Friday, December 09, 2005

I tatted the single rings while I was in the eye doctor's office the other day. After seeing Sally's pincushion, I think this might be a nice addition to some embroidery on ....something. LOL! The edging below it was on my end table by the chair where I tat. I honestly don't remember why I tatted it - whether I was emptying a shuttle or trying out a pattern or what, but it will look nice on some embroidery too....after I block it.

This is my memory angel for my friend Paula. Actually, I'll put another angel in there from the same pattern. I remembered to make my joining picots tiny on the second one and it's just better in tension. Everything is the same though. She can put this on her tree every year and keep the memory of her mum alive. She could even take the tatted angel out and put in a photograph if she prefers.

My thread, shuttles and patterns are becoming a mess again. That's what happens when you haul it everywhere you go....and can't remember what is in the bag so you always throw a little more in just in case you don't have everything you need.

Well....time to call it a night.


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