Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well....I forgot to change the date on that last post. I started it on Friday but finished it on Sunday!
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Are you a Susan Branch fan? I love her cards and books, although I have none of her books, I might just have to put them on my Christmas list. I found her website by following one of the links from a link from a link from one of those links over to the side...I think it started with Turkey Feathers - oh, yes, her Oct. 20 entry. Before I got to that entry, I had already gone to her stuffed mini-pumpkins and her PatternBee vintage embroidery transfer site (got sidetracked there mightily!) and then back to where I found the link to Susan Branch. I found a needlecase on Turkey's site that gave me a fantastic idea! Like I need any more ideas!

I LOVE following the links of crafty blog persons! Here's Molly Chicken, who reminds me of a doll I made for my daughter years and years ago. I have no idea what happened to that doll. I made it from a pattern in Woman's Day - you know, the kind you have to make up a grid and transfer the pattern to the bigger grid. No Xerox machines that enlarged or decreased back in those days. I believe I still have the magazine instructions. Don't think I have the pattern I created from it though. It just made the sweetest little baby doll. I loved it! She has a tutorial for this raggy flower too that is quite intriguing!

And look at what I found at OhSewPretty on LiveJournal! A teensy crocheted monkey! I mean, really teensy!

From Kreative Kismet, there is a button bracelet tutorial - buttons made from polymer clay. And another idea explodes in my noggin! I have some very small leaf cookie cutters and they would make some delightful buttons like this...with perhaps a tatted border? ooooooohhhhhhh.....I need TIME!

You know, it's clearly a symptom of Murphy's Law...everytime I get really busy and have no time to spare (I am still not studying!) I get some of my best ideas.

There's a nice little tutorial on how to put a zipper into a pouch at Twelve 22. There's also a nifty kanzashi tutorial on Flickr by Spangly Spangle. The order in the slide show appears to be backwards but you get the idea. The video shows the petals much better.

Okay. Time to quite procrastinating. Think I'll go crochet. ROTFL!


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