Monday, February 27, 2006

I tatted one of these Konior fragments last night and then a second one during my lunch hour....only to realize I had forgotten, again, to join the 2nd one to the 1st, so I tatted a 3rd one and joined. I think I might have enough thread on the shuttle to make a 4th and attach it to the 2nd. LOL! Definitely get my shuttles emptied this way. This is Flora, size 50, color 84.

Also last night, I finally got to tat one of Dianna Stevens' bookmarks from her book, Animal Bookmarks. They're so whimsical and I loved this Roger Rabbit type one. I made him for a former coworker who has a birthday coming up. You know, I just had a sudden inspiration.....using Pam Palmer's hobby horse head as a bookmark too.

The rabbit involved 3 cut and ties. I know now not to wind so much on the shuttles initially if I don't want to hide ends for the second part. The second phase needs the most thread and the 3rd little part didn't take much at all. This thread is Altin Basak, size 50, color 3053.

So much to do, so little time!


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