Thursday, February 08, 2007

The booties are done except for the ribbons. I put a narrow pink ribbon in this one but I'm going to get a wider white one. I feel it needs something on the front motif too. I even considered tatting an extra rosette to add but I'm almost out of time. I'd like to take them over tomorrow so they'll have them before we leave for the baptism on Saturday. I need to find some socks that will look nice in them too...maybe on my lunch hour today.

I added an extra sequence of the 4-ring motif at the bottom and an extra row around to make the bootie bigger. This is from Lenore English's online pattern. It's my favorite. I'm seriously thinking about changing the flower motif though.

You can see here that I have 6 repeats instead of 5 indicated in the pattern. I tried the 5 repeat on Michelle and she barely fit into it but she is 6 months old. I will make the second one of that pair and give them to one of my sons who doesn't have children yet. I also have a bonnet to give with the booties...and will tat a second set for the other son. None of my grandchildren were born after I started tatting, except my great-grandson. They do have bookmarks from me, but that's about it.

A friend sent me a link to the Lego Knitting machine. Here is the link to the creator's website:

The 25 Motif Challenge continues to be a challenge to tatters and keeps popping up new inspirations. In addition, check out the Tatting Pattern Calendar. Talk about creativity! Can you imagine 365 tatting patterns all in one place? And while I'm at it, be sure to check out the online tatting classes at Georgia Seitz's place. There is also an ongoing beginners class there which I recommend highly.


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