Sunday, November 27, 2005

My tree is up! I put it up yesterday but I still need to put the final bows and streamers on it. And put out about 4 boxes of holiday decorations. LOL! I even added ornaments I found to the small tree in my craft/sewing/computer room.

Even though we had our Thanksgiving dinner today, I still managed to get in some painting tonight and tatting. I finished one of my Secret Santa items. I also finished painting some thread winders but since they are gifts....that's right - can't show 'em!

I've been having fun sewing - got lots more planned to do too. These are the kind of Christmas's I like, when I have time to make a lot of my gifts. That reminds me, I have to track down a pattern that I put in an easily accessible spot - one I'd be sure to remember - won't be able to miss it. Yeah, right. there anything I've tatted that I can show? Nope.

Well, that means I have to show other people's tatting then. Here is Tatted Webs, one tatter's business of tatting. Well...... nothing new. But I have something new to show soon!


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