Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here's the bag done with a bigger hook. I changed from 7 at the base to a size 0 hook. It made it lighter, fluffier and bigger...but it's not the same stitch. There's is some sort of twist in the magazine photo. I changed the base too...I've done lots of circles with increases and the instructions in the magazine seemed to be missing a round. It ruffled when I followed them but when I used the increases I've known to work in the past, it laid flat very nicely.

Here are the 2 close ups. I give up! I looked in a book of pattern stitches that I have and there were some "cluster" stitches that looked more like the magazine photo.

I tatted up a sample using these 2 threads together before I started the leaf. There are beads in the leaf....but I didn't load enough and now I have to unwind the shuttle and add more beads! It was too late at night when I started that one! I want to make a variety of leaves so I'm looking in all my books. I have Karey Solomon's book of leave...will try one of those next!


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