn in by the lovely threads and ribbons in one giveaway. I didn't really win a giveaway. The original winner didn't respond so she drew from the other two commenters and I wasn't the winner then either. But I guess she felt sorry for me and decided to give me a consolation prize! I got it Friday - a beautiful sparkly bracelet! I wish you could see the shine. It looks like a million dollars! I wore it to holiday art show/sale at the library that night. You can see how the light is reflecting on the scanner lid.

I guess I do have some tatting. I bought this embroidered runner on Friday too at a flea market shop. It has a lovely hen & chicks edging all around. I don't know what the deal is with the embroidery though. It's like the person ran out of thread and didn't finish. The tails end in running stitches that suddenly end but are not ended off. It's very strange. You can see the blue transfer lines. Do I embroider over it? Do I remove the old stitches? It's in good shape. Only $3.00.

Since I got back from lace guild, I've been tired. I took a nap and I made a good stab at cleaning off the kitchen table but I really want to attack the living room and don't have the energy right now. I have to find a place for some boxes or get rid of something. That's the bottom line!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was reading Wanda's blog yesterday and had to chuckle at the little dish of shuttles she gathered while cleaning. I have collections like that every time I clean. OR, like last night, I was going through a few boxes looking for a transfer pencil that I know I saw just recently. In the process, I was finding a lot of thread, tatting thread and embroidery thread, so I was trying to put it all in one box. Then I moved on to another box and MERCY! This one had an odd assortment of shuttles of all kinds that I have evidently just tossed in there. Some were from a teaching trip. Some were from an event where I was demonstrating tatting and some ..... well, I'm just not sure how they ended up in there.

Here's the first layer - some old vintage ivory shuttles, a vintage bone shuttle (hidden) some contemporary brass shuttles, a Tatsy, and that wierd aqua colored one. Must be from the 50's.

This is the second layer: a couple of packages of Clovers, some Clovers in a plastic container, a red Aero-like shuttle, and there is a Bates Aero-like shuttle hidden.

So, sitting in my chair tonight, I couldn't help but notice all the shuttles around me. These are in the little tub to my side that is meant to hold all the shuttles and threads when I'm done so that I can take them back to my craft room in one happy swoop.

....yeah....right.....those are two different baggies of shuttles.

Also in this "tub" is my little black velvet bag that I often use to carry my tatting if I take it with me. I usually throw the project, my crochet hook and the print out of the pattern if I need it. I don't carry it around nearly as much as I used to, but if there's something I want to work on as much as possible, it comes with me. Otherwise I put my emptied shuttles in there.

And last but not least, this is this week's accumulation (so far) on the table next to me. At the weekend, I'll sort it all out and put a lot of it away, emptying shuttles along the way.

This is sort of off the path, but these are the scarves I'm knitting. The one is done and is for a little 3 year old girl. The green one is for my 4 year old great grandson. I don't have much more to knit on this one but I wish I'd added an extra "rib". I think I'm going to have to crochet around the outside to neaten up the edges. I was going to add a fringe but I think I'll pass on that. I still plan to knit them both another scarf before the frigid January cold and those will have hoods plus turned up ends that will serve as pockets and emergency mittens. You know how kids that age manage to lose what isn't attached!

One more thing I found in the box - the Clover Cutter I received in an exchange years ago! I bought another one because I couldn't find it. I also found two tatted ornaments that were gifts in prior years.

It seems like I am constantly emptying shuttles. Now I know why!

I tatted another of Anne's Christmas hearts. No errors this time but once I scanned it, I could see room for improvement. Not that I would bother - except for the T.A.T. course and I think that's why I'm paying attention. I probably won't get back to work on this last phase until after the holidays but it pays to notice where my weaknesses are NOW so I don't have to tat everything twice! I really do like this pattern for some reason. I think it's the way it comes down in the center but still leaves an interesting negative space.


