Sunday, February 26, 2006

My cats love me so much that they follow me everywhere. I spend a lot of time in my computer/craft/sewing room and so do they. Chewie, the tortoise cat here, perches herself ever so precariously on that arm that she is sniffing when I'm at the keyboard. I'm always worried that a sudden movement on my part will plop her on the floor!

Skunk usually lays on this stool at my sewing machine. Sometimes both cats lay there together. When I go into another part of the house, they both jump up and follow me. Right now, both are on the stool, but they're going to have to move because I'm sewing when I get done here.

I was talking with tatters on the group site earlier about winding a Clover shuttle backwards. I was emptying some shuttles by tatting little motifs when I noticed it. That's one thing I love about this particular shuttle winder. You can unwind as easily as you wind. Just pull the thread and it spins off!

I pulled these out of my stash several weeks back and left them in the basement but in a conspicuous spot so everytime I go down there, I'm reminded that I want to make these projects. I've loved that filet insertion for years...I think it's time to try it out. The potholders are crocheted. I was going to use up old size 10 crochet thread, but I think I might actually want to display them in my kitchen, which means I need to use thread in the appropriate colors! It will be a green like the brochure, a cream, and lavendar instead of pink.

I seemed to have missed this site over the past few years. The challenge was to use tatting in a quilt square. In fact, they had a whole whole series of challenges lined up for the year.

I used the tulip on something, but I can't get the scan to download for some reason so I'm going to make a new post right after this and see if it will work on that one. I can download with a different method but if I do, then I lose what I've already downloaded. Aren't computers fun?

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  1. This shuttle winder looks totally cool. Where did you get it?


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