Friday, January 20, 2006

YeeHaw! Ever get that bug in the ear to experiment ....with cooking? I wanted a little something extra beyond the salad I had earlier and decided some honey bran muffins sounded spot-on. Besides, I'm pretty sure the mix has been in my cabinet a good year or more so I really need to make it, you know? Not only that, it's the perfect opportunity to try out a couple of silicone miniature bundt pans similar to the photo on the left. I got them on clearance at Big Lots once for $1 each. Now these kinds of cooking containers are normally very pricy. Here's one video clip about them.

Now first of all, the mix is OLD. It's supposed to make 6 muffins but of course, these little pans look good size and the batter doesn't amount to a whole lot so I divide it between the 2 pans and stick them (cringing) into a 450º oven. I expect a rubbery puddle to result and I'm glad I'm not too hungry. Popcorn is my plan B. The recommended length of baking time is 11-15 minutes. I have the timer set for 11 minutes because my oven tends to be on the hot side....but these are a little bigger than your average muffin cups so I figure it might take 15. The phone rings. I talk, catch the timer before it goes off and pull them out. There's a black spot on one where the batter was on the edge. I finish talking and decide to do the toothpick test. Actually, I can tell just by moving them that they aren't done so back in they go. I keep checking but eventually I think the tops are getting too dark so out they come again. They seem pretty dense and heavy. I don't think they rose at all. I can see through the bottoms and it looks like that part was getting too dark too. Must be done, right?

No, not quite. I turned one out of its silicone glove and pop the other in the microwave for 30 seconds. The one I've turned out is a little bit doughy in the middle and a tad bit hard on the edges, but edible. I slather some cinnamon butter on it and eat it - chunk by doughy chunk. LOL! So I still don't know how well they work. I'll have to blame this one on old mix and wrong size containers.

This one is to tantalize my Secret Valentine. These are parts for hearts. I definitely made a heart from this collection. Is it for my Valentine or someone else? What kind of heart? How do YOU think I put it together?

You'll have to wait until Valentine's Day so that my Secret Valentine is surprised!

Georgia Seitz is so funny. I ordered this Etatter shuttle from her and she sends it in a plastic food storage container. LOL! She's done it before and actually, you have to admit it's very clever! It's probably cheaper than an envelope and not easily crushed and it's REUSABLE.

Now, all that aside, isn't the shuttle pretty? I really like the blue flowers but I haven't decided exactly what kind they are.

Here are my attempts at bobbinlacing! The blue and gold one was the very first and completed...errrr...cut off the pillow last year. Between Wednesday night and Thursday night, I made the red and white one and then the multi-colored one. I've done considerably better on the last compared to the other two, but wow - that stuff is hard on the neck! I had the pillow propped, but I was peering so intently into it.

I stopped in Michael's Crafts tonight, hoping they had some Clover shuttles in, but no such luck. No matter, I bought ________ and _______for my Special Valentine and I used my 40% off coupon on a gadget that lets you make stickers. Stay tuned for that upcoming experiment!

When I got home tonight, there was a package in the mail. Dear Jeanne from Ft. Wayne sent me some Nexcare for my fingertips that are prone to cracking this time of year. Now there's a sweetheart! Thank you Jeanne! BTW, I'm going to make my first basket tomorrow. Another experiment to tune in for! Let's hope it works out better than the muffins.


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