Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm working on TAT 2 again. I'm doing the hanky edgings. One is tatted on and the other 2 are sewn on. I still have a curds & whey edging to tat for this and then attach and label the motif and I'll be done with this particular project.

My lace guild has invited members (and neighboring lace guilds who may attend our Lace Day on April 14, 2007) to a mask challenge. A mask that somehow fits on the face must be embellished however the maker wants and must include hand-made lace. I'm playing with several ideas and this one is mostly an example that can be used for the upcoming program on how to decorate a mask - what kind of materials work and what doesn't. I've used nail polish to paint this mask. The eye motif is Vida Sunderman's crystal teardrop ornament in Tatting for Tomorrow. I may make changes to it but for now, I'm pleased that it fits so nicely around the eyehole. I will need to bridge across the nose somehow when I make the second eyepiece. There will be lots of other embellishments too but I wanted to see how the tatting would fit.

I sewed these pillows while I was on vacation - they are upholstery remnants I bought at JoAnn Fabrics on clearance 2/$1. The colors fit so perfectly. I wouldn't mind drapes from the floral fabric...but it's discontinued so that's not going to happen.

I can think of better things to crochet than these bodysuits. I understand it's an artist's statement, but it's not one I would make.

It's been a busy week or two at work. This weekend is Feast of the Hunter's Moon plus I'm attending an auction at my 1st husband's mother's house. Next week I will be in TX from Thursday til Sunday so I've got a lot to get done between Monday and Wednesday.


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