Monday, February 26, 2007

Inspiration for your next tatting design! Photo from Art Attack Galleries

Here's a snowflake that I used for some students to demonstrate a split chain and split ring as ways to climb from one row to another. This is from a Japanese book that I don't have with me but there are only diagrams and chinese characters. They've been learning all the different ways people write patterns too. The sample I used in class was in 2 colors so you could see where the split chain and split ring were.

Before I started the snowflake last night, I tried to empty some shuttles. I decided to empty them with Karey Solomon's "simple leaf" from her book, Turning Leaves. You can contact Karey at Finger Lakes Tatting Group, P.O. Box 9, Hector, NY 14841 if you would like to order the book or find out about Hector Tat Day which is April 14-15, same day as my guild's Lace Day, so I'll have to skip this year. The dragonfly is from Tatting Collage, Linday Rogers.

The heart exchange is over and these are the hearts I sent to my partner, Julie, in the land of Oz. One was the requirement but it's hard to stop at one!

And here's my 2nd workbasket leaf which clearly needs some corrective work done! I was distracted and totally messed up the end, leaving a ring out. I've got to cut and fix so I keep putting it off. Here's the thread and beads I used for it!


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