Thursday, December 15, 2005

The wife of a coworker collects Santas and he always gets her a new one at Christmas. I offered to tat him this one...though I expect he'll still get a 3D one for her. The original pattern is from Mark Myers, aka Tatman. I took some liberties with it since I didn't want to cut & tie that much. The hat is probably the biggest difference - simply because I wanted a bigger hat. There is a strand of pearly white blending filament in the white which gives it a bit of sparkle. I really think making the eyes like that was a stroke of genius on Mark's part.

I think I'm done tatting for Christmas. I'm ready to embark on something new or finish up other projects. I've felt like every single minute of my time has been consumed over the past few weeks. That means it's time to slow down.

I had a letter from Palmettos today saying I wouldn't be included this year. It was a bit of a relief, to be honest. I was thinking about it yesterday and decided if I hadn't heard by mid-January, that I wouldn't do it anyway. I want to know what I'm doing this summer NOW. We have too many birthdays to plan around. I used to be able to improvise but this is one area I don't want to and there are other places I want to go to. Some events are too close together timewise for the distance I have to travel too. Besides, I've already planned some vacation time in NY during the Spring with friends I met a few years ago when I traveled East. I don't plan to go anywhere this summer now. My house and garden thanks me. LOL!

I was talking with a friend the other day about the Artisan phase of T.A.T. I really haven't had time to pursue it but I want to get at it after the holidays. I've already tackled what I thought was the most difficult part. I may think differently when I work on the rest of it.

This morning I was hurriedly looking for some special cards with oval and circular openings that I bought in Ireland. They are perfect to display tatting...or a photo. I did find them but ...gee, I also found lots of Christmas stuff that I meant to use this year....little boxes and such. I may yet. I tend to collect this stuff all year and put it aside "for Christmas" and then FORGET! At least I found most of my gift-wrap stuff before it was too late. I have the pattern I never found during all of Christmas last year.

I'm off to wrap and sort gifts and see what else I want to get. I have put off shopping until I get this part done!


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