Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've been tatting hearts mostly, and the project for my Hector class. A heart or two that I tatted goes to my secret valentine so I don't want to give the secret away. I have one small binder filled with heart patterns. I have lots of favorites! I like Witt's teensy heart basket. I like the Workbasket Daisy heart. I like Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire. I like Bev Dillon's Paisely Heart. I like Betsy Evans' heart in her Rainbow Heart bookmark. I like Irene Woo's Heart of the Butterfly. I like Iris Neibach's heart on her website. I like Ruth Perry's celtic heart. I like Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts. There is a heart in one of the older tatting booklets that has needle weaving in its center and daisies all around. Haven't made that one yet, but I will eventually.

I can show this heart bookmark I tatted. I think Georgia will be using it for an online class before too long. I've enjoyed looking at hearts I've tatted in the past. I don't have many of them for myself. I tatted the daisy heart last August and it's framed and hanging from my antique brass room divider. I have the heart on the china heart hanging on a calendar. You can find examples of those here on this blog by putting key words into the search engine.

Well, back to tatting for my secret valentine. Perhaps she is reading this and wondering if hers will be one of the above mentioned hearts?


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