Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am not a shopper. You won't find me out the day after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas scrounging for bargains. Not on purpose anyway. I do not like crowds. I like people but not large crowds of people packing the aisles and standing in your way so you can't get to anything. But I always manage to get some bargains before it's all over. Tonight I stopped at KMart to return a stove drip pan that didn't fit my stove and thought I would look for the stuff for my fingers. After picking up what I meant to get and a few more things (BIG SIGH) I meandered over to the shelves of Christmas goods that had big signs saying 75% OFF! Now, I've already got plenty of "stuff" so it takes a lot to keep me interested, but I remembered that I wished I had a tree topper of some kind instead of the bows I've been using, so I looked around to see what they had. I did find a gold fabric star that is lit inside - can't wait to see it on my tree next year!

I also got this fantastic lace panel (yeah, cheap lace) of a tree with 12 miniature hand-painted ornaments. I was thinking I could put it in the display window at work next year but I couldn't find a price on it. It must've been around $10 because I only paid $2.42 for it. Looking at it now, I'm having thoughts of attaching my tatted Christmas motifs I received in a round robin and from others through the years. It's quite long so I can get a lot on there! Now that I think about it, I think it's too long for the display window. That window is only about 60" tall and the panel is 84".

I also bought a container of matte silver finish jingle bells for $1. I don't know what it is about jingle bells! I keep buying the damn things and haven't done a thing with them yet. I might paint on these.

I bought a different version of the liquid bandage. This one attracted me because it said it didn't sting or smell. You have to add a liquid to the sponge end of an applicator which has something that activates it and then paint it on your cracked spot. Well, it didn't sting and it didn't smell and it covered it as good as any other I've used - maybe a bit better....but already, just from typing, I can tell it's not going to be effective in the long run. This is the one that healed up and split again this afternoon. There are only 10 applications in the container. I'll put another coat on but I suspect I'll still have to resort to a bandaid.

It's been a very busy week. This is the only day I didn't have appointments outside of the office all day - only in the morning - and it was GORGEOUS today. Sunshiny and warmer temperatures than you ever expect to see in January in Indiana. I tat or do I crochet? Maybe both? I didn't finish the row I was crocheting at lunch. I should do that first.


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