Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last project of the year!

My brother-in-law collects flying pigs. At a loss of what to get him for Christmas, I decided to make this ....ahem....Ms. Pig....and turn her into a flying pig by giving her wings. It's so out of character for him...but he has a wonderful sense of humor and I'm sure it will add to his huge collection - and it's ONE OF A KIND! LOL! I'm a little late with it. Will deliver it tomorrow. It seemed like I kept having to go get something for it. Or dig into my stash which took forever.

I actually have 2 more sewing projects that are cut out and need to be finished so I can put all that stuff away. One is a smaller egg Santa like the one I showed before. And I have a xmas bag cut out that needs to be finished and put away with the Christmas stuff when I get a roundtuit.

For now....I'm to going to go tat the New Year in!



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