Friday, January 06, 2006

I had some wonderful surprises in the mail the other day. Estefania also sent me a Secret Santa package which was slow in arriving due to the postal system between here and there. There were all kinds of beads, some size 6 variegated thread - I've never used a size 6 before! A craft magazine with all sorts of projects in it. The beads came in the lovely green silk gift bag.

I love the tiny shell striver to the far left. There's an aero shuttle with an extra bobbin. And that tree ornament is one that caught my eye earlier in the season and I considered making but didn't have time. There was also a copy of pattern which I haven't shown here. Thank you so much Estefania!

Now I don't know how I got so lucky, but I was also blessed with a copy of Karey Solomon's new book, Shuttleworth Cottage! The book is a courting spoof in a Victorian setting. Along the way, you have the opportunity to tat the cottage the book is named for! I have to admit,I didn't even pick up a shuttle - I just read it through from beginning to end. It's available for $15.00 from Karey Solomon at P.O. Box 9, Hector, NY 14841 and is also available from Handy Hands and The Lacemaker.

I was surfing the other day and found this group in Tucson which has some interesting patterns on their webpage. I also stumbled across another one I haven't been to for a long time, Sheila's Webpage.

Tonight I'm going to stop at Hobby Lobby and possibly spend some of my gift certificate there. I'm looking for yarn for that capelet thing I want to make.


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