Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Countdown!

I started another Irish Crochet bag,this one in white. It has a bigger rose and leaves,more like the traditional 3D but I don't think it really is. The 1st 26 rows are the same....they will go fast but it's not too engaging for the mind so I can watch TV or listen to a CD or something at the same time.

I'm still tatting the yellow bag. I don't think I can "soften" it but a strong contrast, like a black or dark brown liner, will create a different effect. I wish now I had added beads but what color? These bags are a good size for a bar of soap. They would also hold a cell phone, now that I think about it, or - gasp - a shuttle and a few small balls of thread! hmmmm.....that thought racheted up the brain waves......I need to check out my Secret partner's preferences.

The 25 Motif challenge is still going strong. I love looking at all the motifs! And the ideas - whoo whee! I made up a list of url's that still aren't on my blog...I don't know - there's a bunch of them. Not sure I have room for all of them. LOL!

I'm also thinking about what to add to the current mask I'm working on the RPL mask I plan to make too. The full face mask fits my eyes perfectly so that's the one I'll put the most effort into but the others are for playing and practicing and should be able to stand on their own as examples.

I started this days ago and then when I tried to upload photos, it wouldn't let me, so I left it for another day or two......old news now.

I started a tax course last night - 2 weeks after it started so this coming week will be a crunch while I catch up.


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