Monday, December 26, 2005

I nearly forgot I was going to add more today!

I haven't done much today - just cleaned up little bits of odds and ends. My arm and shoulder are sore so I haven't been inclined to do any big cleaning. Maybe nearer the end of the week. I was going to return an unwanted package to the post office today but it was closed when I got there. Crafter's Choice....I thought sure I had declined everything til January. The post office told me the last time that it was a scam. I think it is a bit of a racket. I think you should only respond if you WANT the selection, not if you don't want it. It took me forever to fulfill my "committment". I like to look at the descriptions of new books...and then I get them elsewhere much cheaper. If they didn't have to pay for all that unwanted shipping, they could probably sell them at a decent price. LOL!

Here's what I got from Secret Santa as part of the exchange:

I haven't decided exactly what I will do with the snowflake - it's BIG so I could applique it to fabric and then do any number of things....a quilt block, a pillow, a bag, frame house has lots of purple in it so it will go anywhere. I don't have to only bring it out for Christmas!

She also made me the celtic earrings! Lovely work - thank you! I just figured out what to do with all those pink beads....Valentine's Day! I'll use them for that.

I was emptying some shuttles today - seems like I'm always emptying shuttles. I made lots of little blossoms but I also made this little flake using 2 different colors which makes it look different. It would make a lovely frame for something very small - some embroidery, for instance.

I fell asleep on the floor this afternoon. Not sure why - I got plenty of sleep, but I dozed there for about 1 1/2 hours so now I'll be up way late. week off typically ends like that....staying up way late and sleeping late. I'm a night person but I've pretty much adapted to early mornings, unless I'm off several days in a row.


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