Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Squatter's Rights
My sister loaned my son this blanket while he moved the table to my house. I'm in the process of moving things around so the table is in my living room with the blanket folded on top. The black and white cat has seldom budged from that spot since I put it there and is now joined by his sister. They'll probably be traumatized when I take it away!

I went meandering around today. I went to several dollar stores along with other errands looking for some frames for someone. I managed to buy OTHER stuff too, like this photo album for $3. I was looking for one to put tatting in. I've filled up one of my little ones and I know I have more someplace, but I'm not sure where the someplace is.

What I like about this album is that there is a space already there to write in. As long as I don't change the page they are on, I can record the pattern, thread and date.

My first stop was an antique store on the way to Frankfort. I got some tatting in there once so I keep going back even though it has different owners. This time I found a copper vase for $3 that I backtracked and picked up after I'd been through the whole store.

All this jewelry was in 2 small bags which were 50% off so I got it all for $2. Some of the earrings have mates and some don't but I definitely got my money's worth. I'll have to find something creative to do with the unmatched ones.

While I was there, I saw a smocked bonnet and also a smocked dress and matching bonnet - both had tatting on them. So I picked up the card at that booth, saw the lady is from Wolcott - though she may only have the booth and is selling the baby things for someone else. It was very pretty.


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