Thursday, December 07, 2006

The problem with tatting for the holidays is that they are generally gifts and you can't show them because the recipient might see it and it won't be a surprise!

My Secret Santa project is complete ...except for the chocolate! I don't like dark chocolate (oh my! a CLUE!) so I have to go shopping for it. One of my coworkers offered (insisted actually) that I try some chocolate out of a big tin from Trader Joe's yesterday and my hand was already on a piece before I realized it was the dark stuff. I can eat dark chocolate, I'm not gonna spit it out or anything, but it's not my choice of chocolate. I will have to say it was a very creamy dark chocolate! I'm good for the year now. LOL!

Candy Bar 3 Chocolate
We demonstrated lacemaking at Cathy's Chocolates on Saturday but none of it was packaged or wrapped, that I could see, which would travel and hold well for a few weeks so I didn't get it there. I might hike myself up to the Cookie Factory in the Village to see what they have to offer. Hmmmm...where else can I check out the inventory....don't want to make a hasty choice for this special person!

I switched to the blogger beta version this morning. I won't be playing around with the template though until after the holidays. It seems to be inevitable that I will need to switch and this was the first time they offered so I took it.
Lately I've been crocheting more than tatting. I have an inter-office exchange coming up next week and wanted to get that one done. One of my sons may come and help rearrange furniture at the weekend so I can put the tree that I have furniture, it changes the configuration since I've also created closets on the sides of the fireplace since the last time I had furniture.

Here is why people get confused about tatting. Most of it is tatting but the tape lace certainly is not ...unless that is tatting in the open spaces. I would guess it is crochet or needlelace instead.

I went on an Ebay seller rampage a few weeks ago when I was awake in the middle of the night and trying to make myself sleepy again....when I find something that is not tatting, I let them know what it is if I do know, and that it is not tatting.

hmmmmm...just sent an inquiry. I ordered Jan Stawasz's book at the end of October and still have not received it. was mailed Nov. anytime, it will show up.

Maybe I will have pics to show next time! Flowers & Butterfly


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