Sunday, December 18, 2011

We had our family Christmas today at a local clubhouse. It was great seeing all my family together. We had a White Elephant exchange that was laughingly well-received. One son asked if we were going to do it again next year - he is determined to bring his gift back - a huge stuffed Santa.

I haven't been tatting much or else the tatting was something I can't show yet. I tatted this bookmark recently but just added this tail this evening. Originally, I tatted a purl tatted tail and experimented with adding split rings along the way. It didn't turn out very well so I clipped the experiment off and added the new one this evening. The pattern is from Martha Ess's book.

I have to admit I've gotten hooked on the teashop mysteries by Laura Childs. Ambitatterous introduced them one Tatting Tea Tuesday and I've been checking them out of the library on a regular basis. I've read 4 so far. Light and fluffy, but that's about as deep of reading as I can do right now and I'm racing right through them. I can't wait to drop off the 2 I got last week and get 2 more tomorrow!

I may not have been tatting but I've been working on my RPL bells. Here are the latest five I just finished this weekend. I'm done with them for the season. These may go in some cards.

I've seen two movies lately too; Puss n Boots and Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed both thoroughly!


  1. Gina - what is the RPL bells? Aren't they bobbin lace?

  2. Zarina, RPL is Romanian Point Lace. A tape is made of crocheted cord and then couched down on a pattern. The negative space is filled with needlelace. You can see more examples on Sunshine's Creations,

    She has been posting some tutorials if you're interested. I already know how to stitch them but she has some good tutes.

  3. Those bells are great.

  4. I like those bells, Gina!

  5. Love the bookmark and the bells are amazing! You are so multi-gifted.

    I also was turned on to Laura Childs by IsDihara! I have read only one, but you have reminded me to order some up from the library! Nice and fluffy - a relaxing caper or two over the hols would be good!
    Fox ; 0

  6. the teapot bookmark is pretty. the bells are amazing.

    have a great christmas!

  7. Hi Gina, Your RPL bells are gorgeous. Did it take long to make one? I have no idea how it is done but it is beautiful.

  8. Ooo. Tea pot is very Mad Hattery!
    *love it*



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