Friday, September 12, 2008

Name this pattern!

Arrgghhhh! My pitiful offerings this week are so meager I'm reduced to showing UFO's!!! Really, I'll have more to show once Tami gets her package and the mystery tatting is revealed.

In the I was digging through a baggie with ribbon in it, I found 2 shuttles and 2 balls of Venus size 80 thread and this motif in progress. I vaguely remember having a plan....somehow of using the two colors together or in contrast, but I have no idea what I was tatting! I realize there is not much to go on, but I thought it might be fun to see if anyone recognizes the pattern. Guesses might at least give me a clue of where to go looking. LOL!

I believe I have a few more UFO's like this around. I even have one little thingie that looks like a really cool little 3D flower that I love, have not seen before, and I even wrote down the number of stitches and made a few notes, but I can't figure my notes out now. It was ...ah...we'll say "creative" in a way that I've now forgotten how to duplicate. You know, you're playing around, twist this, join there, come back this way....

Well...down to almost 3 weeks til the wedding. I'm finishing the corner on that hanky this weekend and resting up. I've felt quite energy-challenged this week. But today, I got my dancing shoes and a bag to go with my dress! So glad to have that out of the way. Don't look too close - I need a pedicure and that's on the agenda this weekend too!


  1. LOL! Thank you! (I'm assuming you weren't referring to the unknown pattern name???)


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