Monday, December 05, 2005

Speaking of Gingerbread Boys

It didn't come up in my google search a few weeks ago but it did this weekend - Patti Duff has a gingerbread boy and girl in her book Mini-Tats. I think if you wanted to make a gingerbread family, here's the kids! LOL!

I've been sewing gift bags - Walmart had Xmas material on their $2 table some time back and I stocked up a bit. I haven't made this one yet, but it looks intriguing. It is fairly large, 41" x 41", so I think I might try to minimize it. Here are some simple gift bags. If you want ideas, just look over the selection here!

Here is a Tudor Rose Bag which has nothing to do with Christmas but I find it unusual. I'm actually looking for a little triangular thing like I bought at the Storeybrook Cottage in Australia. It is a handmade fabric pouch with a sweet, but I can't figure out how it's made. I was going to give it away...but...NOT til I figure it out!

This is not it, but doesn't it inspire you? Here's an interesting organza ribbon flower tutorial.

Well...I may have to take it apart. I could have already done that in the time I spent surfing!


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