Saturday, September 27, 2008

I got the Romanian Point Lace motif from Lenore last night! If you follow her blog, you know that she broke hef left wrist back in July and had to have surgery on it so there wasn't a whole lot she could do for awhile but she was able to stitch a bit for short periods of time. She didn't show the motif on her blog but did have links to her flickr account. I went the first time, mostly to keep from duplicating what she was doing but hadn't gone after that so it was still a surprise for me! The photos now show on her blog and you can follow her progress more visually.

Lenore also sent me a copy of #7 Richardson's Tatting which has a few motifs in it that I will try later on. Lenore's adapted baby bootie pattern is the one I've used over and over. I thought I'd find more than one on my blog but I see have photos missing that used to be hosted on sites I no longer use from 2003. I'll have to see if I can find the original and download them. Might be a good idea for me to go through and put tags on my posts too....NOT RIGHT NOW THOUGH!

Yes, I did say I would return to tatting but with my son's wedding exactly one week from today, it's unlikely I will even blog. In fact, I should not be sitting here right now and do you know, I just ate a whole freakin' pint of butter pecan ice cream????

....yes...I am a stress eater. And I am going to the gym later (for a whole lot longer than I planned on!)

LOL! oh well....I'm almost finished with my Irish crocheting and I also tatted the other night but made a mistake and have not picked it up since. Probably tonight. Better to relieve stress with tatting than eating.


  1. Gina, You make my flower look good! I had to laugh when I saw you used the same stitch I did for my petals. But look how we did them differently! RPL allows so much room for individual creativity. I'll be coming back to this lace again and again. Thanks for suggesting the exchange, you helped me through a tough time!

  2. Very very lovely! I think I'd like to learn this sometime!


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