Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Much of what I'm making right now is for Christmas so I can't show it yet. I do have one thing I'll show when I'm done...but it's not tatted. I've fired up my sewing machine and had it chugging most days. Took me awhile to find where I stashed all my holiday prints....and I still haven't found all of the ribbon, but I did find what I needed.

I've been working on a holiday design too.

And working, working, working. Everyone in my section is on vacation this week!

I spent a good part of Sunday planting 50 purple tulips. I do hope they get a chance to grow before the critters take off with them. Also mowed my leaves which chopped them into mulch and made it easier to get into the grass catcher. The piles are lined up alongside the hill. It made the yard look so nice and tidy - til the next big wind comes and finishes all the leaves off. I am completely surrounded by trees, which I love, so there's not much point in spending much time raking. If I wait long enough, it all blows over the hill anyway.

So...I'm really looking forward to this long holiday weekend so I can finish some stuff up. The thing about inspiration is that it makes you want to drop everything and pursue it....but I have inspirations to finish first!

Here are some online Christmas patterns linked from Bella Online. Follow the links there to even more!

well....to bed.


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