Sunday, December 25, 2005

SS Surprise!

I got a package that said it was from my Secret Santa. I was expecting it. All was well in my world.

Then package #2 arrived.


then #3, and #4, and #5...and so on. Something was definitely going on but like a good girl, I waited until Christmas to find out. This morning I opened 9 packages which was a delight in itself! I hear I still have one coming too!!!!

Several members from my secret santa exchange decided to surprise gift me - I understand it was instigated by a certain Sue character who resides across the pond. And what a surprise!!!!

Jane Eborall sent me this tiny teddy along with a bookmark from her own pattern. There are also 2 shuttles there and a tatted motif. I put the bear in my tree - I think I'll put the motif on him too. The red shuttle is one I've never seen before. It will hold tons of thread!

These delicate earrings were in a package postmarked from West Lafayette, IN and arrived right after Bette Carson mentioned sending her SS out and she did say packageS when she told me. Aren't they the most feminine pretty things?

Mints in a lovely tin and dark chocolate, individually wrapped! Chrissy lives in the UK and is a new member - so that was definitely the surprise!

Karey (I think) sent me the little green bear with the tatted collar. He is now perched in my tree too.

Creative Gail - wow, remembering my love of sock monkey dolls, she crafted this fantastic flannel bag. And the felted monkey with the candy cane - he is also perched in my tree next to the plastic sock monkey ornament I received in prior years. There is also the beaded green glass ornament - it's on my tree now too. And the tin of mints and the M&M zippered tin. What a fun bag to carry!

I think these 2 gals must have put their heads together. Nell sent me this teensy sock monkey key ring! I think he is too precious to risk losing so I'll probably put my scissors or some tatting tool on the keyring part.

This brooch by Sue Hanson is stunning! I wore it to a family event today. As I held my 2 month-old great-nephew Jackson, he kept turning his head and gazing at it. That's beaded tatting around the center square. The photo doesn't do it the justice that in-person seeing does.

Sweet Tanya who took off on a belated honeymoon yesterday sent me this lovely bag with a pale lavender velveteen egg, variegated thread and beads to coordinate. Her card has tatting on it too....and as I was showing it to someone today, I discovered something else in the bag. LOL! A package of teensy curved needles. I looked and looked at them, wondering why she sent that...and then remembered she is a these are probably suture needles. I'll have to wait until she is back to find out if those were meant to be included or were they an accident? They'll hold beads nicely but I'm not sure I can get thread through the eye of the needle!

When I got Sherry's Christmas card with this tatted Santa, I was immediately taken with his tiny bowtie! And that snowflake charm in his lower half! I love having such creative and talented and generous friends!

There's something about being in the midst of such talent that inspires and motivates me beyond words. I appreciate these wonderful people so much. I wish they lived next door. I'll bet you do too!

Tomorrow I'll post what my original SS sent to me as well as what I've made and had to keep under wraps until now. Stay tuned!


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