Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some Show & Tell

I do have a few things to show. I got these kangaroo cutouts while I was in Australia....the last place I went to with Maureen. I've painted and varnished some to use and also to gift as thread winders. I would like to do some more detailed painting of them, but this batch is pretty simplified. They hold 10 yards nicely. Guess how I know?

This is a snowrose I decided not to give away. Good thing too. As I scanned it this morning I found a mistake. In fact, I made the same mistake TWICE! Can you see it? I'll tell you at the end. Late night tatting isn't necessarily a good thing to do.

I came to work yesterday to find my favorite bead store had a serious fire. The news today is that damage is not as bad as feared and they hope to reopen soon. The bookstore segment will open but the bead section had some structure damage and will need repair.

My surprise is almost ready!! I'm going to my sister's tonight to meet up with some cousins so I can't finish it yet. Still have to proof my directions. Every time I make IT, I change IT. heheheheheheheh or maybe I should say HOHOHOHOHOHO.

My lace group is demonstrating Saturday for Dickens of a Christmas in downtown Lafayette. We'll be in the Cajun Connection storefront. I haven't been there since they expanded. mistakes....I joined at a middle picot instead of a side picot...twice. It also looks like I didn't chain enough in at least one place at the base of the white. I think I got confused with another pattern I'm doing. It was in size 80 thread too. And my rose petals swirled instead of spoking straight out. I do love Denise's snowroses though. Very much worth the $6-$7 it cost.


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