I just happened to glance up at the top shelf of my craft room bookshelf. And on that note, I bid you adieu, before I look anywhere else. My eyes are closed. I'm stumbling off to bed now. I don't think there are any shuttles in my bed.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gifting Opportunities

You might be noticing lots of sweepstakes and contests being advertised. 'Tis the season to get people to notice what you're selling! But some of these also provide wonderful opportunities to give to those who are needing a helping hand this holiday season. I'm going to focus on those in this blog from time to time, not to advertise the goods, though they are probably wonderful things to buy, but to make you aware of the unique ways you can take advantage of these offers for someone else and have the pleasure of doing/giving/being yourself.

I actually had a post started on another day but today this is the offer that showed up in an email newsletter that had me hooked.

This is a pillowcase pattern. All People Quilt has a great promotion going on. You find a retailer who sells their stuff and make some pillowslips, show the retailer, and other little details to enter their sweepstakes. The pillowslips are donated which is one of the details. They have at least a dozen free pillowslip patterns and the site says they change quarterly.

Whether I enter their sweepstakes or not, I really liked the idea of making and donating pillowslips. We have a Homeless Shelter and a Women in Crisis Shelter locally. What small child would not feel comforted by a special pillowcase? Bright and cheery, just what they need to fall asleep on when they are scared out of their minds. It's that touch of home that is comforting. Perhaps with a bit of handmade lace for the woman who feels less a person due to her circumstances, let alone being a woman. The secret pocket with a tiny stuffed doll or teddy bear for the child. Men like to fall asleep on a clean bright pillowcase too instead of an old dingy thin one. The website also has free projects of all kinds if you need further gift ideas.

Many sites, like Real Simple, offer lots of online tips for shopping, planning, recipes, gift ideas, and stress reduction besides their sweepstakes offer. Maybe you know a young couple who could benefit from some of their checklists and budgeting strategies, as well as gift ideas. Young college students can benefit too. Here are a few more similar sites:
Family Fun Crafts
Martha Stewart has more than one sweepstakes going and the resources are phenomenal for crafts, recipes, pets, gifts, etc.

Nancy's Notions offers free instructions as well as lists of organizations you can sew for. Many of the patterns address specific medical concerns and are worth looking at, even if you have to purchase the pattern. Many are free.

Project Linus is ongoing but is currently involved in a sweepstakes hosted by JoAnn Fabrics. Lots of free patterns/resources at each of the three finalists in the contest Craft for a Cause.

So...keep your eyes open for offers that include ways to help others. Picking a name from the Mall or Church charity trees aren't the only way to help.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Experiment aka Playing

I saw the idea in a Japanese book of tatting. The corner in contrasting color at least, but the one in the photo had some tatting over the corner. I didn't really like the design and made up one of my own and continued with an edging. I ran out of thread on the shuttles before the edging was done and I still couldn't decide what to do with it. At the moment, I can't find it. One of my kitties was having a seizure and I was pushing and shoving things out of the way as she was caught between a box and my chair. She's fine but I have no clue where that piece ended up.

I had already changed gears yesterday and threaded a bunch of shuttle endings in the corner. I was actually going to do a needlelace buttonhole lace on the outside edge and quickly decided I didn't like that. I've got thread wound to tat an edging but after kitty katastrophe, I decided to knit instead.

Anyway, this was an experiment, a spur of the moment whim. On the print, there is a basket of something which now looks upside down because of the corner that I put the red in. Should have thought more about placement. Also, by the time I threaded in all the little ring-blossoms, that corner tended to flatten out. I need to do whatever embellishment I'm doing before I stitch and stuff.

But I still like the idea and I even like this little pincushion and will probably keep it just the way it is!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I recently tatted this Christmas Heart by Anne Bruvold. I didn't see my mistake until nearly the very end. I wanted to tat another before I posted it but that hasn't happened yet. She has a very nice mat designed by combining hearts too so take a look at that when you go for the pattern. This is thread I dyed last May. Unfortunately, I'm forgetting all the details already and I didn't keep notes for that session.

I finished up the Mister and Missus Monkey couple today. As I was sewing the bib for the skirt, it occured to me that the rose button would look nice on the fabric so I put it on there to see. I have more of the fabric so I can always use it for something for me. I've been on a pincushion binge here lately too but none are done enough to show.

