Sunday, January 22, 2006

Saturday morning I got to do something I've been wanting to do for a long time. My coworker, Lila, invited me to come to her house to make a basket along with a few other people. Lila sells her baskets in town at a craft shop. I have a few small ones she gave me as a gift and one big one that Fran gave me because she wasn't happy with it. Works great for me! Fran is another coworker. This shot wasn't too long before we broke for lunch. Lunch was baked spaghetti with a 7 layer salad and a fresh fruit plate that I brought. Yummy!

Here's Fran. I have no idea what the conversation was at that point but we were having a good time. Another woman, Patty, was also present but she managed to elude my camera focus somehow without even trying!

And here's Lila, who not only helped each and every one of us through each step but managed to make a basket herself.

And here is the final product. I suddenly see something poking out that shouldn't be, but that's okay. It's still hanging in my basement, drying from the staining process. I couldn't believe 6 hours had passed since I got there.


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