Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Finally today we got to open our Secret Valentine packages! Mine came from Pam in Cork, Ireland. I've already eaten all the candy. LOL! White chocolate covered raspberries, ginger bears, and a single dark chocolate covered cherry that was in the tiny mug. Her beautiful hand made card has a poem adapted from a Pam Palmer verse and a little beaded heart inside. She also tatted a bigger heart, Emma Crew's 34 hearts, in a lovely variegated pink with pearl beads. There's also a brochure from the University there, as well as a bumper sticker and pin. Gosh...I never remember to send things from Purdue like that. I used to when I worked in Parking - which also housed the Visitor Information Center - because they had lots of good stuff like that to pass on.
Anyway, it's such a pleasure to share these goodies. I can't wait to see what everyone else got! Once I got to work this morning, there was a little heart box of chocolates on my desk too. I think it was from one of the guys who likes to leave little treats for the ladies. Sometimes when he buys his wife roses, he buys extra and gives us each one. So...I've had my quota of chocolate for weeks to come now.

You might remember the day I tantalized you by showing the thread and beads I was going to tat with. I really wasn't sure where I was going with it when I started but I ended up with this heart, the good ol' daisy heart from Workbasket, but I call this version the Mardi Gras heart. And then it whispered in my ear where it wanted to go live. So with a tear in my eye and a fluttering handerchief waving in the air, I sent it off last week to it's new home.

And here are the heart earrings I made for my partner. I sent some other stuff too, but I really loved making these earrings. Wish you could see the sparkle in person. I used a red shiny sulky thread - doubled to make it strong enough - and those lovely petite Mill Hill beads. The heart is an adaptation of My Heart by Eileen Stafford, which also happens to be the heart Pam used inside my Valentine card!

sigh....well, back to regular life.....


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