Monday, September 01, 2008

No tatting pictures today so I'm using a photo from some flowers my kids got me last Spring. I'm sure getting a lot of mileage out of those flowers. I've used some for my desktop background and for another blog.

I've been tatting but some is for the August anniversary winner and some is the bridal hanky. I was going to post an update but I am so close to the end and expect to finish it today and attach to the hanky. Once it's blocked, I'll take a photo. If I make this edging again, I'll make all the picots except those on the outermost edge very tiny joining picots. I've made a note in my book to remember that. I still cringe a little bit when I write in a book. My mom made a remark once when I was a girl about never defacing a book by writing in it and I still think of it every time I write in a book. My tatting books are workbooks though and if I don't write a little note about an improvement, I forget and make the same mistake the next time I tat it, unless it's something I tat very frequently.

I've also started the crochet cord for the Romanian Point Lace motif I'm exchanging with Lenore. I finally printed my inspiration out and I think I have it the size I want. I will make duplicate copies of the pattern now and pencil in some needlelace stitches until I find what appeals to me. Needlelace is not my strongest point so I'll have to research that more. I expect to get the cord couched down this week.

The kids came yesterday and helped me clean out the garage. I could not have done it without them. A lot of it was tools and stuff that the boys either never took with them to begin with or left here the last time they moved home. My garage is deteriorating badly and no longer protected its contents from the elements so a lot of stuff was pitched, but I think everyone took home something they wanted or needed. My daughter and her kids pitched a tent out by the firepit and stayed all night. I had planned to join them for a little while but I was exhausted and hurting all over by 10:00 p..m. when they started and I couldn't get to bed fast enough. I've lived here since 1977 and it's amazing how much you accumulate. My next project is the basement which houses a lot of my craft stuff. I go through bits and pieces here and there, but I get sidetracked SO EASILY when it comes to those boxes. That cleanout may lead to some giveaways but I don't think I'll get to it until after the holidays.

Well, back to tatting. I think I'll have the edging done in about 45 minutes. Then I need to soak it in oxyclean so it will be the same bright white the hanky is! I haven't decided if I will wash the sizing out of the hanky or not, but in the end, I probably will just so I can block the lace properly.

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  1. Lots of work. YOu make me tired and feel guilty that I'm not cleaning out. LOL Good for you! I can't wait to see the hanky.


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