Monday, November 27, 2006

Nope, I didn't get dropped off at the turkey farm and left for good. Sure has been busy lately though, getting ready for Thanksgiving. I barely got any tatting time in until Friday night! I remembered I had promised a relative that I would tat something she could give to her mother for Christmas. I tatted some of the rose snowflakes from Denise Munoz's book and then odds and ends from other places, mostly Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage. The flowers were my shuttle endings. I'll let her figure out how she wants to present them. The colors were picked according to the wall colors in her house.

I found these vintage crocheted bags on Ebay but I didn't bid on them. The one on the right is very similar to the one I just recently made. Mine has a fringe and an edging at the top but the center design is very similar. The vintage one also has the "baubles". I have a real life one with baubles...meant to offer it for our library display but couldn't find it at the time. I've found it since.

Ebay isn't the only place to find tatting for sale. Try Etsy and put "tatting" or "tatted" in the search box. Lots of unusual stuff there.

See the beautiful tatted shawl at Tatted Webs. I really like the heart in the glass at the very top. Very elegant.

Look at this gorgseous tatted book spine by Nina Libin. You can contact her at the link for a price. Can you imagine your whole library studded with these?

And don't forget when shopping. Here's one for Wintertat. I also have 2 shops, one with the Tatting Goddess logo and another with my tatted gingerbread boy. Yes, a shameless advertizement! LOL!

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  1. The peach one up in the corner is a favorite of mine to tat! It is really beautiful when you put beads on the decorative picots. I made quite a few for Christmas presents!


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