Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I decided to do something a little different today and bought some decaf Earl Grey which has a nice smell to it. I've brewed a pot for iced tea and it's in the fridge cooling now.

I've read 8 of the 12 Laura Childs' teashop mysteries and the constant talk about different tea flavors got me motivated. I also got some iced tea from McAllister's today which is sooooooo good.

No tatting yet today but I have a big UFO I've been wanting to get back to. I just have to do a test piece to make sure I remember how I started it. It's based on a crocheted bag done on curtain rings. I had one row done and got sidetracked (very common for me if you haven't noticed) but I really want to finish this project in time for the county fair in the summer. I also want to finish the master phase of the T.A.T. program. Really...why do we procrastinate?


  1. Earl Grey...a nice tea but i prefer it hot. you wouldn't believe how many ufos i have. with me, it's not a matter of procrastination. i just see something else i want to try and i just can't wait. i'm trying to finish up a few things i started but i already feel the pull in another direction.

  2. I too prefer Earl Grey (and most teas hot). Am a tea drinker so no coffee for me even though I do love the smell.

  3. I too love Earl Grey tea, BUT so looking forward to seeing the crochet bag done on curtain rings. Those rings are some of the things I am unable to throw away, could this be a use for them. Please finish it off!

  4. Joyeuses Fêtes
    from 'France'
    Happy New year Gina

  5. I love McAllister's sweet tea with lemon! It just isn't the same without the calories, though. LOL I drink most of my flavored and herbal teas hot with nothing added. I'll have to check out those mysteries. I'm always on the lookout for another good mystery author.

  6. Sorry I dont drink tea, but I hope you enjoy your cuppa while you tat.

  7. The bag sounds interesting, hope to see it when you're done.
    I, too, have been trying new teas. I used to be quite hesitant about trying flavored teas but now like trying them. Lately more hot tea than cold, but I'll drink both.


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