The blouse that went under the bib actually seemed a better reflection for the button. I didn't use it though. I did start a pincushion but haven't decided what kind of embroidery I want to do on it. I don't know that I'll put it on there either. Decisions!

Don't they make a cute couple? They'll be winging their way to BC, Canada tomorrow. I feel really bad that I've let it go this long, even if I was the one to offer them.

I've got a PIF (Pay it Forward) to complete too. I have to admit I've been disappointed in the way people have responded to PIF's. I responded to one on Facebook and offered it myself which is part of the acceptance. I'm trying to remember if I ever got anything from the person I responded to. I do know that 2 out of the 3 who responded to mine didn't follow through. I still have the third one to do but I'm not concerned about that one in terms of them following through. I think she's a generous person already.

Well...time change this weekend will hopefully get me back on track. I have a devil of a time adapting to DST. I had trouble with it as a kid and then it went away for decades only to return in the past few years. I've always prided myself on being flexible and adaptive but DST is just not normal to my body. Period. We'll see how I get on tomorrow.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Post Before Getting Busy!

After looking for lots of holiday ideas the past week, I realized I'm really short on time for many of them. Yep, already!

Here's the vintage motif I tried using clusters on. The original has another round of rings with tiny chains all around the outside framing this part. I decided to stop here for now. I got into my drawing software but it was too late and I have to re-educate myself on it so no diagram for now. Here's the notation:

(3 ds, --) 7x, 3 ds, clr (-- is medium picot, not small)
mock picot to climb to next round
[Ch 3, rw
R 2-1-1-2, clr,rw,
ch 3 + to next p, rw] Repeat around, joining last ch to mp where 1st ch started.
last round
Ch 7-7-7-7, j to base of ch join from prior round all around. On the second p, I made the cluster but you could make a josephine ring or leave it as a picot or put beads there. Your choice. I haven't heard back from Bina yet about showing the cluster technique.

This is the last of my dye play last weekend. It's been hanging above the sink for days, waiting for me to pluck it down! The crochet piece at the top is actually an edging that came from a linen circle that was damaged beyond repair. There are two places in this edging that are damaged too so it has limited use but I love the colors.

The next edging is one I've shown before in its original state. I was intrigued by the crocheted bullions and asked if anyone could come up with a way to tat them. Ruth Perry responded in less than 24 hours with a way! The link to her pdf are not is now working so I can't post them. This edging has some damage too and is not very long so again, limited use.

I am not sure what kind of lace this next one is. It looks woven and I find it often in vintage laces. I was surprised at how well it took the dye because I thought it was a synthetic fiber. Apparently it's natural! I like the way the colors turned out on this too. I wrapped this one around a cardboard cylinder (covered in plastic wrap) and then painted a color down each of three sides.

The last one is a short strip that I was trying the new colors out on: sage green, mink brown, azure blue, oxblood red, deep orange

This one is yards and yards of crochet, beautiful crochet but there is a damaged section in the middle. I couldn't find a way to wrap this successfully so I tried bundling it with rubber bands, like in tie dye. I didn't have the rubber bands all that tight so the dye seeped in. There are a few places that are lighter but the dye reached all of it. I like the color mix but I have no idea what I will do with it. The lace is wide and I'm not sure yet if it is crocheted in rows or in length. If it's in length, I can cut the bad section out but if it's in rows, it will be a challenge to cut and not have the whole thing unravel.

And believe it or not, this is what I would label

It was saturated in color so I don't know why it came out so weak looking unless the thread has polyester in it. I didn't crochet it so I don't know but that would be my guess. It also feels stiff compared to the other laces. I will try to overdye it in the next session with a brown to make it look like faded vintage.

That's it for today!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Someone asked about subscribing to Tatting Times. I have to admit that I often don't include information I've posted before. Maybe many times before. Try a search with a keyword in my search engine to the left and see if you can find the information there first. But without further ado, here's the subscription information:

Tatting Times, P.O. Box 9, Hector NY 14841, USA $16 USA, $17 Canada,$18 everywhere else, in US currency only, published quarterly. You get all 4 issues regardless of when in the year you subscribe.

