Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nancy Tracy's Pretty Kitty

I got this pattern today in my email about a sale at I was going to my son's apartment for dinner and had about a half hour to kill so I decided to start on the kitty because it looked pretty easy and it's SO cute!

I had it tatted, ends hidden and on the blocking board in less than a half hour. This one is super quick! I added a tiny ring at the end of the tail because I thought it might be easier to hide the ends so that it appeared tapered. I'm not sure I like it any better. I probably won't on the next one. And I think it would be easy to have different colored whiskers too. Nancy has made it so you have only the tail ends to hide and you could easily put a drop of glue on the tail tip instead. I think he is a Fat Cat. I want to make more! This one is tatted in size 20 thread - I think Coats but the label is missing.

I'm glad we have an extra day this weekend. I need to put the last of the Christmas stuff away. I had some things from my display window at work plus what I've purchased on clearance lately. Time to stash it away.

I'm also in process of cleaning out my kitchen drawers and cabinets. It's very slow. I got the 2 big drawers last weekend and plan to do the 3 little ones this weekend. Maybe start the cabinets next weekend.

I'm working on two tatted projects...and then there's my secret valentine. I know what I'm making. I just need to sit still long enough to make it.

My lace group met this morning. Bette gave a very motivating presentation on to increase your perceptions and look at things creatively and transform them into a design that shouts YOU! I think they enjoyed considering the possibilities although nearly every one of them denies being a designer. I think that's interesting. You don't have to make your living at it to be a designer. Everyone designs to a certain extent. I did like seeing them get a little excited about it though.

I stopped at the library after lunch and found some books on creativity. Inspired me too. I didn't go in there looking for those - I was looking for a different book. LOL! Like I don't already have enough inspiration!


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