Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I get to show these because they were given away at my Lace group's exchange tonight! We just give something small and inexpensive or handmade. I bought this photo frame at Michael's on sale last week. I was going through Mini-Tats the other night and found several flakes small enough for this opening - I hoped! LOL! I wanted to use a gold blending filament so I used a size 40 white thread. Anything bigger would have been too big in the end. It fit into the frame perfectly!

That little triangular bag that I couldn't figure out? I did take it apart and it's as easy as I knew it had to be. I made TWO already! This one was filled with chocolates and given with the frame. In a lovely sturdy little box from the Dollar Store. Total investment was within the $5 limit we set - if you don't count the labor. And I already had the thread and material. And who got it? Bette! LOL!

I got this beautifully embroidered pincushion from Sally! She's a beginning tatter and see how she incorporated her first rings into the design? KEWL! She also made the gift bag! We had a wonderful time this evening. Lots of scrumptious finger food. We also had the pleasure of having Elizabeth Kurella as a guest. She is giving a presentation tomorrow about embroidery ....some history on when it became a form of lace. I'm looking forward to her talk.

Then last night I tatted 2 more mini-tats, partially for emptying the shuttles and partially just for something to do without it having to go to anyone. The green one is about the size of a quarter so you can tell the angel isn't very big either.

Now...a very strange thing is happening. I think somebody(s) are having lots of fun with me. I got my Secret Santa package at the weekend, right? It's wrapped in bright red paper and says "Secret Santa" on it and "Don't Open Until Christmas". So, I've dutifully laid it under the tree along with gifts I've got for family members so it's not there on the table mocking me everytime I walk by.

Tonight I get home and pick up my mail....and there's a plain brown packet - no return address, exactly, but it's from Cincinnati, OH. At one end, it reads "Meyers, Kaobu (?), Fountaintown, Cork, Ireland. ROFTL! I'm not sure, but I don't think anyone in our exchange is from Ireland -or even on the list, to be a partner in crime. I don't remember ordering anything so I open the envelope to find 5 little blue foil wrapped packages. No note. Nothing. Yes, I've been squishing them, trying to feel what they are. LOL! Initially, I thought maybe someone wanted me to send them to their partner so the person wouldn't know where they came from but with no note.....hmmmmmm.....must be for me?

But I've got my SS package, right? This is turning into a puzzle.

Oh geez! It's after 11:00 already! How am I gonna get to sleep wondering about these little blue packets?


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