Saturday, February 03, 2007

I soaked the lace I spoke about in the last entry overnight in Oxiclean. It certainly took the color out but when I was blocking it, there were several places that had black smudges on them that disappeared when it dried. The thread felt stiff and difficult to manipulate when it was wet and it didn't block as nicely as I hoped. This tatter has a LOT of cut and tied ends. It's possible they may have been hidden and worked their way out but since they show in every motif, I suspect they weren't.

Here's a close up of the rosette done in bullion stitch. I think they looked better before I soaked the piece.

The other pieces I soaked turned out nicely. The linen center was stained on one and it came out clean and the crochet work is intact and beautiful. The other edging appeared similar to crochet but it's machine made. I haven't blocked either one yet. For these two, I will simply steam press them. The linen center will probably go on my dining table. It's 16" in diameter not counting the 4" points of lace.

In the meantime, I'm tatting baby booties and have to figure out which heart to send to my exchange partner. No...I have not shown then all. LOL!


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