Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The famous Workbasket (February 1975) maple leaf! This leaf has appealed to so many over the years. I made a bookmark out of it once, attaching 3 leaves vertically and using a variegated thread, which I then sent to a friend in S. Africa. I made this one with the 2 sulky threads and gold beads. I have an idea for a mask...we'll see where it goes.

There is lots going on the tatting world that I've barely kept up with. Check out the Tat-Calendar! Something new to tat every day! The 25 Motif Challenge is still going strong too. Lots of budding designers there.

I wish the pictures were bigger or had a link to a bigger version at this Japanese site by Chapu. If you go to her main page and run your cursor over the page, click on what highlights and you'll find bobbinlace, crochet, teneriffe, and netting. She's very talented! Actually, this link may take you to the home'll have to guess your way from there!


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