This is part of a cotton runner that I bought somewhere a long time ago. The embroidery is ordinary, even a bit amateurish but the runner itself is in good shape without stains or tears. I bought it because of the tatting but the not the best. I don't understand why the ends are different from the sides. The tatting is stitched on, however, and not tatted on. I'm going to remove the tatting and use the runner so make little bags or something. I'm not sure yet. I think I can reuse the tatting on the side to trim the tops of bags but I have no clue what to do with the tatting on the ends. I suppose I could dye them and then find a use for them.

I'm really not even sure I want to use the side tatting on a gift. I'll try pressing it and see what happens or perhaps even wetting and blocking. A good crisp thread doesn't usually fold like this. I have a feeling it's sewing thread. Or maybe just too fine to hold its shape well. I imagine it was very pretty when it was freshly made!


This is my poor attempt at decoupage. I filled in the ridges and circle on the Clover shuttle and then painted the top pink. Only the top. The print came from some Disney napkins on clearance at Walmart. I think it's Cinderella but I'm not sure. I got them for the border which includes this little birdie. I had trouble cutting the side edges off though. I trimmed close with scissors and then used a blade but the paper wanted to roll instead of cut. So my side edges are a little rougher than I would like but given it's a first try, I guess it's not too bad. It's very hard to find tiny prints on napkins. I really dislike the neon green out of all the shuttles so I'm probably going to do this to ALL my green shuttles. Those are the ones I give away when someone needs a shuttle too. I don't care if I get it back. LOL!


Here's that cluster motif completed now. I grabbed something vintage from a book and tried a new version using this cluster. I was emptying a shuttle and ran out of thread at the very end. The center was done poorly anyway so I'll work up a nice version and post it when I'm done.

Tiny doily for a shuttle.

I finally started sewing the monkey clothes! I had hoped to have the pair sent off by now but as long as they get them this month, I'll have fulfilled my promise. I have to make his trousers and then start on the female. So much more to her clothes! I've never used a pattern to dress them before, just using my own and very simple outfits like my grandma used to make but I thought I would try this out. I think they will make a very handsome couple when I'm done!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Whoo Hoo! I have to say I like it! This is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Mountain Breeze(?), I think. It took longer than I expected but it's really not hard, just a little slow since you have to make sure the loops are all the same height and picking out the back stitch to join to on the clusters was a little fiddly. I could see it but I couldn't always grab it easily.

This one isn't completed because I was trying to get to bed on time! Didn't but it wasn't too late. It's tatted in Cebelia size 30. The scanner kind of smooshes down the cluster but I do think they are quite interesting. I'll finish the last round later. Bina states you can use these clusters in any picot space.

I didn't see it on Bina's site and since it's in the I.O.L.I. publication, I can't pass the pattern on, before you ask.

If I have time tonight, maybe I'll try using two separate colors. It has split rings though and then I'd have to do the SSSR to keep the colors where I want them. I probably won't in that case. Some things are just too fiddly for my patience meter. Especially when I have to do it SIX times.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

When I finally got home last night, I found Karey's latest publication in the mail:

Included was a very thin bangle, which I honestly prefer to wear than to tat on but it's for tatting. I didn't even get to read the papers enclosed but it's the last issue for the year so I know it's for renewing the subscription and instructions about the bangle. I seem to have a growing collection of these gifts since I never seem to get around to tatting with them, no matter how strong my intentions. I saw a bookmark I may try in the future.

For the past year or so, I've been very interested in combining tatting with other media - you've probably seen some of my efforts with ric rac, macrame cord, and metal objects. Last night I finished this little pansy from a vintage doily pattern:

It's been around a long time and one I always wanted to crochet without doing the whole doily. I used one of my dyed threads. It looks BIG here but it's only about an inch square. My only thought was this would need something in the center if I were to attach it to something. It was easy to crochet, but I'm not likely to make anymore soon. At least now I have a sort of prototype. I was also wanting to get the feel of it and see if any tatting additions might be inspired in the process.

