Saturday, February 17, 2007

I used Dorcas Newkirk's heart to show split rings to my students and several of them are also bobbinlacers or learning bobbinlace so after the class, I sent them the link that showed the bobbinlace heart that Eva Baumgartner had designed which was the inpsiration for the tatted heart that Dorcas designed. Eva left a nice comment after my slide show. There is a pdf file for the bobbinlace heart at the link so if you're a bobbinlacer, make one to add to your heart collection! I'm such a beginner with bobbinlace that I'm not sure I can do it, but I had it saved to try one of these days.

While I was snowed in, I started going through some of my craft magazines, partly because I have not in such a long time, and partly to look for a few specific things. I was suprised to keep finding tatting! You'll recognize many of the designers.

Hobby Lobby had some sulky thread on clearance today at $2.00/spool! I know....I don't need more thread but I was thinking of using something gold for one of my masks.


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