Something else I did last night was continue my skimming of needleart magazines and mixed in the bunch was the Spring 2010 issue of the Bulletin. I tend to skim these very fast when I get them and then maybe...later....I'll read them more thoroughly. Bina Madden of Paradise Treasures is on my blog list but since there's no blog update feed, it never shows at the top. You have to open my list and scroll down to find it. Bina is currently writing the tatting column of the I.O.L.I.Bulletin.

In this issue, I found her article about crocheting clusters within the tatted motif. I have the thread wound...hopefully I can try it out TONIGHT! I'm using variegated but I'll bet a solid might look better. I might have time to do that too and see which works best in appearance. Assuming I get the hang of it. This is the photo in the newsletter by Bina.

I don't know how many people caught the Spulni-Blog yesterday but if you didn't, you really should take a look. This Hungarian tatter has tatted the pieces to create a lace top for a jacket. She showed the tatted pieces in an earlier post and said she had to reconstruct the top to put the lace on. It's STUNNING!

And lastly, I just wanted to show a pattern I picked up at Trader Buck's Flea Market.
I go to this one booth every so often because months ago I happened upon it as the husband and wife were adding to their inventory. There were tons of craft books at only a dime or quarter each. Seems they belonged to her mother and I got the impression the mother had passed on. I mentioned I tatted and she said she would be bringing in some shuttles her mother had. So....I keep going back but no shuttles to be seen. It kind of bothers me in a way that they have devalued her belongings so much. I got this vintage pattern for a quarter. Almost everything of hers is only a quarter. I also picked up several embroidery booklets and transfers that I put on my lace blog. They sell these cheap plastic paintings and bags of socks and t-shirts for more than they sell these vintage treasures. Oh well...their loss, my gain.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I think I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I was going to try to tat Martha's Pumpkin Teapot as a bookmark before the Dye Day. Once I made the center rib, I knew it would be too big for a bookmark, for my bookmark tastes anyway. So I just tatted the teapot. I started it Friday night in ecru Coates size 30 thread. I tatted til midnight or so and thought I was close to done so put it away to finish in the morning. Saturday morning, I started tatting again once I got the usual first-thing-in-the-morning duties done. I was to meet Sally at 1:00 p.m. I finished tatting and hid my ends, putting it on the scanner at 12:10 p.m. Whew!

So I quickly showered and gathered up my stuff and made it to Sally's by 1:15 p.m. We played for around four hours before I left for home. About 3/4ths of the way home, I realized I hadn't dyed the pumpkin teapot! In fact, I didn't even remember seeing it and I thought I took everything out of all the bags I had. Ooops!

First thing I checked when I got home was the scanner. Sure enough, there it lay. In my hurry to pack up and leave since I was running late, I forgot about it!

So Monday night, after work, I was at Sally's again, dying the last motif! She is keeping the dye through the weekend so it only required a little work to get it all out and ready again. The teapot turned out to be 4" wide 2 1/4" tall in size 30 thread. I suppose it could still be a bookmark but I think it would need a heftier tail than what I've been using. I could also try tatting it in size 80 thread. I was afraid the brown I was using would seep into the orange too much but it turned out nicely, I think. I accidently put green on the handle when I meant to use brown so I put brown over it but you can see a bit of green. For the lid part, I did use green but it looks brown for some reason. Maybe I put a touch of brown there. I painted some over the ribs too and then patted it with paper towel and went over the orange again with more orange. In the end, I think it just made the orange a darker orange overall.

I used diluted dye on both these pieces. The crocheted coaster was in a bag of vintage lace I bought at an antique store. I didn't really notice that some of the points were broken. It would make a nice piece for CQ as the other embellishments would cover up the points. The colors appeared more faded and vintage and I do like them.

I didn't have time to do much with the seahorses and I think I just dipped them in dye and slapped them in a baggie. LOL!

Right now I'm knitting a scarf for my great grandson and crocheting a pansy from a vintage publication. I needed a little break from tatting. For my next dye adventure, I'm going to only tat one motif but several of it. Then I'll paint each one with 3 strength values and separate them into warms and cools too. I had added 5 new colors and Sally wants to get a few more for next time. Pretty soon we're going to be fine-tuning.

Another busy week ahead.